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'Going Outside Traditional Media,' Sanders to Stream National 'Medicare for All' Town Hall With Digital Outlets

'Going Outside Traditional Media,' Sanders to Stream National 'Medicare for All' Town Hall With Digital Outlets

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

The senator and his partners will "do what cable channels and network news will not" and live stream an in-depth discussion about how the United States could transition to a single-payer healthcare system.

Ad for town hall

Thank you Bernie.

Now, the next time you actually get a chance on the Sunday talk shows it is time to call out the resistance by Democrats to Medicare for All.

Only one fourth of those with whom you caucus i.e., Democrats, support this.

Make sure to tell your wealthy colleagues about this webcast so they can rest assured you aren’t calling them out. They will appreciate it.

Of course, you won’t disappoint them. I mean, you have your precious position as a pseudo Democrat to protect, your reputation within that precious caucus.

I’ll try harder to grasp the brilliance of this strategy to not rock that boat within the power structure of the Democratic Party.

It is also greatly appreciated that you completely dropped the subject pre-convention through the election and beyond that. I could see the brilliance of that even.

Thanks again.

(to those who will bristle at this criticism of Sanders, don’t worry, my comments have nano or no impact, Sanders will be just fine)


I agree with what you are saying, however when you are in the water drowning and everyone in the boat turns their back on you, you grab the one rope thrown even if it is rotten. Unfortunately that is the position we are in. Sanders is the only one offering even a rotten rope.

I think he has to do a lot more to call out Democrats for their corruption and for the stances they take on the issues. I realize that he has to work with these people, but most of them are rotten and would go away tomorrow if they weren’t propped up by their corporate backers. If he were elected, he wouldn’t get what he wants by being nice to Schumer, Feinstein (how the hell has she gotten elected, given her corruption, her stances on the issues and the part of the country she is from?) and the like. They have to be pushed, shamed, challenged, and if they don’t like it, they should be replaced by someone that doesn’t have to be pushed to put in place better, and more humane, policies. I am tired of having to push these rotten people. We have to get people into power that don’t have to be pressured to do what is right. These rotten people in both parties do have to be pushed, and they don’t care enough to fight. It’s all calculation, and their calculations have destroyed working people and their own damn party.


I’ve been in that water drowning for a long time, and I have a lot of anxiety and chronic pain to show for it.

Heck, I even ended up through life circumstance related to such, moving back to my home state where there is zero help for poor people, unless you are officially classified as being disabled (you know, missing limbs, etc.).

I have no patience at this point appreciating a fucking rotten rope thrown in my face yet one more time.

Anger NOT directed at you, as I appreciate your point.


bless you Bernie! damn dems must be pushed thru the door of single payer and that takes organizing on a massive scale. Bernie has started the ball rolling by having this conversation, the rest is up to us. Let’s go get em.


While Sanders works and advocates for universal single-payer health care insurance some Democrats still sellout to the for-profit health care insurance industry and campaign contribution bribery!

Notable is the Dem who stymied the initiative for single payer, Anthony Rendon, the speaker of California’s Assembly, and other Democrat sellout DINO’s like pelosi, schumer and that timid wanker Sean Patrick Maloney of NY who stands with the clinton’s and corporate servitude rather than the people!

Those corporate-whore Dems put profits (and their campaign coffers) above people and really affordable health care - they use the smarmy diversion of “defending Obamacare” (ACA) and its many give-away’s to for profit health care interests!


Thank you, Bernie. I have let people I am organizing with in both Vermont and New Hampshire to spread the word and tune in. Margaret Flowers is also organizing conferences and here is all the pertinent information you need:


Monday, Jan 22, 2018, 9pm (1 hours 30 minutes)

Monday, Feb 05, 2018, 9pm (1 hours 30 minutes)

Monday, Aug 27, 2018, 9pm (1 hours 30 minutes)

Call times in Pacific and Eastern Time:
Mon Jan 8 2018 6pm PT / 9pm ET (1 hours 30 minutes)

Mon Jan 22 2018 6pm PT / 9pm ET (1 hours 30 minutes)

Mon Feb 5 2018 6pm PT / 9pm ET (1 hours 30 minutes)

Mon Aug 27 2018 6pm PT / 9pm ET (1 hours 30 minutes)

At the time of the event, follow these steps to join:

  1. Call +1 (619) 309-1058
    with your phone, or use your computer

  2. Enter your PIN 619826 #

  3. Open the Visual Interface

Or get personalized assistance:

Alternatively you may try dialing (408) 520-2444 or (408) 740-6030

Notes from your Host

Health Over Profit for Everyone is a national campaign to win a National Improved Medicare for All (NIMA) healthcare system (also called a single payer health system). It is a project initiated by advocates for NIMA acting as individuals and is coordinated by Popular Resistance. On the calls, we will provide political updates, educate about NIMA, discuss strategy and plan actions to change the political culture in the United States so that NIMA is the only politically viable solution.

Have any questions or comments? Email margaretflowersmd@gmail.com`



Somebody want to tell me again about how fucking liberal or progressive MSGOP is?? Cenk Ugur left MSNBC exactly because they weren’t the liberal answer to media. I want to puke and punch the ass hole that compares Fox to MSGOP. Maybe the comparison would be genuine if you called Fox a far right sewer and MSGOP a “center right” outlet.

We need better people in power. I am sick of having to push them on stuff like this. Ultimately, we aren’t pushing THEM, we’re pushing their donors, and their donors pull their strings. Their donors push them in the opposite direction, and their donors almost always win. I’d like people that aren’t corrupt and want to do the right thing, on most issues at least. What we have with these two parties is a bunch of empty, corrupt talking heads. It’s Bernie along with a handful of others, and then there’s the majority that could give a damn. They see the decades long trajectory in the country and they are unmoved. I don’t see much evidence that the Democratic Party can be reformed, as of now it is a horrible and ineffective opposition party. If it can’t be, we are going to waste a lot of time trying to reform it and even more people will become angry at the system, and the vacuous people that defend it.


That’s right-on G-L!

N.I.M.A. or National Improved Medicare for All

Is Medicare for All - but with a friendly amendment. No monthly $ premium payment or 20% deductible co-pays. Adds nursing home care, eyes and teeth. Paid for by payroll deductions and dividend payments for the investor class. Based on House Bill HR 676. Eliminates multi-private insurers. Treasury checks pay (single-payer) the doctor and hospital or nursing care and drug prescriptions and/or wheelchairs, etc. No more corporate “consumer” bull crap.

Right now, Bernie must be gently pushed from his “wishy-washy position” on this. Call-in to the Internet get-together and demand NIMA! Otherwise known as HR 676.

Good for Bernie and associates: an opportunity to educate, educate, educate. It is amazing to me the resistance that people (who would hugely benefit from medicare for all) have. We all need as many tools as possible to help to explain, and reinforce…and repeat.

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totally agree with all your comments. I no longer vote for party, but rather for candidates who are progressive. we need more of them running for office and so I do support local folks who take no big donations. just like Bernie.


So we NEED a townhall on the media? Why is it that the media is incapable of having a real discussion------on real issues----its like all we hear today are repetitive sound bites. And we need a real discussion on the role of the military and what the military do around the world in the name of Americans.


Guns to butter. How do we do it? Health care for all? Social security for all? We could afford these things if our xxdefensexx offense costs weren’t so high


Sorry Bernie. I don’t do Facebook. Left that three years ago and never looked back.


I am concerned that a digital Town Hall will reach already active progressives; but that it will not reach or mobilize the low income people that Sanders - and progressives generally - need to win, whether on the issue of “Medicare for All,” or any other progressive issue.

Below, a recent Jacobin article, “When Poor People Vote.” I hold that what Mound argues re the Sanders campaign is true for progressives generally: we have so far not been able to form a broad movement without which we cannot win.

"Without the participation of the low-income non-voters Sanders referenced [as not voting during the presidential campaign], the type of social-democratic politics he advocates, let alone something more radical, is doomed. In that sense, Sanders’s conception of a democratic political ‘revolution’ made possible by luring habitual non-voters to the polls with the promise of progressive policy is accurate. His problem has been execution, not vision.

“Poor non-voters do support Sanders and his social-democratic platform. Sanders’s campaign just hasn’t been able to sufficiently mobilize non-voters, or reach other portions of the electorate generally sympathetic to his policies, especially African Americans.”

Sander’s Medicare for all is basically the European, UK Single Payer system, which has been more successful that the for profit system we have in America. The Sanders proposal would need to be discussed in congress with some compromises in order to get it passed. I don’t see any chance of it passing short of Democrats getting their stuff together again to win a majority in congress in 2018 and win the White House in 2020.

Will that happen? There will undeniably be a Trump backlash in 2020 because he has not only been a bad president from the very start, he has been absolutely horrific. What complicates this picture is the mainstream Republicans are starting to distance themselves from Trump as siding with him is going to set up other Republicans to get politically damaged in the Trump backlash. The ones that want to get re elected will start distancing themselves the close we get to the upcoming elections.

Yes, I’ve been saying for years we shouldn’t personalize politics.

Der Gropenführer’s program is the right wing’s program, and especially with term limits for so many politicians, if one gets tarnished with some unpopular policy they simply plug in another nameless machine piece and use corporate money to sell him or her like fast food. The same will happen with climate catastrophe as those who resisted reality for decades (Lamar Smith, eg) leave, others distance themselves from what was the entire right wing’s program, and the moronic short-memoried US public gets taken in again by a change of machine parts. We have to get rid of the machine.

By the way, it’s great to see this happening. It’s about f time.