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'Good News': Austria Poised to Become First EU Nation to Fully Ban Cancer-Linked Weed Killer Glyphosate

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/03/good-news-austria-poised-become-first-eu-nation-fully-ban-cancer-linked-weed-killer

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Of course it didn’t happen in this Country first, as we’re always last on getting rid of Poisons. Monsanto’s Roundup and weed killers made by DuPont are purposely put on display and the 1st things shoppers see when entering Home Dopey, Lowe’s and Garden Centers. Stupids with shopping carts full of this crap wait on long Self Checkout Lines, as now they’ve fired human cashiers. It’s truly a very sick Mentality out there in every way. People just don’t know any better!

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I hope there is an alternative available. I use Roundup two or three times a year to eliminate weeds that plague my landscaping.

As a casual user, you may not be at risk as much as a Family who hires a Landscaper on a weekly basis who uses this stuff. Then the parents tell their kids to play outside… and bring the dog too! There are Ads everywhere about getting lawsuit money from Monsanto. What a joke! What good is the money if you’re sick or dead??? The safe alternative is Vinegar and Dawn liquid soap in a cheap garden sprayer.


One man’s weeds are another man’s flowers. I know a lot of people who, unlike me, love a neat and tidy yard and I have no problem with them. Although I mow most of my yard, I see no problem with dandelions either. Unlike my neighbors, I use no chemicals and have thousands of beautiful dandelions, native flowers, and lots of bees. I live on half an acre and currently have Say’s phoebes, western bluebirds, and ash-throated flycatchers nesting in nest boxes I made. I also let gophers and skunks go about their business. Most of my yard is planted with native vegetation and my wife and I really enjoy watching all the birds and other critters. I drive by my neighbors’ yards and they all have a green perfect lawn, well fertilized and pestisized. But aside from a few birds flying over and squirrels, there seems to be no life.
Unfortunately, insect numbers are crashing and we have no hummingbirds (last year there were dozens that came to my feeders). These critters need all the help they can get.


Guitman is correct about vinegar and soap, and there are many videos on YT explaining rates and usage. One thing I never see in these videos is explaining how this solution acidifies you’re soil. This can be overcome with a liberal sprinkling of soil lime (and lightly mixing with the soil) on the effected areas after the weeds have died. Also look for the “greenest”, least amount of additives, of soap you can find.

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Does that work on knotweed? That weed is relentless.

If the EU does in fact move to block this action by Austria and or to punish Austria for exercising their right to have a safe environment , it another reason to leave that organization.

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The front of my house is green from one side to the other and the whole north side has an all seasons green vine. Two thirds of the front yard is landscaping (I loaded, hauled, and unloaded all of the landscape quarry stones I salvaged for free). That area is dominated by a wave of daisies and has Tiger lilies, tulips, crocus, and a mini-grove of sumac trees. A small kidney shaped pond, and stepping stone walkways. Also two evergreen trees and one 40-50 year old silver maple that the black squirrels live in and on. The other one third of the yard, between the landscape and road, is a very small grass area. Five minutes to cut. Also a birdbath I like to tend to daily. Four bird houses in back, two feeders, one grape vine under a homemade arbor, and a 12’ x 24’ vegetable garden. All on a 50’ x 100’ city sized lot.
House is 1100 sq. ft., 2 bdrm., story and a half with full 8’ ceiling basement.
Then there is the chives plants here and there and brine growing where I let it.

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I got you beat. My house is 1250 sq. ft. ; )

I’ve never heard of knotweed, so I looked it up, you’ve got problems. Like our grass in the south, it spreads both by seeds and rhizomes (pieces of the roots). It can do all kinds of damage, including breaking-up concrete slabs. If you have a small patch, I advise getting a backhoe and digging it out, make sure you get every piece of the roots, even if you have to sift the soil, then burn all of the plant to a crisp. A large area will require a biological control, it probably wont kill it, but keep it in check. There’s a story at Slate, April of this year (I couldn’t get the link to work), In the story they talk about the biological control at the end of the story, that could give you a direction to go in for it. Good luck, you’re going to need it.

Unlike the extremely weak case against Roundup, there actually is credible evidence that bacon may increase cancer risk. Wouldn’t it be better to ban that first?

Cheers to cabin style living Barton.

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