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Golfing With Trump: Analysis Reveals Powerful Elite Can Literally Play for Access


Golfing With Trump: Analysis Reveals Powerful Elite Can Literally Play for Access

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

A new USA TODAY investigation reveals that top executives, lobbyists, and contractors are buying access to President Donald Trump through memberships at the president's numerous golf clubs, adding further concerns about the administration's ethical conflicts.


Pay to Play is nothing new in The Swamp — it’s just a bit more obvious these days.
(Or maybe not — has everybody forgotten The Clinton Foundation so soon?)


And how many mulligans are claimed by these wealthy duffers (DJT included) during any round? _

A mulligan is a second chance to perform an action, usually after the first chance went wrong through bad luck or a blunder. Its best-known meaning is in golf, whereby a player is informally allowed to replay a stroke, even though this is against the formal rules of golf.

Cheating is part of all their behavior…on and off the course…as is abrogating the rules in the process.

No new news here…DJt is anyone’s whore when it comes to money.



Contributions to a blind-trust-run charity are contributions to a charity and not a penny goes into the Clinton’s pickets and therefore is in no way “corruption”. Certain corrupt Arab leaders may have contributed to the Clinton foundation thinking they were somehow bribing the Clintons, but that does not make it so. There has been absolutely no evidence of impropriety in the management of the Clinton Foundation’s funds.

In contrast, Trumps country clubs and hotels are actually owned (along with some creditors) by Trump as the sole proprietor. In at least some, maybe all, of his country clubs, Trump stipulates that the initiation fees go directly into his personal bank account!

See the difference???

Please learn to use evidence-based thinking.

I now await all the torrents of vitriolic attacks - like the mindless barking of dogs - of "shill for the crooked Hillary-crooked Hillary-crooked Hillary-lock Her UP! Lock Her UP!!!


Just shows how truly low class business leaders have become as a group in the United States. Given that generally they hold high levels of education, yet find it acceptable to prostitute themselves for this idiot who we’re not even sure did any actual work while at Wharton, who will ever care what they say in the public arena? The gutter is filling up fast, soon there will be no room…


The pig of all time-DIRECTLY INTO HIS ACCOUNTS. And he STILL stiffs contractors, Why has he been allowed to run amok all these years, and is now “president?” This country is a bigger joke than anybody imagined. It’s now horrible.


Well done! Many thanks!!!


When o’ when do We the People get our turn at a mulligan?


Exactly, Trump should have been already been arrested, convicted and served time for his organized crime activity and mob connections in NYC and Philly 30 years ago.


I agree that it’s very unlikely that the Clintons actually pocket any money from the Foundation — they’re a lot smarter than Tweetle-Dumb in that regard.  But their Foundation does amount to a huge tax-exempt P.R. ma­chine that Hypocrite Hilliary can point to as ‘proof’ of her concern for ordinary people while behind the scenes she supports laws – and wars – that favor her oligarchic owners and their war-profiteering M.I.C.


It strongly appears that two of trumps signature golf courses/clubs as well as Mar-A-Lago will be significantly hit by Irma as his St Martin estate already has been - the playground of the uber-rich will by latest models receive a direct hit from Irma - such is a powerful object lesson in MMGW for the denier-in-chief!


And here I thought Correct the Record was defunct.


The Clinton Foundation was rated as atypical and unratable by one organization, but they changed their minds sometime before the election. Wonder why? It’s hard to believe the corrupt war - monger wasn’t paid by the foundation. What is your actual evidence?


Maybe God wanted to play golf with Trump with a few reminders that he is just human? I still can’t believe America is so stupid as to elect Trump. Maybe it is just an opportunity for Trumpbots to step forward to eliminate themselves from future elections.