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Going in the Wrong Direction: We Need More Advice on the Impacts of Climate Change

Going in the Wrong Direction: We Need More Advice on the Impacts of Climate Change

Andrew Rosenberg

As of Sunday, the federal Advisory Panel for the Sustained National Climate Assessment is no more. The charter for the panel was not renewed. That makes little sense from any perspective I can imagine.

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Was climate science also only 99% sure the planet wasn’t flat? That’s what the kids you condemn will be saying about you!
Thanks to the “science” of clean burning of fossil fuels North American has been free of Smog Warning Days for over two decades (Smog Alerts, Advisories & Watches are measurements of conditions that could cause a “warning” to be issued). “Life is Good!” … seem to be the three words we all love to hate.
But wait, it gets better!
Now fracking’s abundance of accessable oil and natural gas is ensuring reliable energy for your children’s children.
What could be better?
How about the fact that fracking is ending the oil wars with possible world peace and we are living longer now than at any time in history as a species.
It’s time GREENS stopped issuing CO2 death threats to billions of innocent children and started teaching them to love, not fear for the planet.
Even Bush didn’t fear monger this much.

You are willfully blind by your own choice! You could look out across the ocean and blather on rather than see the dead zones that are literally hundreds of miles across that are devoid of life. You could ignore the dying coral reefs including the Great Barrier Reef of Australia. You could pretend that there was no oil spilled into the Gulf of Mexico and pretend that all of America’s lakes, rivers and streams aren’t polluted by mercury from fossil fuel burning ( coal especially )! You could pretend that the North Pole isn’t melting away and that mountain glaciers aren’t disappearing (along with their water resources ). You could pretend that oxygen producing phytoplankton in the oceans havent declined by 1/3 and reduced the oxygen levels in the atmosphere. You could ignore the killer heat waves like the one that killed 30,000 in France or that the increased heat and drought conditions are causing wildfires that threaten cities and towns because they are so difficult to control.

Why not pretend that everything is fine with the climate and avoid making the necessary progress where carbon producing fossil fuels are no longer necessary until life becomes utterly miserable. Oh wait! You aren’t a climate refugee trying to cross the Mediterranean in overcrowded boats just to escape drought conditions and the political instability that that creates. For you the whole world is only your life and the suffering of millions elsewhere you never notice.

Other people are more aware than you choose to be!

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