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'Going to Get a Lot of People Killed': Covid-19 Soars to New Heights as Trump Sabotages Transition

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/11/going-get-lot-people-killed-covid-19-soars-new-heights-trump-sabotages-transition


Why is this one man allowed to keep breathing, while almost a quarter of a million Americans have lost their ability to breathe due to his negligence and incompetence?


“We’re in an unbelievably dangerous moment with coronavirus where the full weight of government at all levels needs to be focused on saving lives,”

Parallels exactly the ecological crisis, does it not?


Only the good die young.


In the fall of 2021, when 3/4s of million++ Americans have died, 2-3 million more have permanently scarred or damaged lungs from COVID-19, will Trump and his family be brought up on criminal charges? Who will call out VP Mike Pence as a snake handler, a fanatic and in up to his neck on the deaths and injuries of all these fellow American citizens?
Since the innocent victims of this pandemic are primarily from the working poor and minority communities, should the charges brought against this Adm.'s major actors be enhanced?


Our corona death rate and infection rate has absolutely nothing to do with a Biden transition team access to executive branch departments. NOTHING.

Rather -
Wearing Masks and distance kept not accepted by too many peoples.

CNN contributing physician just advised to ‘prone’ those ill with this virus.

Keep the person seated and upright to help ease breathing.
Patient to stay calm
purse lips, breath as slow as possible.
Use the diaphragm as chest muscles fatigue.
Moving air into the person’s face, from a fan, may help them by increasing pressure.

Dial 911
Use an asthma inhaler with steroid if it is in your emergency medical kit.
This inhaler may be over the counter available where you live.
Otherwise, by prescription you can get over the internet.
Expensive without part D or insurance.

I am not a medical at any time. The above is repeated from medical web sites.
god bless you all.




Were it up to me, Pence, Trump and every last member of his Cabinet would be arrested and charged with a minimum of 250,000 counts of premeditated murder.


Don’t be surprised when in 2021, as soon as Biden is sworn in and infections continue to increase, the republicans will flip this around and blame Biden and the dems for the crisis. Then 48% of the country will believe this immediately and another 25% of the ignorant masses not paying attention will be convinced likewise.


Many ancient exceptions to that are regularly commenting here at ~commondreams.org.


From the article:
And “despite rhetoric offered by President Trump about a plunge in the deadliness of the virus, the link between new cases, hospitalizations, and deaths has been consistent for months,” the Washington Post reported Tuesday.

Good grief, “rhetoric”? Does WaPo not know how to spell the word “lies”?


Nah, if any of this “Joe” stuff actually happens, we’ll most likely be pretty close to a temporary herd immunity phase. Likely with decimated: physicians, first responders, school and personal care “essentisls” trying out the vaccines and treatment options. With a horrendous toll, fatalities and chronically ill, indentured by surprise medical bills, evicted from homes greedily flipped by a Creative Class ignoring us, partying like crazy, maskless, sneeringly back to NORMAL! It was these same dead-eyed monsters that told us ALL to, “just go on about your lives,” and caused 35K excess deaths (mostly Black, Hispanic, immigrant workers; sent to horrible 1099 gigs, without ACA, PPE, sick days, childcare, healthy diet, accurate information, available online from many Asian medical professionals by March). If folks here take comfort intentionally ignoring the absolute nightmare caused by two DNC contenders; forcing terrified, infected workers onto packed subways. Well, guess we ARE back to NORMAL?





Stancil and most of the media continue to fail us by characterizing the Covid-19 murders, current coup attempt and other travesties as being Trump issues when these issues would not exist at all if Trump did not continue to have the full backing and enabling of the organized crime syndicate disguised as the GOP that he has enjoyed during the past four years.


Whew, thank goodness that now we can blame everything on Trump for at least the next four years but fortunately not so much that he will ever be held accountable as that would set a very dangerous precedent - after all even Nixon was pardoned to protect the office.

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Unless Team Biden launches a Nuremberg style trials on January 21, the GOP will continue to gain, not lose power during the next four years, and will indeed be successful in making the Democrats take the fall for Covid-19 deaths as Maineac observed.

To be successful, the trials need to indict not just the top level appointees and electeds, but also the second and third tier criminals like GSA dismantler Murphy and CFPB dismantler Kraninger.

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I thought McTurtle was going to call the Senate back in session for a Legislative approach to the crisis.
Sorry, I thought we had a functioning Legislative Brach - my mistake

Moscow Mitch WILL “call the Senate back in session” to resume momentum confirming more young, fascist judges to federal courts between now and January 19.

Don’t be surprised if Clarence Thomas soon announces his retirement to enable Mitch to extend that seat an additional generation.

Election or not, Trump was not going to do a damned thing about this pandemic. He’s bored with it, he’s moved on, and human lives mean nothing to him. At the beginning of this thing, I looked at Trump and McConnell, and thought, “We’re going to be on our own here,” and here we are.


Confirming once again that candidate Trump in 2016 saying that “I could shoot somebody on Fifth Avenue in broad daylight and not lose one vote” continues to be the understatement of the century when you consider that Covid-19 is killing somebody every 10 minutes in the US.


I am still shocked that Thomas hasn’t been forced out already. But there are two months left, so never say never.