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'Goldman Sachs Populism': Trump Tax Plan Benefits Ultra-Wealthy—Like Him


'Goldman Sachs Populism': Trump Tax Plan Benefits Ultra-Wealthy—Like Him

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

President Donald Trump unveiled his latest giveaway to corporations and the ultra-wealthy on Wednesday, with a tax plan that would, according to one analyst, "personally help Trump enormously."


Seems this is the way to the ultimate financial collapse of the economy of the United States, while the sharks go into a feeding frenzy on its assets. When I said this was a corporate coup, I couldn't even imagine the complexity of their scheme and the long term consequences of their drive to rape this nation. I wonder where they plan to live after they have trashed us?


Democrats are strongly opposed. For his part, U.S. Rep. Ted Lieu (D-Calif.) denounced the plan as "voodoo economics on steroids. If you believe in magic, unicorns, or Batman," he wrote on Twitter, "this plan is for you."
Do you think that if we got Trump to tap his shoes together and say "there's no place like home" he could return from Oz?
Also, you'd have to believe in magic to believe this democratic party is "strongly opposed"
Direct democracy!


Sorry, I neglected to put the first paragraph in quotes.


Very simply, to privatize and own all government (our) assets, or trillions in resources and call all the shots.
This can't happen if We the People incorporate and own equal, non-transferable shares of our government. "Every man a king " (or at least worth a million or so)
Any other corporation that wants to take, buy, rent or steal our resources would have to deal with 300 millions of shareholders instead of 300 sold out politicians.

Direct Democracy


Maybe Mars????? Also, how does he plan to increase the military with no money for a budget?


Yes! We are over 300 million strong while they are a bunch of several hundred cowards who just pay lip service to the "heroes" in the military.


Seems I have seen this before, cut taxes, deregulate and spend more for wars. How did that turn out...2008


Why are two Goldman Sachs bankers writing the US tax code? A: crashing the worldwide economy was not enough. Shouldn't these two be in a jail cell somewhere?


Trumpster simply borrows it and passes supplemental appropriation bills and Omnibus legislation after creating yet another nuclear crisis in Korea, discovering Syria has a " magical beans/mustard methane gas program" in underground grow operations throughout the country, starts to use Special Forces Ops inside Iran, bombs Mexico, etc. He'll always get $$$ for war-making in this Congress. He creates a crisis and then looks " El Presidente " stopping it. Same old shit, different day ( SOSDD ).


A big fat slobbery kiss for the greedy, self-aggrandizing kleptocrats while kicking working/retired/aging/disabled men, women, and children to the curb. Just when we think that the evil may be about to cease, we are sucker-punched in the gut doubling us over in pain while gasping for breath and then kicked to the gutter.

GSP = Greedy Satanic Poltroons...who manipulate the federal government to suit their own vile, predatory purposes with the head pirate giving them the farm. And they do their dirty work out in the open with smirks on their ugly faces...mocking us all the while.


A deep, damp, dark dungeon chained to the walls with iron chains...no clothes, no sanitation, no sight, no sound...just dark and mold and a hole in the floor to catch their offal. As for feeding the animals, put everything in a blender beating all into a tasteless, odorless mush...like they did to the prisoners in solitary confinement at Alcatraz. They deserve nothing more.


But, but, but.... you'll be able to file for food stamps, medical and housing assistance on a post card. From the broken down motor home towed, and then parked, in a field east of Moses Lake, Washington. Now, ain't that America?


And with these horrific tax cuts, the social safety net will become non-existent: no food stamps, no housing or medical assistance...NOTHING while these pukes sit in their mansions dining of squab (baby pigeons raised in cages for the rich to dine on), drinking from $10,000 bottles of wine, and having their desserts flown in from Paris.


Americans of a certain ilk love a " gitter done " business tycoon. A real " man of action " comic book and Hollywood type-casted figment of Madison Ave's corporate imagination. Even when he's a complete fraud, they like his guts, guns and god-like fire and brimstone bullshit. There will be hell to pay for the sins of the city folks and their support of " the other " in their midst. Trump and Sessions will give them some fine trophy scalps, to be sure. The MSM will ensure it's fully covered.
Additionally, they despise any kind of aid to city snobs ( actually non-whites ) who they feel can't relate to their personal definition of The American Way. It's why they cheered Trump's MOAB stunt. It felt good and they didn't suffer a moment of pain from the comfort of the recliner in the livingroom.
It's really an indictment of how far right the Democratic Party has swung under the guidance of the Clintonista & Obama wing of the party. They're also a creation of a complete fiction; the caring 1%er Class.


It's what I call 'capitalist looting' and they will keep looting until there's nothing left. It has certainly sped up immensely this century and it will cause a collapse to, perhaps, end all collapses permanently without remorse. The capitalist vultures are circling, licking their beaks, waiting for the administration to allow unfettered feasting on the leftovers of a once great country. They created the monster that consumes all, including themselves.


Maybe hung in a jail cell should be more like it.


Complete fiction is for sure. We sure are a disgusting country to allow this trash to take place.


We all know what happened to Marie ( Let them eat cake) Antoinette and her family - lest they forget.


I am sure that most people ( maybe not all of us) on this site are in that upper class themselves- me not included.