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'Good But It's Not Up to Him Anyway': Trump Says He Will Leave White House If Electoral College Votes for Biden

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/27/good-its-not-him-anyway-trump-says-he-will-leave-white-house-if-electoral-college


Why how very gracious of you,Donnie…What a buffoon!


Don’t go away mad, just go away. Where to Donnie? Scotland, Australia, Canada, Guam? There aren’t that many places that will take you. Venezuela, Iran, and Bolivia will gladly let you in, but you probably wouldn’t like the reception.


Trump may have a reason.



Time to start considering to organize around the actual type of society that would be worth living in as in Small Is Beautiful, Schumacher, but without fossil fuel.

We need to listen to one another and come together virtually to collectively imagine this way of organization and transition.

One Group, Culture Hacks, has a report out and free webinars

From Counter punch:




Watch the twitter video. I think it was phred pharkel who said “he’s insane.”


By the way, is there some sort of a statistical update on how many Americans Trumps covid policy probably killed? I know Stanford was doing the math.


Buon anniversario Giovanna.


Trump’s acceptance of vote result is important because it assists transition to democrats in executive branch without more of his nonsense.
January 20th and 21st, 2021 will be without Trump drama inside the white house, executive wing.
Which would have set off yooge danger of some ultra supporters to violence.


I noticed the tacky desk and seal. I also noticed journalists being more forthright. And the uproar when he said this was a rigged election. LOL


Giovanna- this one is for you. The works of Schumacher, Small is Beautiful greatly resonates with me and is much needed today!!! Live Local-Work Local-Survive Local-Grow your Food Local… this is not a nice-to-do, but it will become a Necessity,as you are much aware I am sure.

The following I truly know will resonate with you:
“People will live locally , work locally and will have to survive locally . Local food production and local manufacturing will become ever more important.”…

"The question will surely arise: What can you expect regarding the Great Waves of change?
Specifically, what will take place will be determined in part by humanity’s ability to respond and to prepare. What will take place is that the world will become warmer, producing greater loss of food production and great scarcity of water resources in many places in the world while there will be tremendous flooding in other places. Energy resources will diminish, creating economic upheaval and in some places even collapse."…from the The Great Waves Prophecy.

Trump, coronavirus, conservatism, the republican party, centrist democrats, welfare for the rich, fascism, which is the worst disease for America?


The worst for USA? Covid, hands down: the disease which should get primary credit for awarding us the sobriquet “basketcase formerly known as the world’s sole superpower.” Historical temblors of that magnitude are not uncommonly triggered by great plagues.


What a hoot:





i agree. As an advocate of a more egalitarian society, i’ve long wanted to encourage my fellow egalitarian-minded brothers & sisters to talk to, hear out - even befriend - working class voters of every political stripe. But in the case of openly-bigoted xenophobes, i have to ask if we should ONLY “listen” to them if they’re willing to “listen” to you, as well…just asking because i already have found that many (all?) Trumpists are unwilling to listen to people that look like me. So, it’s gonna have to be others that break through to them - the past precedent leads me to suspect/worry that the Overton Window will only continue to shift further to the right, due to a desire to “listen” on the part of leftists like us (and no corresponding desire to listen on the part of right-wingers).


Biden Won - How many times does it need to be said??? Refusing to leave the White House makes him a trespasser that Biden said his administration is fully prepared to remove. Look at Donald sitting behind his little desk with the fake presidential seal with his fisted hands pretending to be president. Donald is also pretending it is his decision to leave the WH to avoid the humiliation of being carried away to an institution on January 20, 2021.


I think I read someone saying “trump nonsense.”
This could be a nod to his "Howdy Doody Fan Club.’
The Knuckle Head Smith’s hanging about.


The link below could be the definition of irony, Trump telling a reporter about presidential decorum.



I’m no Biden fan but, Look,

Trump is insane. He’s a mental/emotional basket case everyone knows that.

At this point he should not be allowed anywhere near Biden or the inauguration . Does anyone really think Trump will just stand there and do nothing/ say nothing while Biden is sworn in? Or, will he do everything he can to take the spotlight, microphone, attention and completely screw up the ceremony? The guy is unstable and dangerous. Keep him away from the Biden and the inauguration


Is this the set for his upcoming Podcast show? /s

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