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Good Deaths in Mosul, Bad Deaths in Aleppo


Good Deaths in Mosul, Bad Deaths in Aleppo

Robert Parry

Note how differently The New York Times prepares the American public for civilian casualties from the new U.S.-backed Iraqi government assault on the city of Mosul to free it from the Islamic State, compared to the unrelenting condemnation of the Russian-backed Syrian government assault on neighborhoods of east Aleppo held by Al Qaeda.


It takes a lot of work to demonize an ophthalmologist.


Mr Parry references another article written by a person at the NYT.

In that article the "journalist" suggests Russia has a "Cultural Bias" toawrds deception implying the State can not be trusted.

He uses as the basis of his argument that Russian special forces troops wear camoflauge gear when fighting in the desert and that the Russian Military uses things like Inflatable tanks, missile systems and the like to "deceive" the enemy.


Original article

The idea behind maskirovka is to keep the enemy guessing, never admitting your true intentions, always denying your activities and using all means political and military to maintain an edge of surprise for your soldiers. The doctrine, military analysts say, is in this sense “multilevel.” It draws no distinction between disguising a soldier as a bush or a tree with green and patterned clothing, a lie of a sort, and high-level political disinformation and cunning evasions.

Oh those evil Russians! Their soldiers will even resort to wearing camoflauge gear!


More New York Times propaganda designed to march us all off to war once again. Don't we learn anything from history? Or is the current Kabuki Theater election with all it's sex talk and melodrama such a distraction that we can't remember the last time they did this: The runnup to the Iraq War? Remember weapons of mass destruction? Remember how Saddam did 9/11? Oh, right, that was Al-CIA-da, who are now "freedom fighters" in Syria. Lies, lies, lies.


Have either Trump or Hillary mentioned the US wars in Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan?
Or the special forces operations in Africa?
Or the fact that Israel is a rogue state which persecutes women and children?

No. What they talk about is sexually deviant behavior practiced by all of them.


Thanks Robert Parry. I was thinking something along the same lines when my local evening news declared that Mosul was being 'liberated' by Iraqi and US forces. But isn't East Aleppo also being 'liberated' just by some other government? As Parry points out, that's not how it is being reported.


I can't believe that writer for the Times didn't know about this before accusing the Russians of deception, as if that isn't appropriate in war.


They haven't talked about the wars or Israel only because they are essentially of the same mind on those issues. They also know that marching off to another war is the last thing the American public wants at this point. It's going to take another Gulf of Tonkin event or a new Pearl Harbor of some sort to bring public opinion around to more war. Look at how well that strategy worked with 9/11. All of a sudden 80% of Americans were all for attacking whoever.

The election process seems to be orchestrated to play out exactly the way the neocons and the corporatists want. It couldn't have been more to Hillary's advantage if it had been scripted. Oh, oh... CONSPIRACY THEORY ALERT! Better call Cass Sunstein immediately!


Parry knocks it out of the park - again.

Many, including many calling themselves progressives, are taken in by those back-brain response pictures of injured children and don't realize their support of 'humanitarian' interventions causes more injured and slaughtered children, not less.

But all we see are pictures of injured or slaughtered kids - in support of more 'humanitarian' intervention.

I remember when the 'free' press in the 'free' world was contrasted with Russia's Pravda - a state run press spewing out state propaganda.

Our 'free' press now spews state propaganda, economic inequality is at levels not seen since the great depression, a major study has shown that voting has no impact on policy, and our major party Presidential candidates are Clinton and Trump.

The canary in the coal mine died a while back, but it wasn't reported.

You cannot beat the oligarchs by voting for their candidates.

Vote Sane: Vote Green.


I've been saying this for weeks. The US is now trying to force ISIS out of Mosul so they will flee to...wait for it...Aleppo. Flooding into Aleppo just when the Syrian and Russian armies have them on the run would help the US gain back control of Aleppo.
Remember the US wants to partition Syria and keep Aleppo and the eastern part of Syria for a Sunni State. That will please Bibi in that it will break up the Shi'ite crescent, so he will "feel safe". Getting them to flood Aleppo will stall the progress Russians have made. Ah so clever.


Thank God for Robert Parry. Without articles like this I would go crazy. It is getting easier and easier to see the great plan of the Neocons, war, chaos and grab resources, territory and trade routes and pipeline routes and damn any country that tries to give benefits to it's people like Assad and Ghadaffi and Sadam Husein. How dare they stray from the austerity agenda and grow to look like a threat to Israel!


► The writer tells you the title of his article is BS


Most major American newspapers, like the N.Y.Times, have been and still are enablers and cheerleaders for the Amerikan fascist state. They are nothing but full of propaganda BS that tries to legitimize the military's egregious actions in foreign countries.


Indeed there is a media dis-information campaign going on.It is a cliche but nevertheless accurate - the first casualty of war is truth. East Aleppo and Mosul are indeed being treated differently by the media.

In the UK we now have a very-likely government-initiated campaign to put RT off the air because it does not echo the story the UK government wishes to relay.

I recall Al Jazeera was actually bombed by the USA and Serbian TV was bombed by the USA for not following the propaganda message.


Thanks for this!


It is all quite simple.

Russia and Syria attacks the bad guys.

Russia and Syria are bad guys.

Therefore the bad guys are good guys.

The USA attacks the bad guys.

The USA is the good guy.

Therefore the bad guys are bad guys.

John Wayne should have taught you that, Mr Parry.

As for Fallujah 2004. That was incoming friendly fire accidentally shooting up outgoing Red Crescent ambulances rescuing outgone civilians shot by incoming friendly fire.


Good point -

but the road to hell is paved with good intentions

and a no-fly zone.


I wet my pants laughing. Russian stealth balloons popping up all over the place AAAAAAAAAAAGH! That dastardly Mr Putin; the cheat.Why won't he stand up and fight, Queensbury Rules? What the NY Times doesn't know is that there are 300 000 cardboard replicas of Russian soldiers ready to be launched by parachutes from a fleet of inflatable hand-sewn Russian-troop carrying aircraft. These have been trucked into Washington as part of a USAian import deal with China, Russia's now ally, for rubber toys, and will be launched from the White House lawn in the early hours of the next moonless night. AAAAAAAAGH Russian balloons are coming AAAAAAAAGH!

That reporter is an utter f-wit. Only in the USA (one hopes).


U.S. support of a fundamentalist Islamic army - more than support, the US recruited, trained, and armed these guys - actually started in the 70's during the Carter administration. It was the brainchild of Ziggy Brzezinski, Carter's main national security advisor. As an aside the same is true of the Contras in Nicaragua which, like the mujahedeen, are more closely associated with Reagan. Another instance of continuity between D's and R's in the realm of foreign policy and of the blurred lines between "freedom fighters" and "terrorists".


Agreed, though I am not all that certain of the benevolence of the three leaders you named. Though it is ironic that Saddam Hussein was executed for crimes he committed while receiving economic, military, and diplomatic assistance from the US.