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Gone but not Forgotten: South Carolina Votes to Lower Confederate Flag


Gone but not Forgotten: South Carolina Votes to Lower Confederate Flag

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

After decades of prominent display on the Statehouse grounds, in a matter of days the Confederate Flag will no longer fly in Columbia, South Carolina.


Max Blumenthal interview of long term anti confederate activist

Why Scrapping the Confederate Flag Is a Threat to a Huge Swath of the Right-Wing Movement
Ed Sebesta discusses his life’s work, researching and challenging the neo-Confederates.

And article shows photo of Obama’s wreath on Confederate monumnet

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Bravo South Carolina Senate, House, Governor and its two US Senators! It is a shame that it took something as shocking as the murder of those innocents at a church (whose pastor was a state senate colleague) to make it happen, but the prayers of many have been answered. The South Carolina legislature and governor of times past started this entire mess and it was only right that those who occupy those positions of authority today should clean up the mess their inconsiderate and thoughtless predecessors created. And so they have.
It was also a shame that a twitter twerp like “FreeBree” Newsome had to stick her big fat nose into something that she had no authority to change. Hope you enjoyed your 5 minutes of fame FreeBree! Maybe you could go to Hollywood and make it into a movie and work the daytime talk show circuit discussing your “latest project”.
For the unreconstructed racists and bigots of the US looking for a symbol for the sickness in their hearts, may we suggest either a nice Swastika flag (it was originally a Native American design–now how 'murkin is that?!! )
Or there is the original Union of South Africa flag of the Apartheid era (Union of South Africa= USA, get it?!!).
And for the Arizona bigots whose native son, John McCain, has declared himself “a Ukrainian” in league with their neofascist Svoboda party, they too have a flag (with three fingers raised from a fist) and flying that blue and gold monstrosity in front of his craggy face would probably make him feel right at home.


Hopefully just the beginning for re-branding anything having to do with the Confederacy for what it really represents - treason and racism. Nothing having to do with the Confederacy should ever be officially memorialized, and I’m sorry, your great-great whatever didn’t die nobly, they died as traitors for an evil cause - the cause of keeping other human beings enslaved. Now, all of the official monuments, memorials, parks, and military bases, schools, and streets to anything or anyone from that side, and that era needs to be taken down, scrapped, renamed, whatever, to permanently try and erase any positive sentiments about them or what they tried to perpetuate by their treason. The house where Stonewall Jackson died is called a “shrine” for f$%&s sake! And ANYTHING positively representing the evil, murderous, slave-hunter, sadistic General, and Ku Klux Klan founder and “Grand Wizard” Nathan Bedford Forrest absolutely has to go. NOW!


Hopefully after this ridiculous flag-flap, we can now turn our attention to addressing the widespread racism in US society.

But I’m not holding my breath. In a story about the massive landlord Walnut Capitals forcibly evicting good rent-paying poor black people from their apartments to make way to rich Google tech Yuppies in gentrifying East Liberty, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette immediately deletes any news story comments that use the word “racism” “r-----” or “the r-word”, or any accounts of racism in Pittsburgh. It seem that the white yuppie-loving liberals in their newsrooms think that the racism is best addressed by simply denying it exists, and censoring any mention of its existence.