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'Good': Billionaire-Backed Effort to Upend US Healthcare System Collapses After Just 3 Years

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2021/01/04/good-billionaire-backed-effort-upend-us-healthcare-system-collapses-after-just-3


and now the mod squad headed by AOC will force a floor vote on M4ALL …pffffffffttttttt


"Billionaire-Backed Effort to Upend US Healthcare System Collapses After Just 3 Years"

Collapsed or disbanded? Biden won after all, they’re redundant.

Just goes to show how big the effort was to discredit, disrupt and disorganize Bernie’s campaign really was.


The solution is in plain sight. It is called National Improved Medicare for All. It isn’t just billionaires who are standing in the way, it is all of our representatives.


Yep, this is a fritter-down. But I don’t think any of them were serious anyway, at doing what they said they were going to do. I think it was just a way to creep/sidle up to the Trump promise of a Bigger, Better, On-Steroids new medical system… without which, he had a MUCH higher bar to clear with the public, who for some reason VALUES their WORKING medical insurance. They had the ACA, after all, so why should they tap for Trump"care," if Obama has already by and large “fixed” it? Yes I know: we really need to have Single Payer put in place, but at least the ACA works…

Unless, of course, Trump et al RUIN heathcare, and leave only their own pallid imitation of it?

Trouble is, the USUAL ROTpublican scheme is to first make sure that what they hate does NOT work for people (though it worked just fine, before the ROTpublicans started messing it up)… or at least appears not to be working, when Trump decries it (but then, you’d have to “believe” Trump to think so). And this “effort” was likely just another iteration of that morally bad habit.

Makes no difference, to the thing it was trying to make a difference at: public acceptance of their idea of a Corporate Medical Dictatorship… No wonder it didn’t take off…

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“M4A?” say Chuck and Nancy. “How are we going to incentivize that for all our colleagues who receive much needed kickbacks…er…funds to protect our vital insurance companies? Such high rent here in DC for our hard-working congressmen and congresswomen.”


Well said. More accurate and to the point than any journalist in US history, We should never make the mistake of accepting the false narrative that its just a few individuals blocking good legislation, and that the rest are supposedly on our side. It rings about a tenth as true as the magic bullet theory, which is completely ridiculous. Out of over 700 Congressmen, Senators, Judges and executive appointees, there are probably less than 25 who are even remotely on our side. The rest are firmly on the side of rampant neoliberal capitalism and elitist right wing fascist oligarchy.


Soon after that federal promise, the drug companies reacted with threats of abandoning Canadian research and development (R&D) if the federal government does restrain the industry’s drug prices.

R&D costs are typically cited by the profitable industry to justify its exorbitant prices and resistance to universal medication coverage.

Yet, according to the 2014 documentary The Culture High, a study conducted by a British medical journal found that for every $19 dollars the pharmaceutical industry spent on promoting and marketing new drugs, it put only $1 into its R&D!

A new Angus Reid study has found that about 90 percent of Canadians support universal medication coverage.

Also, “over the past year, one-quarter (23%) have decided not to fill a prescription or not to renew one due to cost…”

Not only is medication less affordable, but many low-income outpatients who cannot afford to fill their prescriptions end up back in the hospital system thus costing far more than if their generic-brand medication was covered.

Considering that it’s a potentially life-and-death issue for many people, I find this kind of government healthcare budgeting to be penny wise but pound absurdly foolish!


Hi W. Coyote:
When the elected officials have the same heath care as the People, then I will believe that we are living in democratic republic. : )


The whippings will continue until morale improves.

“If you can destroy a thing, you own that thing.”

  • Frank Herbert, Dune

Ahem, general strike.

"Since I had the inclinatation and the training, helping people came naturally. I wasn’t thinking in terms of organizing members, but just a duty that I had to do. That goes back to my mother’s training. It was not until later that I realized that this was a good organizing tool, although maybe unconsciously, I was already beggining to understand.

But I was used by people for a long time until I wised up. It wasn’t that they wanted to do it, but that I was not prepared or able to tell them what to do in return. My work was just another war on poverty gimick, which is what happens when people are given everything and don’t give anything in return. you can’t mold them into any action.

Well, one night it just hit me. Once you helped people, most became very loyal. The people who helped us back when we wanted volunteers were the people we had helped. So I began to get a group of those people around me.

Once I realized helping people was an organizing technique, I increased that work. I was willing to work all day and night and go to hell and back for people- provided they also did something for the CSO in return. I never felt bad asking for that. It didn’t contradict my parents’ teachings, because I wasn’t asking for something for myself.

For a long time we didn’t know how to put that work together into an organization. But we learned after a while- we learned how to help people by making them responsible. Today it’s the same principle with the Union. And it works. We don’t get everybody, but we get enough to get that nucleus. I think solving problems for people is the only way to build solid groups."

  • Cesar Chavez

“We face so many overlapping and intersecting crises that we can’t afford to fix them one at a time. We need integrated solutions, solutions that radically bring down emissions while creating huge numbers of good, unionized jobs and delivering meaningful justice to those who have been most abused and excluded under the current extractive economy.”

Naomi Klein, On Fire: The Case for the Green New Deal


Universal healthcare needs to be publicly organized and run. Any sort of private incorporation needs to be assuredly removed and not be allowed into the healthcare systems of all Americans. It needs to be removed completely from employer’s hands. No more umbrellas of different coverage areas. A real choice not dictated by employer or insurance company. Of course as long as big money is to be made from people’s suffering there will never be a decent publicly owned and operated, free from profit, healthcare system in America. Sad really!


The Mod Squad; ‘they got busted, they got badges’. Oops, wrong squad. They talk big but cave every single time Pelosi, et. al., barks orders.


And Jimmy Dore has proven the DSA is a fraud when it comes to EIM4A also.

“DSA Deny Their own Manifesto of Advocating #Force The Vote”
Jimmy Dore Platform


I think the Fact Pelosi was just re-elected as house speaker tells the whole story about where we are headed from here as a nation. If an extremist republican majority and president doesn’t seize the reins in 4 years, it won’t be because they were not warmly invited to do so. I wonder who they will blame next time, the Bolivians?


“Capitalists broke our healthcare system. They are never going to fix it,” tweeted progressive advocacy group Public Citizen.

I couldn’t agree more. Actual 21st-century health care cannot be provided by the private sector because it always costs more than the public, trapped in the neoliberalism of end-stage Capitalism, can pay. This mismatch is especially visible in this country, where the Capitalists demand a greater share of the surplus than almost anywhere else. That fact has made it difficult for “reformers” to pry the Capitalists away from their teat of gold.

Let’s get rid of it ASAP, so that when “Mother Nature” herself (with a lot of help from Homo sap) drives the price of what can be done beyond the cost of the resources required for today’s best health care, we will be able to ration the possible level of care rationally.


That comment was sparklingly concise. Nicely done!

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The solution to America’s healthcare problems are already known. Raise government revenue through taxation and let those who can’t afford private insurance get their healthcare through a government program. What are the odds that taxation was on the list of solutions that Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway and Chase were considering.


Yeah, the Squad are real firecrackers aren’t they? Too bad Pelosi cut their fuses off - Pelosi voting duds. Supporting “progressive” efforts within the DP is a waste of time, but if that is what people want to do, have at it.

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Spot on Lynn1! They are no longer needed since the most wanted program in the US, M4A, is the least wanted program in Congress. Or is a reduction in military spending more unpopular in congress? Tossup I guess.

The anti #forcethevote crowd are pathetic. Yes, but Jimmy Dore uses bad language and yells at us, and makes us pee down our legs, so we can’t force a vote on M4A because his anger makes us confuse the forest for the trees. The issue isn’t that we need M4A during a pandemic that has killed 350,000 Americans and over 3000/day; the issue is that Dore is not polite to those who will not force a vote on M4A. AOC said Dore used the word “fuck” and that equals violence. She came from the Bronx and the word “fuck” makes her clutch her pearls. Either that or she is using identity politics to deflect criticism. Funny how all of them are so intimidated by a comedian broadcasting from his garage, who has no money or power, yet they don’t see Pelosi as someone they should not vote for. Dore has only asked those who got elected advocating for M4A to do just that. Yet they refused, so he yelled at them for their betrayal; such a meanie. The bottom line for me is this: if you can’t support forcing a vote on M4A during a pandemic, and instead want to shoot the messenger, you are no progressive or supporter for M4A, period. There will NEVER be a better time than last Sunday, and you let it pass, while whining about the discourse. Truly pathetic.