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'Good News for Democracy': Wisconsin Appeals Court Rejects Voter Purge Targeting More Than 200,000 People

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/02/28/good-news-democracy-wisconsin-appeals-court-rejects-voter-purge-targeting-more

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This is all well and good, but let me know when the massive voter registration drive starts, Tom Perez.
I won’t hold my breath.
The Democratic Party is so fucked up.


You just have to wonder whether the people running things still believe in democracy. I mean actual democracy where one man one vote decides things? The attacks on democracy just never stop. I guess that it is how it begins as the idea of true democracy is devalued? If it can happen here, it starts by these purges and other ways of restricting the vote.

Do we as a country still believe that democracy is best? Hmmn… I have an idea… let’s ask Trump?


(WLUK) – Sen. Bernie Sanders’ surge in the Democratic presidential primary race includes Wisconsin, a new poll released Thursday found.

The latest edition of the [Marquette University Law School Poll] has Sanders with 29% support among likely voters in the April 7 primary. Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg was in second place with 17%, followed by former Vice President Joe Biden at 15%, former South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg at 13%, Sen. Amy Klobuchar at 11%, Sen Elizabeth Warren at 9%, and Rep. Tulsi Gabbard and Tom Steyer tied at 1%.

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What? Bloomberg in second with 17%.

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So what is Republicans’ next step if they lose in WI court? Using imagination - to quarantine those areas of cities that are not friendly to Trump, because of “coronavirus”, making sure they won’t be able to vote - public safety. I think people seriously need to consider stuff like that or even worse, postponing certain states from voting/canceling election if it looks like Bernie might win and they can use coronavirus as an excuse. The win is great, but they will stop at nothing.

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I know. That stuck out to me too. I’m thinking that in WI, MI, and PA a lot of Democrats voted for Trump last time but are feeling as if they made a mistake putting this psychopath in the White House and are considering shifting back as long as the Dems give them something to vote for, and they like Bernie as an outsider and Bloomberg as a civilized version of Trump (I know, I know…)

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In recent years, I’ve been hearing more academics signing the praises of rule by the expert, elite and complaining of the tyranny of the rule by the ‘rabble’.

The rabble being Trump did they say? Trump is there and you can’t say that anyone with his wealth is among the rabble. So is his rule like what you claim academics say?

By the way, you must be joking about ‘in recent years’ stuff. That rule by the elite is an ancient one to be sure. Whether the Ancien Regime nobility or Prussian aristocrats or Victorian imperialist et al… rule by the elite of society is preferable to that of the rabble. Nothing new there except that the rabble as you put it have never ruled anywhere.

The definition of rabble is key. Do you mean the poor? No poor people rule anywhere. Do you mean uneducated? That seems to me to be self explanatory that one. You may differ? So excepting the obvious distinctions then you must mean wealth? Does wealth or the lack of distinguish one from being considered rabble or elite? Trump is rich and acts like the proverbial rabble almost daily. So…um… do you have a point?

I doubt that academics would favor a dissolution of democracy. They would or should know history and would know better than to say such a trite falsehood. Historically the word rabble usually denoted uneducated poor. We therefore have an educated poor class in this country. Most people can read and write for example, even if much of our education is via TV and media manipulation but rabble? Tsk, tsk… your pseudo education betrays you. People are not rabble in other words. However, it is extremely unlikely that a poor person will almost magically rise to power. I suppose it could happen. Instead I think hard work and intelligence can lift anyone out of poverty into high degrees of success. No rabble though. Just poor maybe.

Hi Wereflea.

The support for rule by the elite and the characterization of the non-elite masses, come from from sources such as the ones below. Please don’t misunderstand me, I am opposed to the line of reasoning. I wish that this reprehensible ideology was not present in academia. It is definitely not the majority, but I have seen more academics making this argument, since the election of Trump.

h ttps://books.google.com/books/about/In_Defense_of_Elitism.html?id=KoqGDwAAQBAJ&source=kp_book_description

H ttp://theconversation.com/we-can-hate-elites-but-they-helped-build-modern-democracy-76968

h ttps://www.vox.com/2018/7/23/17581394/against-democracy-book-epistocracy-jason-brennan

Yes and Castro was a lawyer and Che a doctor. You have skirted around making a point concerning an ancient argument. Make your point.

Hi Wereflea, my point is that, while support of rule by the elite is not a embraced by most, I am disturbed by the degree to which this right wing ideology is growing in support among some academics. I find this contemporary push for rule by the elite, particularly dangerous at a time in history when arguments, such as those in the articles I cited, can be used to promote anti-democratic practices.

Seems like the purge list is the list you should use to register voters.

Well I haven’t read those articles but I hardly think that the concept of a ruling elite based in part on merit is a new idea. Go to an Ivy League school and you will find academics espousing a similar viewpoint. Why? It is because they are members of those very same merit based elites. My point is that you need (or readers of the articles?) to ask just who are they talking about. Who specifically constitute this ‘rabble’? Who represents the elites? Are they suggesting that the rabble are running things right now? Since when? Who is running the show at present if not an intellectual elite? I don’t see poorly educated people in the corridors of power do you? So who are they talking about?

Hi Wereflea. Those are good questions that, I agree, should be asked. I used the term ‘rabble’ because this is the offensive term that I recall academics and experts, such as Andrew Sullivan using in public forums. Sullivan is know for his 2016 Atlantic article advocating for greater rule by the elite: Democracies end when they are too democratic , (h ttps://nymag.com/intelligencer/2016/04/america-tyranny-donald-trump.html). My sense is that to Sullivan and like-minded folk, you’re either a member of the elite or ‘rabble’.

That would definitely be a great place to start. Then go to the ones purged four years ago.
Of course it will never happen, at least until after the primary season is over, if at all. The democrats don’t want new voters, for they fear that they will be progressives that change the party.
We can’t have that. I mean, the next thing you know they’ll want actual democracy.

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Hi. The ‘rabble’ is the term used when long ago only the elites sent their kids to school. We find that hard to conceptualize in America but many a family descended from immigrants who could barely read or write even in their own languages. I am old but only one of my grandparents might be considered an intellectual while another started and operated a very successful small business that brought him a couple or three houses etc. His wife did most of the reading and writing in English for them both. Both my grandfathers arrived here as young teens and came from a place where only the rich kids went to school past the fifth grade.

Were they rabble? They both ended up middle class and successful. Both descended from nearly illiterate peasants. Lol. One of my grandparents would have used the disparaging term ‘rabble’ and would have meant it in its worst way too. Lol. Look at Trump he is sort of like a reverse rabble. Rich with everything handed to him on a silver platter and yet he is a boob. Dumb and fairly crass and buffoonish. He is what used to be called a ‘low born’ in a ‘high born’ circumstance. Lol. If Trump didn’t have the money to pay people to be smarter than he is and fix his mistakes then he’d be some dumb f*ck in a bar with a beer in one hand and a burger in the other. Rabble? Some of my best friends are rabble. But then the rabble are the best kind of people to meet I have found.

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I’m afraid voting has come under fire of the loophole game. One person-one vote must be too complicated for election officials to understand.

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Why is it that people have such a hard time believing that ‘they’ understand it completely but they just don’t care? They know what one person one vote means. So what if that is supposed to work a certain way. That’s like saying trying to cheat in a poker game is wrong. People know it is but yeah so? Be faithful in a marriage and if not … so? There is the idea and the actual. They rarely meet in real terms. We have a constitution but to many of them that is really just a technicality. We have laws and for many they are only an impediment. We have morals that are mere annoyances whenever it suits them (or they get caught)! We live in a world where the answer is all too often ‘Yeah, so what?’.

The thing is that people in a group outweigh the individual. The group decides or else the individual lives on an island all alone. If enough people make it hard to win elections for current Republican values then future Republicans will change their behavior. Every person who doesn’t vote against Trump is helping enable Trump. No the game ain’t fair. No the game is rigged as much as is possible. No the Dems are not trying to keep Trump from winning as much as they should be. Bernie is a front runner and would win in a landslide were the Dems get behind his candidacy but they balk at reforms that they know would include them as well as Republicans.

But if enough people get behind Bernie (or any progressive) then the centrist forces don’t win. Then Trump doesn’t win. People should stop helping the forces of the right to trash progressive candidates. Is that clear enough? Trash one progressive and you trash them all to many on the right… to our corporate media… to most Americans who have never heard of much less understood what the word progressive means up until recently.

They know exactly what one person one vote means. They tell you that they do each time they say…’So what?’. It is up to enough of us to tell them what it means to us.

Is this really good news? Wonder if the court allows the purge to go forward closer to the election. Would that not make it harder for Democrats to obtain lists of those who are purged and get them re-registered. I would feel better if the court had just struck down the purge permanently.