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'Going Outside Traditional Media,' Sanders to Stream National 'Medicare for All' Town Hall With Digital Outlets


Sander’s Medicare for all is basically the European, UK Single Payer system, which has been more successful that the for profit system we have in America. The Sanders proposal would need to be discussed in congress with some compromises in order to get it passed. I don’t see any chance of it passing short of Democrats getting their stuff together again to win a majority in congress in 2018 and win the White House in 2020.

Will that happen? There will undeniably be a Trump backlash in 2020 because he has not only been a bad president from the very start, he has been absolutely horrific. What complicates this picture is the mainstream Republicans are starting to distance themselves from Trump as siding with him is going to set up other Republicans to get politically damaged in the Trump backlash. The ones that want to get re elected will start distancing themselves the close we get to the upcoming elections.


Yes, I’ve been saying for years we shouldn’t personalize politics.

Der Gropenführer’s program is the right wing’s program, and especially with term limits for so many politicians, if one gets tarnished with some unpopular policy they simply plug in another nameless machine piece and use corporate money to sell him or her like fast food. The same will happen with climate catastrophe as those who resisted reality for decades (Lamar Smith, eg) leave, others distance themselves from what was the entire right wing’s program, and the moronic short-memoried US public gets taken in again by a change of machine parts. We have to get rid of the machine.

By the way, it’s great to see this happening. It’s about f time.