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'Good Chance,' Says Trump, I'll Declare National Emergency Declaration to Build Wall

Yeah, I know many. And there are probably about 40 million others that I do not know!

Excellent and cogent reply…thanks.

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I’d say that there is a good chance that he will step on his tie and fall on his face into his expanded and improved swamp.

Shouldn’t we feel helpless and stupid as we watch while the rest of the world denounces poverty and fights for a better outcome.
I’d bet a dollar that if Tramp declares a national emergency, people will stay at home and watch it TV instead of doing anything about it.
Including me. I’m not leader or organizing material, but I am a good (soldier) follower.

Therein lies the problem.
We are all good “followers”, which is why any time an actual leader has emerged the government promptly has them discredited or assassinated.
For everyone you have heard about there are probably 20 that were “nipped in the bud”.
More over, there is also a disturbing trend of progressives turning fascists once they start to get traction in America.
If anything is ever going to get done, it will have to be done by individuals acting on their own initiative because waiting around for a leader to emerge is a loosing proposition and, as the 70’s taught us, any organization will be infiltrated and subverted.