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Golfing Into the Apocalypse, Which Is Happening Faster Than Anyone Anticipated!


Golfing Into the Apocalypse, Which Is Happening Faster Than Anyone Anticipated!

For the third day in a row after he proclaimed he was "going back to work in order to make America Great Again" - also, his 37th day at Mar-A-Lago, 87th day at his golf course and 108th day at his property, totaling a third of his time in office - Trump played golf again Thursday; this time, he hid behind a white truck magically blocking the view as observers praised the Isuzu truck's "impressive opacity." Note to pretend president: If you hire a truck to block TV cameras from seeing you play golf, you're losing.


One good thing, judging by his gut and red face, he won’t be around much longer.
The bad news? Pence.


Great post----But could the stooge “reporters” quit saying he is going on a “working weekend”.


He is working…on his handicap.


Alas, his handicap has nothing to do with the golf course.


“He is working…on his handicap.”

Oh! He’s seeing a shrink there?


I am a bit confused, possibly my reading comprehension is poorer than I realised. There are 52 weekends in the year = 104 days. Plus Christmas, Easter, and various other statuary holidays. Plus a few weeks for a vacation. Is this article saying that Trump has taken 113 days off, which would mean that he has taken less time off than the average working man in this country? Or is it saying that he is taking 113 days off in addition to what the average working man gets? Or is it saying something else. Please explain…


Obesity is a self-inflicted disease complicated by insatiable want.

Trump has a belly worthy of ridicule. He obviously eats enough for at least two people.

I would hire a truck so people couldn’t see how fat I was if I looked like trump.


To answer your question, RandB, trump doesnt work the rest of the week, either. It has been reported that he spends up to 8 hours a day watching TV. Add to that his time spent tweeting and eating and going to the bathroom etc. etc. and you have your president (since you’re defending him, I’m assuming you’re a trump supporter) who spends absolutely no time running the country–which is a good thing! Unfortunately, those who are running the country are doing a lot of bad things while they are supposedly doing their job. Their job seems to be to dismantle this once-great nation.

So no, RandB, trump is most definitely NOT taking off less time than your average working Joe. The man never seems to do any work, unless you consider it his work to lie to the American people–in which case, then yes, he does work very hard.

Does that help sort out your confusion?


This man has probably really never worked a day in his life. I mean real work - with one’s hands and with some humility. Can all of these down home types that support him come to terms with that reality? He isn’t who you think he is? He is an urbanite and elitist (not that city people don’t do a lot of work) but I’m sure he has never cleaned a pig pen or bailed hay. Work for him is deciding what work he wants the “little” people to do or firing them if they don’t do things like he wants. He is a poor little “Richie-rich” who has too many misguided people who have supported him.


I don’t get it. It looks like people who are appalled that we have Trump as president are now complaining that he isn’t devoting more of his time and energy to all the things he could be doing as president. This is like people complaining about food at a restaurant being so awful it is completely inedible and also complaining that the portions are so small. So long as he is spending less than 100% of his time on vacation and recreation, to me, that just means he could be spending more time away from the job.


This is how a mafia d(D)on delivers bankruptcy for the ‘family’ of 1% that has been “buying back” stock optioned companies so that there is reason to “fire” the choice percentage of employable people to usher in NEOFEUDALISM.

Where on the planet can they go to rape the resources? A: traditional lands of indigenous peoples

Why are they constantly ginning up ‘enemies’ A: to distract from the GENOCIDES being perpetrated

When? A: always

How: wherever they can grab sufficient footing.

Citizens United was the Supreme Court handing over the reins to invert totalitarianism and speed up the transition to authoritarian fiefdoms and ALEC to provide the stamp of approval under an otherwise legislative branch. Private armies connected like Blackwater and the presumptuous “akademi” - with Devos (de boss) - to make ready the jackboots


Yep, he’s really looking like Jabba the Hut … Donald the Dunce???


Does that make him his own worst handicap???


Look at the bar graph in this article. It appears that Republican presidents have been playing at least twice as much golf as their Democratic contemporaries.


I remain confused. The article throws numbers at me and I do not understand if the 113 days off are the days that Donald Trump officially booked as holidays in addition to the weekends and stats and vacation, or whether the number of days that he is officially taking is less than the full-time worker gets. The article does not make this clear, although it throws many insinuations at Trump. I am merely asking what the facts are. The article was not addressing how many hours Trump worked in a day or how hard he worked, it addressed the question of the number of days that he took off and that is what my comment addressed.


Notice the correlation between being a Republican president and the number of days taken off?