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Goldman Sachs vs. Democracy Spring: America's Two-Tiered Justice System on Full Display


Goldman Sachs vs. Democracy Spring: America's Two-Tiered Justice System on Full Display

Jake Johnson

In a massive protest attempting to raise awareness of and spark outrage about America's corrupt campaign finance system and crumbling democracy on Monday, marches and sit-ins organized by Democracy Spring drew national attention and celebration on social media — though, unsurprisingly, they garnered little coverage in the mainstream.


Sorry...I'm no longer a believer of anything this organized by dubious groups with democratic party ties. In the end, they all seem to end up diverting energy and resources to The Party, then present the worker bees with a big Road Closed sign at the end--with zero results.


I'm glad to see the movement coming together but we must organize beyond this or any single election. We need a basic, short list of demands (electoral reform, support for Sander's amendment to the undo "citizens united" ruling) and we must keep the heat on these issues beyond the election.


Wait wait before you go off in a huff about not trusting in something this organized by small groups who are presently sitting in jail after being arrested which I assume you figure are just a ploy by Democratic Party fanatics who will voluntarily go to jail because they have ties to the Democratic Party... Are you for real?

Meanwhile you don't say what is the alternative to doing something that is rather bold and certainly not supportive of the status quo by either party? Tell us Michael since you don't trust these people going to jail for you and all of us, what is your alternative? Your plan to do something? Will you heroically 'not vote' as if that makes a statement? Will you be brave enough to stay at home because the two parties will know you really mean it because you didn't vote? Let's not mention that they actually count on Americans not voting which is why they try to restrict voting btw.

So you don't trust anything this organized? What the hell does that even mean? But thanks for casting innuendos about some very decent and brave people who aren't sitting at home but are sitting in jail.

I think lots of people trust that people who are willing to be arrested for their beliefs are exactly what they appear to be... The best of us!


Noted and your sentiments are welcomed and justified to a degree, I suppose. But, when I see MoveOn. org involvement with anything, I hit a wall. Sorry (and I'll admit it) the organization is all third-rail for me. Seems they latch-on like a blood tick to any and everything. I'm dubious of their intentions and always will be--but for good reasons. I'm sure there are some good people there, but at the end of the day we all know where their allegiance lies and that doesn't get it with me...period.

If I may add this: I wouldn't worry too much about the likes of me. I'm just another pion out here. That said, our realities all differ. By our own unique life experiences, each of us arrives at any given time at our own conclusions, truths, and realities.

I would suggest to quit using the same useless tactics. The lack of creativity and arrogance of some on the Left as it defends it's failed tactics and lack of victories, never ceases to amaze me. Inasmuch as I have strong ties and feelings to the Left, I, like many other folks, have a healthy wariness of it's siren calls to unify and it's tendencies only to f*ck up time and time, then leave the worker bees high and dry. I think there's a real disconnect between the Liberal establishment and the masses, they at heart, despise. They're on a power trip that places themselves into a special category of their own. Legends in their own minds. Again, take a look at that Nader film and you'll see a couple of 'em. My god, no wonder the Left is so screwed up.


Something is really wrong when the criminals are free and their victims are jailed.


I think that what people are failing to see and realize is that this is a Union. A joining together of related but separate groups to become one Big Machine. For decades unions have been demonized to the point that they are almost unseen, forgotten and the population no longer has a clue about how effective a union can be to bring about change. Don't fight alone, Unionize.


What does that have to do with Democracy Spring? This is muddled thinking that the efforts of dedicated very decent people and all the other groups participating and people's self sacrifice and courage to be arrested all mean nothing simply because one particular entity latched on from outside? That is baloney. You felt the need to share this attitude about people who may not have any connection whatsoever to 'the Party' ( there are many groups involved ) or to Move On.org and who are in jail fighting for their beliefs in an exceptionally bold and challenging way?

Well gee, you aren't interested in their courage and their sacrifice because you don't like anything Move On. org gloms on to. Yeah thanks for your support for those in jail who are only themselves - fellow citizens - and deserve respect for their efforts. Oh and while they walked 140 miles, got arrested and are getting arrested now and marching in protest... You are doing what yourself? You know since you like to share? What is it that you are doing? Anything comparable to be willing to get arrested? Anything at all?


Too bad that a large percentage of supporters are too busy scraping by to even consider attending such a wonderful event.

It is pretty amazing--who goes to jail and for what, in this country--it breaks my heart.


The corporate media gave these protests very little coverage and considered a plethora of unimportant new stories more important even though some 400 people were arrested. As Gomer Pyle would say: SURPRISE! SURPRISE!


Thanks, I needed a smile.


More tag team NONSENSE. I suppose it's also a Liberal media?

By its very nature, the establishment IS Conservative. It exists to conserve its own status and NOT share goodies.


How different is it from Black kids gunned down by zealous police officers?

How different from a city like Flint still paying the sociopaths who poisoned the children with lead in their drinking water?

These are just a few of the examples of today's Disaster Capitalism model.


Wish the DNC was not so corrupted and wish GOP where not so out to lunch on almost every issue facing the decline of the American empire.Neocons are so damaging they ought replace the knee jerk creation of Russia as it never was in a position to threaten us They where created by the military industrial complex just as terrorism created read the neocons own web page written in 1999 "project for a new American century" ask why in 1999 they wanted USA attacked as we had been at pearl harbor and remember we knew before hand and permitted the Japanese to attack without warning the bases personnel a crime.Imagine media has created a story absurd for over fourteen years that Arabs with boxcutters capable hijacking four separate planers from four different pilots and their crews and all their passengers.What is this tall tale unbelievable and is just that a story created to fool ignorant citizens unaware planes can not knock down three separate high risers with get this just two planes.of four separate aircraft all hijacked one day window under an hour.By the way planes incapable flying into and through a solid object as pictured that day laws of pysics still worked that day two solid objects can not occupy same space at same time explain how the plane continues flighgt till the tail disapears inside structure.


You are absurd. Moreover your conspiracy theory crap has no place in this thread. You didn't even have the decency to show respect for these brave people many of whom are in jail at this very moment. I have absolutely no interest in your ridiculous ramblings which have nothing to do with Democracy Spring. You should be ashamed to spew this troll its only a distraction. What do you do besides feel like you are a warrior because you believe conspiracies that can't be proven? Your drama is about speculation. Big deal. Look at these people... They are doing something courageous and bold. What do you intend to do? If anything? My guess is that you want to feel dramatic because you believe in a conspiracy theory like that is special.


You are a troll who isn't even good at your job.


Actually pretty good job on the part of the DoJ. Instead of spending years in litigation and taxpayer money, they got GS to pay 90% of their 2015 profit. There's $5billion in taxes i don't have to worry about.


Best activism is training public speakers, supporting them for elective office and registering voters that will vote, then creating a lobby more powerful than any other lobby that will wield influence. Also to make a list of friends to reward and a list of enemies to expose.