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Golden State's Love for Sanders Grows as Support for Clinton Dwindles


Golden State's Love for Sanders Grows as Support for Clinton Dwindles

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Support in California for presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders has surged since May while support for Hillary Clinton is on the decline, a Field Poll released on Wednesday shows.


Surprise! Surprise!
"White man/woman speak with forked tongue"
It was true two hundred years ago and it's still true today!


Sen. Sander's progressive/populism message has clout out here in the West Coast. With Congressman Grijalva's endorsement, things are shaping up quite nicely, for a good, long fight/run. Washington state, with its' deep military ties and Boeing, Microsoft, et al may be a tougher sell for The Bernster. But Montana, Colorado, Arizona, Oregon and N.Mexico like what they hear so far. While Biden hurts Hillary, the unions aren't that enamored of " Smilen Joe " and TTP, TTIP, etc. Except it seems for what an acquaintance, a member of the Longshoreman's Union in Portland, called Richard Trumka. He used the term " a sandbagging p.o.s ", to describe the AFL-CIO's commander-in-chief apparent deep love of all things " Smilen ". Well, off to see the real thing and Neil Young's Monsanto Years show. In the ( sort of ) words of the wild and woolly Rev. Horton Heat, " smoke 'em if ya got 'em. " It's fully legal in Oregon now , btw. So, there's that, too. :sunglasses:


Bernie can't be bought!


There are a few things that Bernie and I don't agree on - but only a few. The one thing that I really find refreshing about Sen. Sanders is that stands by what he believes in and is totally honest and open about those beliefs.

Unlike Hillary - who twitches with the wind or the polls or both.......Can't trust her.


I find it so typically Hillary that tonight on the PBS NewsHour, she was expressing her opposition to the TPP. BERNIE SANDERS has been against it from the git-go. He didn't have to "evolve," another way of saying, ":Lemme see now, as I stick my wet finger up, which way is the wind blowing?"He will work AND WORK HARD to oppose it & keep it from being implemented. it is a terrible trade bill; as part of its reach, it may well affect our use of the INTERNET. Horrors!!!

I am working with www.citizensagainst plutocracy.org to ask folks to pledge to WRITE IN BERNIE's name should DWSchultz or other Dem Party heads try to shanghair his winning the nomination. Tonight I sent a message through Facebook asking friends to support our request to the rest of the CongressionalProgressiveCaucus to follow the lead of Rep. Raul Grijalva and ENDORSE Bernie. Last week I called [202]683-8000[the DemocraticNationalCommittee's office in DC]& left a detailed msg on Schultz's voicemail DEMANDING MORE DEMOCRATIC DEBATES. Anybody want to join me?

Wish Neil Young were a US citizen; he's doing wonderful work up in Canada against the MonstrousMonsanto. BTW if any of you out there have just a bit of time, think about volunteering for Bernie. Your time will be a gift to all of us here in the good ole US of A struggling to break the corporate grip and banking grip and oligarchic grip that is choking & suffocating us all. Go to www.Bernie2016 & see if u can sign up there.


Stand up for Sanders

Progressives- A new progressive page & wish list report


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Should not be long before I'm forced to make a decision as I'm still waiting for a Biden run. Though I'm too realistic and pragmatic with years of experience in
electoral politics, I would have extreme difficulty holding my nose and voting for Clinton, but if Joe doesn't run, in the primary Sanders will get my vote and may the goddess help us in the general election as he IMHO has no possibility of winning then.




Why not? Are you suggesting that in a race between Bernie versus a Trump/Cruz/Rubio/Carson-type person, Hillary supporters would vote for the Republican? Out of pique perhaps?
Or are you suggesting that they would not vote at all?


Courage, Friend,

I was in a similar position vis-à-vis Ralph Nader four elections ago - now there was a real long-shot. By comparison, Bernie is totally rocking it!

Unlike you, though, I am unable to hold my nose hard enough to vote for Clinton or Biden. (Bill Clinton "triangulated" me out of the Democratic Party, for the most part: I will never vote for another "corporate Democrat.") And, I live in a state where third parties almost never get on the ballot, so it's "Bernie or Bust" for me. ("If by 'bust' you mean 'write-in,'" as my daughters would say. :wink: )

I'm certainly neither sage nor seer, but I think the hard part for Bernie is the nomination. In the general election, the MSM will be unable to ignore him, and if you've seen him on TV you will have noticed that he has a combination of gravitas and gumption that is unequalled by anyone in the Republican field, as far as I can tell.


I believe Bernie would carry California in a landslide if he were running for POTUS, but 10:1 odds that HRC, the darling of Wall Street, gets the democratic nomination to run for POTUS, but having said that, that is one bet I would love to lose!


Populist: a member or adherent of a political party seeking to represent the interests of ordinary people.

"Ordinary people" are the masses of non-rich. Sen. Sanders today stands with only a the middle class, albeit with a pat on the head to low-wage workers. In the real world, not everyone can work, and there aren't jobs for all. The US shipped out a huge number of jobs since the 1980s, ended actual welfare in the 1990s. The last I heard, there are 7 jobs for every 10 people urgently trying to find one. What do you think happens to those who are left out? It's impossible, by definition, to be a populist, yet ignore our poverty crisis.

There is no progressive agenda today. Today's motto is, "Stand in Solidarity to protect the advantages of the better-off alone, the middle class." Liberals so strongly believe in the success of our deregulated capitalism that they think everyone is able to work, there are jobs for all, therefore no need for poverty relief. America still embraces -- and Democrats promote -- laissez-faire capitalism. That's regressive, not progressive.


Why the doubting that Sanders can win?


If Sanders cannot get Elizabeth Warren as a running mate, we would do well to choose Rep. Raul Grijalva for that position.


Bern has a very real possibility of winning the general--perhaps greater than the primary. I've heard long-time conservatives say they cannot vote for any of the "dumba____" in the Republican field.


Because Sanders cannot win. The real, heavy propaganda against Sanders has not started yet. They are still giving him time to herd most of the disillusioned Democrats back into the fold. Once that is established it will be declared that Sanders moved Hillary or Biden enough to the left for people to vote for either one of the establishment candidates again.


You can find my long reply on the thread about Clinton's flipping on the trade deal she attempt to negotiate as Sec. of State. in response to jg66. Quite frankly come general election time, for the reasons I stated in that response, I will just be a "yellow dog Democrat."

I'm far too much of a pragmatist to join idealists come the general election and toss my single vote. Idealism and doing so, or not bothering to vote, has in recent history elected Reagan, Bush and even worse George W. Bush.


I have no doubt that in an honest race Bernie would win, but it is very naive to not know that POTUS are selected; not elected. And you can be sure Bernie has not been selected!


The world isn't perfect. Compared to the options that have been on the menu the past few decades, Sanders strikes me as being pretty populist.
Sanders in the Vox interview: "It seems to me that when you look at basic necessities of life — education, health care, nutrition — there must be a guarantee that people receive what they need in order to live a dignified life."
He support single-payer health care, has publicly thrown support behind unions, various social programs, strengthening SSI, and addressing climate change.
If you know of any other candidate that's been half this populist in the past 20 years, please share.