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Going Full Nazi (Again)

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2020/07/02/going-full-nazi-again

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I MUST have a bunch of lawn signs like the Democrat/Nazi one in this article! I don’t see anything in a Google search. Can you provide me with a source?


Settle down. It looks more like the USMC eagle than the Nazi eagle. Mind you, both countries in question have a history of illegally invading other countries, so there isn’t a lot to choose between you anyway.


Nazi FLAIR is pretty much, branding, to enforce group think, dispel nascent cognitive dissonance & breed more nazis by rendering deplorable dorks sexually attractive to dead-eyed, esteem-starved cretins. If 'Murika had equivalent of Reichs- adler, it’d be Ronald McDonald, Col Sanders, crucifixes, wind puppets or an inflatable party doll? And I’m all for popular removal of these icons of kleptocractic Fascism ASAP! I’m trying to picture Walt Disney equivalents, Walter Lantz, Bob Clampett or Izzy Freleng… but ALL it gives me the creeps?





it’s a Roman Eagle. oppressors often use it! your curved wing style with the arrows for rods has been flown globally for a while now. ask the people it’s hoisted over how they are doing.

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When will we be able to post pics here?I have two beautiful cartoons from Dr. Seuss, circa early 20th century that illustrate the LINK between the phrase “America First” and actual nazis. Its is NOT hyperbole it IS a fact of history. That is why, when I hear that phrase?A shudder runs down my spine. But that happened right after 911 too!When GWBush war criminals made “Homeland” a thing…JFC “Homeland Security”! How far from that do you have to go…to “protect the Fatherland”?The Patriotic Act(SIC!!!)?These are not symbolic similarities, these are the actual methods that nazis use to inflame hate towards others, the cartoon even shows the hate now generated and manipulated in the populace…directed at foreign children!Anyhoo…when do get post pics here?Please!

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True and Mussolini’s fascist election phrase is almost never mentioned: " MAKE ITALY GREAT AGAIN"!


There is a lot of similarities between the Third Reich and the Fourth Reich and the Eagles are just one of them…but appropriately so!

How much more evidence does the common dumbass who votes in the United States need before they can see that Trump is a criminal mental case, a despicable human being, and at the risk of being redundant, a vile piece of human shit?

He’s not smart enough to purposely be a Nazi because that’s beyond his comprehension abilities. But he is destroying this country, our lives, our future with the help of the below 100 IQ crowd. It’s time to stand up people if ever there was one. We have to rid ourselves of this vile curse to humanity and all the bullshit thinking that has brought this about. End Trump! Reject this son of a bitch and this thinking that supports him.

Strangely, the best comparison photo today appears on reddit.


This one.


Thank you DN for discussing Mount Rushmore-----These 4 white males carved out of the stolen land of Native Americans—the guy who did this also did the confederate one in Georgia??? And this is where Tump picks to cellebrate the 4th------in a way Trump is opening eyes about how deep this racist shit is in our heads. Notice lincoln is seperate from the other three-----but as pointed out in the program the Lakota have some issues with Lincoln------4 white men towering over Native Americans--------I wonder what this symbolizes???


It was very informative. For instance, I never knew Lincoln hung 38 native Americans for defending their land. Of course, I was educated in amerika.


After the First Gulf War*, Poppy Bush proclaimed a “New World Order” in a speech to a joint session of Congress. The Nazis called for a New Order. Choice tidbit from G.H.W. Bush’s address: “Our success in the gulf will shape not only the new world order we seek but our mission here at home.” Welcome home, NWO.

In pop culture: British post-punk band New Order began from the remains of the band Joy Division, an informal term that referred to women forced to work as sex slaves for the Wehrmacht’s “rest and recreation” in Soldatenbordell, or soldiers’ whorehouses. Industrial-metal band Ministry’s album Psalm 69 featured the song “N.W.O.,” which used samples from Poppy’s speech.

  • Actually the second Gulf War if you consider the 1980-88 Iran-Iraq War, in which the US supported both sides.

I was fortunate enough quite a long while ago to visit Mount Rushmore. And it is truly impressive, pictures do not do it justice. However, we were really just travelling around the spectacular countryside, and we went, as memory serves sort of to the back of Mt. Rushmore or fairly near by at any rate…and there it was…This HUGE carving, unfinished[still is] of a native American or First Nations[as they are called here in Canada] person on the same scale as those figures on Mt. Rushmore. We had no clue!what we were looking at, but even without any ideas…it spoke to us, of who, precisely who was missing at the monument we had just visited. The first people that lived here, thats who.
I have since done some research and its ongoing project…still is news though! and thats why I’m writing this.Ok just realized its not OK to post a link to what is called The Crazy Horse Memorial Project. It deserves more recognition and publicity. It’s a hop, skip and a historical jump away from Mt. Rushmore.
You can find it at crazyhorsememorial DOT org…be prepared to be blown away if you dont know already about this project, as we were…on that day so long ago!


HI saskachistani:

Yes, both countries do not live up to the symbol, as the US has eagle looking towards the olive branch while the arrows of war are on the opposite side. Yes, America chose that long ago and has been going for the arrows ever since… And Ben Franklin was right the eagle is a thief and not of good character. )

Am I the only one that sees these ridiculous tantrums by the Jewish lobby as childish attention-seeking hysteria?
A sleazy and shameless theatre accusing the Marmalade Blimp of being anti-semitic, when in truth no other US President has been such a political catamite for Israel.

The Blimp’s eagle looks NOTHING like the Nazi one, at least no more than a Chevy Sedan looks like a Ford equivalent.

My friends, ignore partisan politics this election and vote for your single-citizen, GENTILE candidate and let’s break Israel’s parasitic hold on America.