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Gold Star Father Rebukes Kelly for Treating Soldiers' Deaths As 'Political Football'


Gold Star Father Rebukes Kelly for Treating Soldiers' Deaths As 'Political Football'

Julia Conley, staff writer

Former General Kelly indulged in defending the behavior of the president and made the situation even worse," said Khizr Khan


More distraction. So much is happening and we’re going on with this soap opera?


The cabal of criminals in the WH are POS, POSlime that relentlessly leave a fascist trail behind them. Go away already, all of you! You will not succeed installing fascist ideology in the US…


Can Common Dreams stop parroting the “Gold Star” moniker? It’s just more militarist propaganda, instilling in society the odious idea that people who died while carrying a gun for empire therefore died noble, “golden” deaths.


Agree the world is littered with the bodies of those who thought they could control the world buried right next to their collateral damage.


This is why there is no hope for this country. Idiots like this guy are all upset because the nutjob in the White House disrespects the dead who were killed defending the corporate interests of the ruling class. This guy gave his son’s life to these people, but he doesn’t have the intelligence to realize just how badly he has been had.

We are the most ignorant people on the planet. Sheep and patsies lining up for the slaughter, literally. How sad.


So, it’s OK for a gold star father to play politics by speaking at the Democratic convention (for no other reason than being a gold star father), but it’s not OK for Kelly, who is also a gold star father to play politics.

I love hypocrisy. Either they both get to play politics or neither do…


“…for no other reason than being a gold star father…” No, he didn’t speak at the Democratic Convention for no other reason than being a gold star father. What I remember is that he spoke as an Arab-American against the racist rants of trump against Middle Esterners, and used his son as a means of showing the commitment that Arab-Americans have for this nation.


Really, Sarah? “Highly Inappropriate”? Generals are not Gods, Sarah. They are no better or worse than anyone else. He is a Government Employee. We pay him. We can damn sure ask him a question!


I understand your point; that coming forth as an Arab-American likely had a positive effect on many racist conservatives;but, I’m sad that the young man died for such a misplaced commitment to this nation. Our military is not a positive force in this world; and, is a major contributing factor to our pending downfall.


Rule Number One for defending Donald J. Trump:

It is better to keep one’s mouth shut and be thought a fool rather than to open it and remove all doubt.


What is so sad is the gold star families have lost a loved ones and have no idea that their loved ones were not defending freedom and democracy… but fascism!


This is true. However, there is nothing wrong with honoring and empathizing with the parents. Their pain is understandable. It is beyond politics for them.


Just wondering why we treat this all as normal. Does anyone ever stop to ask why we’re in places like Niger fighting some ill-defined, neverending global war on terror in the first place?

Why do terms like “Gold Star families” even exist? I remember not too long ago when people would have said “what does that mean” reading a headline like this one about a “Gold Star father.”

Sure, people like Kelly are playing politics with these soldiers’ deaths, but let’s admit it – Trump was right when he said that these soldiers knew what they signed up for. The bigger problem is that we apparently have decided on permanent war as our national policy.

The American left should rethink some of its priorities, maybe give gender and identity politics a rest, and refocus on the big issues like war and peace, economic inequality and political corruption.


It’s been repeatedly claimed by the WH and apologists for trumps tone-deaf lack of empathy, that family friend Congresswoman Frederica Wilson “listened-in” to trumps call to the widow of slain La David Johnson , and how egregious that was - typical BS from trump & co. “Gen.Kelly called it inappropriate for Wilson to listen in on a call.”, but that call & conversation took place in a moving car, at least part over speaker phone! THAT is NOT “listening-in”, and to describe that as a despicable act is rubbish! The real despicable act was trumps stupidity and sending young men (and women) to kill the sons and daughters of other parents…and his constant pathological lies on almost everything.

"On Tuesday night, Wilson claimed Trump called Mysehia Johnson, widow of La David Johnson, as Johnson was driving to the airport to receive his body; the Army sergeant was one of four Americans killed in an attack in Niger earlier this month. Wilson said Trump reduced Mysehia Johnson to tears when he told her, “I’m sure he knew what he was signed up for, but when it happens, it hurts anyway.”

Wilson, who had known the soldier since childhood, was in the vehicle with Johnson and said she heard that part of the call on speaker phone. Trump insisted he said no such thing, but Kelly’s subsequent remarks told a very different story than Trump had pitched."


The distraction is part of the early build-up of propaganda for our new war adventures in Africa. All the flag-waving, NFL-dissing, and bs about treatment of soldiers and fallen soldiers is both directing focus on and hiding focus on the US Military.

It’s: Africa here we come! Wait and see.


I remember my sense of revolution for the DNC lackeys, Wassermann-Schulz and the rest of their vile crowd, when I first watched the DNC dog and pony show being foisted on and acted out by Khan as its star. He looked so pathetically used by the Democratic scum as he walked around with his tiny copy of the US constitution held high and his poor silent wife on the sidelines… All one seemed to be getting from the media and the Democratic Party lackeys that watched was faux adulation. I felt nothing but pity for the poor guy and utter contempt for Hillary’s coterie. He was debased then and is still being debased now.


That is what has struck me the most with this whole episode. Between all the pundits, talking heads and late night clowns, none even began to wonder aloud what troops are doing in Niger, how long they’ve been there or WHY they’re there. It was simply more ‘material’ to work with for dumping on the Donald, his ‘unpresidentiality’ being the lead story day in and day out.


You’re right.

We’re competing with China for Africa. The new home for war and “terrorism”.