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Gold Star Father Khizr Khan's 'Travel Privileges' Reportedly 'Under Review'

Gold Star Father Khizr Khan's 'Travel Privileges' Reportedly 'Under Review'

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Gold Star father Khizr Khan, whose speech last year at the Democratic National Convention (DNC) made waves, is unable to attend a speaking event in Toronto because his "travel privileges" are reportedly "being reviewed," CTV News first reported.

Time to get uppity, “YES WE KHAN!”

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Next up, Russian movies about US ballet stars defecting to Russia. This is not merely shameful but should be cause for immediate impeachment because this is clearly a case of targeting someone to punish them for their views, in particular their opposition to the president’s policies. Totally unconstitutional and illegal not to mention how damn low can Thumper go?

I haven’t heard this nonsense for years and then it was propaganda for the USA about how restrictive the old Soviet Union was to its citizens. “Travel Privileges” The very thing “we” didn’t have because “we” were “free” unlike the despicable Soviet Union. THUMP!


The fascists have demonized the Muslims as terrorists; the Mexicans and Hispanics as drug dealers, murderers, and rapists, so who do you think is next to be demonized on the fascist list?


“Let me ask you, have you even read the United States Constitution?” Khan asked Trump.
I guess Mr Khan got his answer. So much for equal protection under the law.


What can say say about this? “Travel privileges” revoked? Afraid to go even to Canada? This attack on Mr. Khan’ civil rights being a clearly politically motivated action?

We need a mass border action - thousands need to drive across the border - tell them you are visiting for a Leafs or a Blue Jays game. Then on the way back tell the thug you converted to Islam. Give the thugs some shit! Leave the cars at the gates and shut the crossing down. Let them arrest you - create spectacle. We are free people. They can’t take that away!


Next it will probably be the LGBT.

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What the f does “travel privileges under review” mean?!?!?! I have never heard of the US government having the authority to review an American citizens so-called “travel privileges”? Is the fing Nazi Germany? This demands a thorough explanation.


The emperor finally gets to carry out his revenge on one of his detractors, someone he considers an enemy. As for the Constitution, the diabolical demented dimwit has never read it, studied it, nor given a damn about its contents as they relate to our government and the office of the president…obviously. He is using/abusing his position to exercise his new-found power without remorse, concern for the disastrous consequences, and any deep knowledge of what it is he is doing…not unlike any number of demagogues and brutal dictators throughout history…none of whom were presidents of the U.S. He is not just a mere Mussoline-like fascist, he is a full-blown Nazi.


I have been unable to verify this report; only Politico of venues I trust has published it, and theirs is full of “reportedly” and attribution only to Khan and the host themselves. No one’s saying who reportedly “informed” him or indeed what “under review” could mean. I hate to doubt Khan, but he might have been set up at best. Anyway, wouldn’t he have a better story to just go and get denied re-entry on his US passport?

I think we’re being had.


Please read the following article from CBC news (Canadian Broadcasting):

_Khizr Khan, father of slain U.S. soldier, cancels Toronto talk citing ‘travel privileges’ review _

Khan was set to deliver talk on 'tolerance, understanding, unity and the rule of law’

No one has been “had.”

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From that article:

CBC News reached out to Khan’s law office directly, which said in an email it had no comment.

The circumstances of the reported travel review aren’t clear. Neither Khan nor Ramsay Inc. would provide specifics about what the review entailed or say more about the “turn of events.”

Khan may have been the first one to be had.

So are you saying that Mr. Khan is a liar - that he would cancel an important engagement in Toronto - to the inconvenience of many, pursuant to some kind of publicity stunt? The “source” of this news is from Mr. Khan and the organizers of the event themselves.

And he would not be denied re-entry, he would be denied entry into Canada - becasue, presumably his passport may be cancelled - and while you can also get in Canada on a driver’s license and US birth certificate, Mr. Kahn was born in Pakistan. He probably does not want to waste the airfare.

The re-entry, of course, would probably entail some hassles too, but as a US citizen he must be let in.


Something is missing here. What are travel privileges? US citizens do not need exit visas, nor special permission to return. Khan has a US passport. Who told him exactly what? The article does not say.

Even if they put him on a no fly list, which the article does not discuss, that would not prevent travel to Canada. While very burdensome, one could do it via train or car.

This story lacks important parts: what privileges? who told Khan so?


I took this story to mean that Khizr Khan was afraid to travel outside the country while the Trump Administration was reviewing their restrictive travel policies as he was uncertain that they might affect his return. I don’t think he meant that his individual passport was being reviewed separately from others.

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The very point is that it is all undefined terms. What I’m guessing is that some jerk called Khan and made threats. You do know about the telephone scam where folks impersonate the IRS and threaten arrest if you don’t pay up? Someone could just as easily impersonate DHS and threaten Khan. And if he fell for it, wouldn’t he be embarrassed? I think it will be shown to be fake news of some kind. These are the times I take the silence of the “MSM” as more trustworthy than the others. The CBC was very careful.

Passports can be revoked. This would constitute “removal of travel privileges”. Recall that the US did it to Edward Snowden.

Driving to Toronto from the DC area (where Khan lives) would not be too bad - you could do it in an easy day’s drive - about 8 hours.

It is hard to believe that Khan would be that gullible. The State Dept would not call anyone on the phone - they would send a letter.

Actually, in the CBC article they quote DHS? as saying they don’t warn anyone anyhow in advance. I’m more willing to believe that even Khan can be intimidated in the current environment — where Indians are shot for the color of their skin — than that this is real.

Plan B: give the speech via Skype or other digital formats.