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'Going to Get Millions of People Killed': In All-Caps Tweet, Trump Again Undermines Expert Warnings on Coronavirus

Indeed, under reported in the US because Tяump turned down WHO’s tests. Now he wants to us to go back to work and that would definitely make us the number 1 in the world at least at something if not Healthcare…

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Bibi’s still hanging on.

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Trump wants us to go back to work, so he can get back to golfing. Of course, he will anyway.


Great PB. Here’s one for you. Appropriate for the quarantine:


It’s just that Bernie has been vilified more, and better than Biden has.

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My impression comes from the way the ‘speech’ was made up of segments which were prerecorded. Why would they cut the speech into segments for no reason? It could mean that they spliced together these recorded segments from a week or two or even more into something that sounded more current.

There were no specific references to anything recent!! Biden was talking as if the last two weeks or so hadn’t happened. He mentioned stuff that happened at the end of January here and in So. Korea… that is old news. Are they saying that Biden couldn’t just stand or sit in front of a camera and talk with reporters even by FaceTime video chat? I really am thinking that Biden is actually unavailable - likely for health reasons and possibly fighting off COVID19 in intensive care? There is no way to know but that speech was spliced together from prerecorded clips. It didn’t look or sound legit - it certainly wasn’t live and the question is why not? Very weird.


I agreed with you but then I thought about the problem of the military removing a civilian leader? Serious banana republic that one. But the cabinet and I imagine the Congress could? There is a mechanism for removing a president because of physical or mental incapacitation.

This all too f’kn weird and getting weirder by the minute.

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Think about this. donnie bumblehead thinks he has a better chance of winning re-election if he allows a million people to die from the virus than he does if the Stock Market continues to crash. What kind of person thinks that way? (rhetorical question)


And yet unless if there is a complete political realignment, they will. They in fact will be rewarded for it.


He really likes playing with his little white balls.

Must not be getting that attention at home.

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Too bad his parents didn’t use birth control. They could have saved the world a great deal of anguish.

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Not the people in the time we are now in. They’re lives are ruled by fear, instead of the preservation of freedom.

There are many willing to put their lives on the line to stand up to oppression and defend freedom as I know you have G.

Perhaps not enough now.

Hopefully, many are awakening to how this government is threatening our freedoms in this time of medical crisis which could have been minimized if addressed properly many months ago.

the bigger problem is that this include many of the Dem ‘leadership’ also


I think he likes to play with gooseneck Ivanka’s too. Maybe they get together in one of those makeshift tents.


Weedman, you’re bad.

The change of thought is understandable. A removal by the Military is a scary thing, however, desperate times call for desperate measures, and we sure as hell are there right now.

A totally madman, and I really do believe he is sick in the head, is the head of state in a pandemic, and he’s more worried about his image and reelection than human life.

Desperate times Wereflea.

No, they should just “drop dead”. They should SUFFER first, gasping for air and literally drown in their own crap,

uh, there should be a “not” in that post… as in not just drop dead, but suffer first.