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'Gold Over Life, Literally': How Trump Forced Reversal on Mining Project EPA Scientists Warn Could Destroy Alaskan Salmon Ecosystem

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/10/gold-over-life-literally-how-trump-forced-reversal-mining-project-epa-scientists

A little solid Au in the pre-frontal cortex might go a long way to improving the governor’s thought processing. He seems to be suffering from Pb poisoning. You can’t eat money you &(^%$ POS. Let Life Live! L-Cubed!


US America: Have You No Conscience?

People of goodwill who feel this deep rooted historic preference of gold over Life which was the reason for settler colonialism and its attendant genocidal and enslaving agenda need to form gatherings of human solidarity to stand and plan actions in opposition to the gathering storm of environmental collapse, bigotry of every stripe, inequality and war.


Gold over life is the fundamental basis for everything that happens in a capitalist society. It is exactly what drive AI and machine learning projects. It is the inevitable goal of the path taken long ago.
Welcome to the Machine


Greed will destroy us …


donald trump is not only a bad, greedy man, trump is literaly a DEMON, no if’s,and’s,or but’s about it, he is evil personified! not only that, a photo in the Guardian yesterday, showing the grinning demon, and his unsavory wife holding the child whose parents died to protect it from the murderer n El Paso, that, in my mind was the most obscene piece of pornography I have ever seen.


The evil in trump knows no bounds. Boycott gold. Gold mining causes devastation all over the world. Do you really need that gold necklace? What? Oh, like having a new car to show off your wealth. So important.

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Another day, another depraved atrocity from the ginger pig. The most destructive scum that can be imagined! Time for some dedicated action.


Some background on this mine atrocity and the greed behind it The Environmental Pollution Agency under the trump regime has been totally subverted from the mission it was intended to fulfill. .Alaska, you better get active damn fast and vote-out the trump cronies and stooges!

How TF can precedent and environmental protection science be so easily and thoughtlessly overridden and reversed? The answer is the greed of people that don’t care about anything but wealth and exploitation and the raw power of money! That greed-driven exploitation point of view is shown in this mining propaganda piece!

The facts of the capitalist “investor” driven environmental rape follows - how can it be shown if trump has ties and direct connections to this destructive project? Tax returns? They damn well will show more than a few smoking guns!
Hey nancy, you gonna begin impeachment investigations on this criminal conspirator now, you worthless complicit cow?


The devastation brought forward by this orange blob is mind boggling and will do irreparable damage to this planet and life on earth.

Each day he is releasing more chemicals on children, chemicals causing cancer down line and into the future of people living and breathing this crap.

Please bring forth a judge that will strike down this approval by a simpleton that can’t read because he cannot evaluate what he reads or he can only think of more profits to be made by loathsome sycophants.


Thanks for this! Years ago I posted this animation all over the place. It perfectly represents the human propensity to destroy for material goods and leisure. The human species is a cancer that Mother Nature will eliminate from the Earth.


I want to know what will be done to stop this mine from happening despite this. Because it simply cannot be allowed to move forward regardless of what trump decides. It would be a crime of the worst order. Destroying the whole ecosystem for a bit of gold is the stuff of horror movies. There needs to be protests, including civil disobedience, even property destruction if necessary. Seriously. Whatever it takes. Because once the mining has started, there is no going back and no restoration possible. This is murder, pure and simple. Murder of an ecosystem upon which life (all of our lives for christ’s sake!) depend. This destruction has to STOP. And if we don’t have the political power to make it stop then we have to do it some other way. I’m way across the country, old and caring for a disabled family member. I only wish I lived there so I could do some actual damage. I am so pissed. But it’s deeper than that because I’m witnessing (as are we all) the end of life as we have come to know it. All for a few crazy rich men who want to get richer. All I can do is cry. And that does nothing.


Thank You…the thing you didn’t mention that should be is…they imported that baby to the hospital for the photo shoot…that baby was at his Aunt and Uncle’s house and they had to bring him in…that makes it even sicker and obscene.


This article does not mention that this deposit is entirely owned by 100% Canadian Northern Dynasty Minerals - which is wholly owned by 100% Canadian Hunter Dickenson Corp. All former partners in the project from the UK, US and Japan have gotten out.

Canadian companies - Toronto-based Barrick and Newmont being the most famous, own and operate virtually all of the large and destructive gold mines worldwide.

Gold itself is not a particularly useful metal. Only small amounts are used for useful things like electronics - Its overwhelming use is simply a capitalist speculative-wealth-accumulation instrument in the form of gold bars in bank vaults and jewelry.


It seems we are powerless to stop this. But we can’t be because it MUST be stopped. I don’t dare say what I think needs to be done. Where can we get some power here? How can it be stopped in its tracks? Civil disobedience?


Just more proof that most Alaskan, politicians are like a barrel of Alaskan crude oil, they are owned lock,stock and barrel by big oil and Alaska being a blood red State…nothing will change.

What a travesty!


Not when it comes to filthy lucre! And that also goes for the average Alaskan voter whose families get paid thousands of $$$$$$$ every year in what is euphemistically called: THE PERMANENT FUND DIVIDEND, but what it should be called is: THE FILTHY OIL DIVIDEND!


In that same vein Gil, it was reported that none of the remaining eight El Paso victims still being treated in hospital agreed to meet with trump on his propaganda tour. The family member providing the orphaned child as photo-op prop for trump said "his family members are Republican conservatives, and his brother, the child’s father, (killed by gunman)“was very supportive of Trump.”.


Gold over life. When I was very young one of the first jobs I had was working in a copper mine in Alaska and that was when I became an environmentalist. There was a beautiful stream close by and being naive, I started to drink the water and the boss yells out:’ DON’T DRINK THAT WATER! IT IS CONTAMINATED!

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What is gained by society for gold to be dug up out of the ground to be put back in the ground in a fault?