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'Going on Offense,' Advocates Demand Single-Payer Health Program


'Going on Offense,' Advocates Demand Single-Payer Health Program

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

With a new poll strengthening their case and the Republican healthcare bill's failure energizing their call, Medicare-for-all advocates are holding rallies in scores of communities across the nation on Saturday "to go on the offense and demand a healthcare system that


MAKE AMERICA GREAT!! #MedicareForAll !!


Greetings from Vermont where our librarians are stepping up to host Improved Medicare For All events with the help of the Vermont Physicians For A National Program. Our hope and goal is to reach the people of Vermont far and wide and are asking others to do the same in their own states.


thank god for Bernie. One of the only sane voices in american government


Our horrific health care 'system' should be a national embarrassment, as it is roundly mocked in so many other countries. On the other hand, our so-called-president should be a national embarrassment too. Particularly since he promised everyone would be insured, and then handed us a 'plan' that would have made things far worse. We can be grateful that the Repugs are not a united front. While I do not anticipate that we will get single-payer soon, at least the public is calling out for it.

Well, not everybody. My very far right brother doesn't want the gubmint involved in his health care - adamantly. When I asked him if he was planning on accessing Medicare when he is eligible in a few years, he said 'of course.' When I pointed out to him that Medicare is single-payer, government run insurance, did he even attempt to process that? No. He hung up on me. Some people refuse to be educated.


Single Payer with Universal Healthcare/Medicare for ALL Americans should've been implemented from the beginning. If I've said this a number of times, I'll say it again: Had President Obama and the Democrats in Congress gone back to the drawing board, really put their heads together, and concocted a genuine healthcare reform bill of Single Payer with Universal Healthcare/Medicare for ALL Americans, we wouldn't have been in the situation of having a health care reform bill that's totally under attack due, at least in part because there were many flaws in the Obamacare plan that helped make it vulnerable to attack by the GOP.


LadyK, I am sorry to hear about your brother being unable to see the truth.

This two party system of government pits one against the other. It's the 'Us vs. Them' mentality that is bought into by many in our society and if your brother supports conservative ideology he most likely lacks compassion for the less fortunate as well.

This is very hard to reason with.

I have faced similar circumstances with a family member and it hurts to see those you care about have a lack of understanding. Or maybe they are just unwilling to understand.

On the other hand, many of us are open and accepting of a better means of Healthcare and with any luck if we are fortunate to obtain a Single Payer /Medicare for All system, your brother will most likely end up wondering why he fought it.


I was on the Don't Get Sick plan for 27 years. Now I'm on Medicaid. In a couple of years I move to Medicare.

Medicaid is kind of lousy. They don't do root canals on Medicaid, they just yank the teeth and leave holes in your mouth. Still, they supply free glasses. Compared to Don't Get Sick it's notably better.


I hear you loud and clear. It's amazing-like your own brother, I have co-workers who benefit greatly from socialized medicine, yet they rail against government "taking over" the health care industry!! These co-workers of mine are too brainwashed and just too stupid to know how fortunate they are to have what little they DO have. Absolutely amazing. I have just had a procedure done myself and had to be run through the mill, as it were, of all the red tape, Deductible payment, etc. And I'm one of the lucky ones! There is no reason why this so-called "Great Country" of ours doesn't provide health care for all its citizens in need.


The only way Democrats would have put forth a Medicare for All bill back then was if the Repugs had control of the House or Senate and they knew there was no way for it to pass. Its more clear all the time that their entire function is to pretend to be in opposition while enabling the ever more rightward lurch toward Corporatism.


If there wasn't a two party system that would mean we'd get the same party every year. I didn't write election since with one party there would be no need for them. It'd be either vote for the current ruler or don't vote. I know one can say that the Dems and Repubs are pretty much the same . However they are different enough for voters to make a choice in who they vote for. A two party system gives the voting public a choice. Without it there could a dictatorship What I find rather unfair is Gerrymandering where districts are shaped to favor one party or the other Its usually the Repubs. It would be just as unfair if it were the Dems. In essence the two party system gives us a choice Okay usually not much of one but it sure beats no choice.


Because teeth aren't part of your body and don't need medical care. Imagine extending this twisted attitude to fingers, kidneys, etc.


I know... it's .... the twilight zone...


I attended my local event today, but upon reading this it occurs to me that NHC just may be more widely wanted now is that it's a sure way to address the national opioid epidemic. It's the scourge that respects no party affiliation.


Even better then God or Bernie are the Vermont librarians.


If you look at the history of progressive change in America, it only happens when people mobilize on a national scale. People must be relentless in the pursuit of their goal. The elite fear this the most.

There once was a time I was deeply pessimistic about positive change ever happening in America. I feared HRC would get elected and she would either lull us to sleep again (as was the case with Obama) or just purposely dither the opportunities away as she is paid to do by the rich. Trump is many ways has been a blessing as he has mobilized the public. He has laid bare all the rot and decay so much so that we can't ignore it. The elite (and that includes the democrats) can no longer hide the corrupt, rigged system designed to monetize every aspect of human existence. Trump is our catalyst and the longer he is in power the stronger we will become.


I demand to win the lottery-but it's not gonna happen.


Have you considered a 3 or more party system? Many countries have them. Not perfect either, but it does force some consensus governance.


Some of us think that we will not have it nationally until we have it in in a state or two. That has been true of most of the progressive institutions that we take for granted, like the FCC, SEC and the EPA. It is necessary to show politicians elsewhere that they can survive after embracing it and one must be able to show that it saves $$$. Numerous states are working on it. Here's my state's (SPANOhio.org)


In the developed world electoral boundaries are determined by statuary independent non-partisan electoral authorities. In one of the world's more retarded attempts at democracy the closest most bodies administering the electoral process come to being non-partisan is by having equal numbers of Republican and Democrat party members on their controlling boards.

Belly-fulls of the 'world's greatest democracy' baloney make for the continuation of the status quo.