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Gone: Chuck Berry, Jimmy Breslin, and Their Great American Middle Class

Gone: Chuck Berry, Jimmy Breslin, and Their Great American Middle Class

Will Bunch

When they say that Baby Boomers didn't make anything, don't you believe them.

it is ridiculous to suggest that more pop icons won’t die in the upcoming years.
Just think of how many we have accumulated. Once media became pervasive, so did the celebrity culture.
And our media consumption has exploded in the past 100 years.

I have great admiration for Berry and Breslin.
Their iconic place in the cultural ethos would not have been possible today.

At karaoke on Saturday, someone usually pays tribute to a recently moved on popular icon/star.
We have had a lot of those lately.

Jimmy Breslin was swept out of Long Island’s Newsday, along with all their other Opinion Writers, when Newsday was allowed to be purchased by the same family that owned Cablevision, the Dolan Family, who did not want Critical Thinkers to be part of their team. (They did, though, begin to slip in Think Pieces by a Republican Strategist and a Heritage Foundation mouthpiece on a regular basis.)

Jimmy’s Critical Thinking did not jibe with the Corporate Mindset.

He would fearlessly charge into matters of hypocrisy in the Catholic Church, taking on Bishop Murphy (or ‘Mansion’ Murphy, as he referred to the guy who for his first action, as Bishop, spent a fortune renovating and decking out a Mansion for himself, while diverting attention away from himself and his role in the Boston Abuse Scandal.)

Jimmy also openly questioned why 9/11 was not treated as a Crime.

It was very obvious to him, he wrote, that when a New York City Police Officer is murdered, the City virtually shuts down until the Perp is caught.

That investigation never happened, the Crime Scene, immediately Contaminated and Removed.

Are there any Breslins on the Horizon?

If there are, they probably are aware that they had better keep their heads down.