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Golf, But No Scheduled Public Service for Trump on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day


Golf, But No Scheduled Public Service for Trump on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Jon Queally, staff writer

"While the people celebrate #MLKDay and all that Dr. King stood for, our "leader" will be celebrating himself. Let that sink in."


I believe that every day Trump stays away from his job is a day of community service. Let’s find a party that can end war and corporate hegemony, so we are never offered a choice between a Clinton and a Trump again!


A day of Trump golfing is a day he isn’t fucking up the world. Leave him be…besides even if he did go through the motions, nobody would believe his hypocrisy anyways. Trump knows this.


Trump from the 19th hole: "Dr. King, just like Frederick Douglass “an example of somebody who’s done an amazing job and is being recognized more and more.”

“I’m the least racist person.”


Is our #shithole fake prez really this clueless and egotistical, or is he, as I suspect, just 3 standard deviations below the mean (with an IQ of somewhere around 65)? Everything he does/says screams narcissistic IQless!


I totally agree with your sentiment, Upthepeople!   Please forgive the following minor alteration of your post:


IMHO, the problem is not his small intellect but his emotional immaturity — Hair Drümph is the ee-pitomization of the spoiled four- or five-year-old child.   I vaguely remember someone posting here that he doesn’t allow the maid(s) to come into his room in the morning until after he has gathered up the sheets.  What’s he hiding – the non-fake news that he still wets the bed??

Are we (semi-)rational humanists allowed to shout AMEN!!?


Would you rather him engage in some PR exercise that would define “hypocrisy”?

The greatest public service he could do would be to resign.


If a sniper ever did undertake the “deed,” doing the deed on one of his golf courses would be a good place.

With all of these flights back and forth to Mar-a-Lago, mechanical failure of some sort is an inevitability, right?

He could resign at 35,000 feet in the air.


If you look into the Diagnostic Statistical Manual (DSM) you will find “narcissistic sociopath.” That is Trump. That is the manual for psychologists, psychiatrists for diagnosing clients.


A Shithole in One.


Depends …


This is what the karma of the 1980’s in the United States looks like in it’s final death throes. Next finally comes the economic depression.


I knew someone who thought that if an airplane ran out of fuel, it would just stop and stay right there in the air. Not putting enough fuel in the tank is an honest mistake, right? God knows I’ve done that several times😂Do we know any plane mechanics?

(PB, any chance you watched today’s show of Democracy Now!? Amy ran a newly uncovered speech by MLK in London. Moving…especially for those of us who were in the movement. After listening, I decided I’m glad neither King nor Gandhiji lived to see their dreams vis-a-vis 2016 and 2017, not to mention what horrors await us in 2018.)


Thanks for that giggle!


So the good news is he CAN read the speeches they write for him! I wonder who the writers are, specifically.


I am no golfer so I have to ask:
Is that a photo of the FAIRWAY of his golf course in Scotland? Or, is this man as far out in the weeds with his golf game as he is with his running of the country? Perhaps the term “FAIR WAY” is an alien concept to him. For sure, I would never set foot on a shithole golf course that doesn’t even mow its fairways.


Thank you. And especially thank you for understanding my ‘double entendre’ :sunglasses:


IQless was a play on clueless …
I agree that he does fit the description of a narcissistic sociopath, but there’s more than that in his case. It’s possible what we are seeing at his age is some form of dementia (he seriously seems to recycle his favorite phrases all the time). But if you look at his adult life, when was the last time he was successful at anything – if he had had the lives that we have (parents that weren’t rich) don’t you think he would have lived his life on the edges of society – having a number of jobs and never really going anywhere in them? You mention the behavior of a “spoiled four- or five-year-old child” – my son is 40 years old with the brain of a 3-year-old; he can dress himself, but he can’t bathe on his own, or cook, or cross the street b/c he doesn’t understand the concept of colors. When he isn’t allowed to do what he wants to do he gets angry to the point of obliterating whatever is in his way. Trump is higher-functioning than Jon is, but a lot of what I have read about Trump reminds me way too much of Jon, and that’s why I think there is more than just narcissistic sociopathy in Trump’s behavior.


The choice between a Clinton and a Trump? Exactly why we had the worst voter turn out in 70 years. Voter apathy? I would have wanted to vote for Bernie, but he is an outsider in the Democratic Party. We have got to get more quality candidates that are not insiders like Clinton or complete idiots like Trump. . In the meantime Trump is forming a government of the corporations, by the corporations and for the corporations. A government of the rich, by the rich and for the rich. I have this bad feeling that Trump is yet to create a total catastrophe. It is going to happen sooner or later. Just a matter of time.


All these photos of his golf and most of those photos are of him in the rough. Then the action photos show how he swings that big belly around to get more power into his shots. What we miss is when he swings and misses and lands on his butt. Kind or sort of like his politics.