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Going Soft on Corporate Crime a Bipartisan Affair


Going Soft on Corporate Crime a Bipartisan Affair

Russell Mokhiber

Donald Trump is not a fan of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), the law that says it’s illegal for any person — corporate or human — to bribe overseas.

Trump has called the FCPA “a horrible law” and has said that the law “puts us at a huge disadvantage.”

And you could argue that the Trump Justice Department’s first two FCPA enforcement cases reflect Trump’s point of view.

Both were declinations — despite the fact that the companies disclosed illegal overseas payments and agreed to disgorge illegally gained proceeds.


The deregulated, and therefore, monopolized Corporate Media dominates its News Coverage exclusively with emphasis, and coverage, of Low Level Crime.

Makes it look like they’re doing a Public Service.

Arrange for personal, or corporate, enrichment by losing 6.000 workers their pensions?

Not covered.

Pass a bad check at Walgreen’s?

6 o’clock News.


Mokhiber sez: “… (Obama) hit bottom with not one executive or bank criminally charged for the 2008 financial meltdown …”

Well, he was looking forward … possibly to lucrative, post-presidency speaking engagements with those banks.


Fact: Steal $trillions from Americans by corporate thieves, no penalty. Steal $1,000 from bank serve 5-10. What’s wrong with this picture? Inverse totalitarianism, corporate thieves running government and making their own laws and no way to get justice. And yes, it’s getting worse. Freedom in name only; unless one unplugs and goes to Alaska and lives off the grid.


I confess (redux).  I fell for O’Bummer’s rhetoric in 2008 and voted for the DamnocRats.  AFTER the election, Pelosi took prosecution of the War Criminals Bush, Cheney, Rove, Rummy, Yoo et al “off the table,” and then O’Bummer gave the bailout funds directly to the thieving banksters instead of to the ripped-off mortgagees to save their homes.  So the crooks not only got the bailout, they also got ownership of hundreds of thousands
of homes.*  Of course none of these big donors to the DNC were ever brought to trial, much less convicted.   (Needless to say, I did NOT vote for O’Bummer in 2012 nor Hilliary in 2016, but wrote in ‘Bernie & Beth’ both times.)

*   IIRC, Tweetle-Dumb’s buddy Mnuchin got about 30,000 homes all by himself.  But not to worry – he’s now serving his country instead of serving time . . .


Thanks to Russ Mokhiber who consistently commits the crime of real journalism and speaks to the Duopoly for what it is.


Oligarchs own this country, and that most certainly includes our embarrassing two-party kabuki show.

I’m downright ashamed to be an American.


I DO agree with Trump that Guantanamo needs to remain open.

Not only remain open, but all the vacant cells need to be occupied by Trump, the past four POTUS and many Congresscritters after they are brought to justice.

Nearly four decades of decriminalizing financial fraud and other white collar crime (euphemistically called “deregulation” by politicians and media) and concurrent criminalization of whistleblowing and other actions essential to a functioning democracy all need to end post haste.


I remember that during the BP gulf oil spill that British Petroleum was facing debarment- This was not only from their loose act in the gulf but from the Texas City blowout drum fatalities and the Prudhoe Bay Alaska spill-
The lead Debarment official stated that the US Government needed BP products for the Gulf War, essentially letting BP off the hook-
Within that same time frame an obscure news source quoted two honest and out spoken Dept. of Defense spokes persons stating that there were plenty of vendors out there for the war and that BP was not all that necessary for our war effort-
This Debarment official was on the verge of retirement- Go figure…


touche, herr goebbelz


To use a baseball analogy-

All the umpires have broken the strike zone frame when the commoner comes up to bat.
The strikes are for the audience to get mad at.
You are out as soon as you step up.
The umps say so.
Pitcher rubbed the ball up his crack before he pitched too.
And you got a shorter than regulation bat.

Back to the dug out for you, and coach says you stay there. The pitcher is JP Morgan, and Wells is waiting in the bullpen.

OUT is the only verdict.
You are batting against the establishment.


The article sounds good. But other than naming the political fronts, Trump, Obama, and Pelosi it lacks content. Name the CEOs and their histories. Their histories are important. Who exactly are these people? Name the lawyers. Recognize the so-called law for what it is: judicial edicts. We have no laws; it’s all judicial edicts, i.e., bs. Lawyers fawn all over each other for the most ridiculous bs. To be a lawyer is to be a trailed professional liar.


In my view, a prime example of what Mokhiber describes is that of Volkswagen. They willfully installed emissions-testing software that would give a false reading, while those vehicles (it is estimated) emitted up to forty times more than the allowable emissions. A company like that should be, at the very least, nationalized, if not entirely shut down.


Never forget the name of the Secretary of the Interior who let BP off the proverbial hook, KEN SALAZAR of Colorado. Ken was rewarded with a new law office in Denver and now works for the same law firm, Wilmer Hale, which represented BP in that infamous oil spill which decimated the Gulf of Mexico. It is very hard not to get dizzy trying to keep up with all those occupants of the revolving door rides on which Ken Salazar is but one!


This is A companion angry letter I sent to Stupak/Dingell House Investigator during the Gulf spill- It got me nowhere…


            If there is any lesson to be learned from the Exxon Valdez Legacy/Tragedy:

*B.P. will shower the people of the southern and eastern seaboards with massive amounts of cash for the “clean up” that can not possibly be cleaned up…The Media will cover this with with self proclaimed adulation for the “good citizen” company, B.P…

*After the “wrap up” of the “clean up” there will be huge, massive surplus auctions of the surplus gear bought by the Oil Companys at our expense…

*The taxpayers will unwittingly absorb these expenditures, victimized by Bean counters, spineless,crooked Lawyers,Judges and politicians on the local ,state and federal level, Department of Commerce clowns and with the Media’s tacit approval and complicity…B.P. will probably make A profit, as expected, as always…

*After the destruction of the fisheries, tourism, beaches, support businesses, real estate etc. the affected people will file A class action law suit…

*Lives will be destroyed and the rates of alcoholism, drug addiction and suicide will go through the roof…Several generations will witness and be victims of this carnage…

*Only 25% of the Aquatic Wildlife, meaning seabirds, mammals and shellfish and fish species will survive…Some fisheries will never recover…This will include freshwater tidal effected streams…Species on the edge of extinction will be the first casualties. Genetic mutations in wildlife will insidiously multiply. The “death of birth” will become A battle cry…

*The slow death of thousands of unknowing, unsuspecting clean up workers from the toxic effects of the crude oil exposure will be found in the “F” section, on page 20 of the National and local News Papers once A year and will be as carefully A guarded secret as the Gulf War Syndrome and Agent Orange affected Veterans…You will not once hear of it on National Television…

*The case will make A snails pace through the court system, A virtual yo-yo of wins, losses and appeals…

*Then 20 or so years down the road B.P. will brag about all their expenditures and efforts through the corporate owned media convincing many that people are just plain ungrateful to them for all their thankless, philanthropic, truly caring efforts…

*When the day finally approaches, after years of gut wrenching agony and the displacement and destruction of entire communitys, the wonderful Supreme Court will reduce the law suit to 10% of the original reward if the 2 out of 3 complaintants still living are lucky…

*By this time Valdez and Cordova and Prince William Sound will be A very distant memory, all but forgotten and the cycle will probably repeat itself within A generation or two, just like war…"The Death of Birth


“Wells Fargo at It Again, Stuck Over 800,000 Customers With Unnecessary Car Insurance”


I hope Mr. Ken Salazar eternally rots in hell for what he’s done and for what he didn’t do…


If you want to restore justice in this country, the first thing that needs to be done is to prosecute Bush, Cheney and the top members of their Justice Department over the eight years they were in charge of law enforcement in this country. Then we go after Clinton, Gore and their DOJ bigwigs, then Obama, Biden along with Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch. All of these politicians conspired with amerika’s biggest banks, Wall St., Foreign banks and financial institutions to limit corporate convictions from the 2008 financial meltdown till now. Case in point, Obama’s meeting with Wall St. and banking heads right after his first inauguration in 2009, where he told the corporate crooks that it was just him between them and the pitchforks! These people need to be bitch slapped back to the realization that even the president isn’t above the law! Even if it means physical tar and feathering with pitch forks and torches!


Salazar is just one of many. I just happen to live in Colorado and have watched him in action live and on TV threatening to punch out a reporter. If one of us did that to him guess where we would be. The guy has a hot temper and is just part of the revolving door riders.


Salazar sounds like that weirdo freak in Montana that grabbed that reporter by the throat the night before the election and still won- I still don’t quite get that? Maybe that is the mark to be made in Montana?
I remember Salazar was also in the Bureau of Minerals and Mines if my memory serves me well-
At the time I was involved in A Whistleblower suit against BP and A criminal Inspection Company working under them- I got A real first hand, up close and personal look at corruption, liars, thieves and fixers both in and out of Government- From lying Attorneys, to crooked Congressmen to Oilfield fixers I couldn’t believe how the rule of law was the last thing on any one’s mind-
I have never ever trusted anything about this country or the rule of law since…