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Goldman Sachs Chief Threatened by 'Dangerous' Criticism from Sanders

Goldman Sachs Chief Threatened by 'Dangerous' Criticism from Sanders

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Just days after a Bernie Sanders campaign ad singled out Goldman Sachs as "one of the Wall Street banks that triggered the financial meltdown," the head of the global investment banking firm said such criticism is "dangerous."

According to The Hill:


Love that, Goldman CEO won’t endorse because he is afraid it could hurt his chosen one!


Goldman sucks! They are starting to get nervous about Bernie, but folks, this demonization of Bernie by Wall Street is nothing compared to what is coming as Bernie gains more political power and threatens their corruption. Because they know Bernie is telling the truth about Wall Street and they see the threat.


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“To personalize it, it has potential to be a dangerous moment”

Yeah I caught that one too.

Well Blankenfein, that is precisely what we plan on doing.

Attaching a face to the crime.

And your face is a Poster Child for Rico Statute Crimes on Wall Street.


“To personalize it, it has potential to be a dangerous moment,”

Frankly, I find his remarks to be dangerous. I find his decision to make public statement along these lines to be dangerous. HE is dangerous.

I hope he is nervous, he should be.


Doesnt need to endorse, they already gave Hillary a big check.


“…dangerous… for anybody who is a little bit out of line.”

Like a trillion dollar’s worth…


Blankfein whines about Sander’s ‘personaliz[ing]’ his attacks on Wall Street, when Goldman Sachs, et al personalized their attacks on Americans, putting millions out of jobs and millions more out of their homes, and Wall Street feels threatened!! It’s about time!!


If I were a capitalist, I’d consider investing in torches and pitchforks.


I guess we will be hearing scare talk that Sanders is a threat to the stock market. With millions of people with investments in the stock market such a scare tactic certainly is possible.


And what is the best way to hunt ilkscum? With a guillotine of course! [Really like your “ilk season”] :heart_eyes:


And guillotines!!!


The comment:

“To personalize it, it has potential to be a dangerous moment,” Blankfein told CNBCon Wednesday. “Not just for Wall Street…but for anybody who is a little bit out of line.”

is more complicated than even a double entendre.

Most people seem to take that as meaning anybody working on Wall Street or for the Wall Street banks might become a target of a wrathful Public. Stopping the limo as it leaves the garage, hauling out the occupant, and tar and feathers come to mind.

In addition to that I also see where his statement might be taken to mean any white collar crook who’s currently feathering their own personal nest from the public trough. For profit health care companies who create schemes to bilk Medicare by double billing or any other means they can come up with. Insurance companies, Pentagon generals and the rest of the military industrial complex, lawyers, real estate companies, credit card scammers, - you name it. Every aspect of American life has sharks prowling around searching for potential victims. If uncovered, they could become a “victim” of this Public wrath.

That last phrase: “anyone who is a little out of line” could be applied to Bernie Sanders who is out of line from the bankers’ point of view; Congress isn’t supposed to be making any waves about the collusion between Congress and the banksters; anyone who breaches the wall of silence is “out of line” to them.

Watch your back, Bernie.


Goldman Sachs is also invested in predatory for-profit education, which is directly aimed at stealing money from working families and transferring it upward to the ONE PERCENT.

GS is absolutely the scum of the financial earth.


NASDAQ symbol GLTN? I’m in!


And one of the head rats is scurrying. Sanders is shining the light on their underhanded, nefarious operations and promising to bring a halt to their criminal malfeasance…something that not one of the presidents or presidential candidates has done since FDR. Blankfein just lost a bundle on Chelsea’s husband’s investment venture capital firm ($400 million or more).

May Blankfein, Dimon, Gorman (Morgan Stanley), Moynihan (BofA/Merrill Lynch) , and Brand (Deutsche Bank - North America) and their peers be drenched in their own sweat while quaking in their boots while they are still on the outside. The gallows await them…


I haven’t heard anyone criticize people who are “a little out of line”. Lloyd Blankefein is a whole lot more than “a little” out of line.[quote=“SaintJimmy, post:3, topic:17997”]
Blankfein: “Sanders and his ilk are too rigid to get anything done…”
You know what’s “rigid”, Lloyd? The bars on a fuckin prison cell. They are rigid.


Ah, yes, Gold-In-Sacks…
Bet War$treet is having hissy fits all over the place, not just ones generated by Bernie’s campaign.
The Big Short (film/book by Michael Lewis) is running at theaters.
Must really be nerve-wracking to be a War$treet dip these days.


There’s no bigger endorsement and shows exactly what kind of ridiculous and contrived kind of thinking these banksters think passes for normal acceptable thinking.