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Good News from Washington: AIPAC, Israel Losing to Progressive Democrats

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/17/good-news-washington-aipac-israel-losing-progressive-democrats

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Hi tapatio:
WE the PeopIe have been giving money to Israel since 1948. That was nice to get them started, but–We the American PeopIe need the money for heath care for aII especial during a pandemic!
1948 to 2020 is SEVENTY -TWO years. SureIy IsraeI can stand on his own by now—and if they can’t ----then that 72 years of giving money has been worthless. Americans , Puerto Ricans, Palestinians and the Planet need heIp and we need that heIp NOW!


As much as I’d like to believe that AIPAC is losing some of its influence just remember that 38 states have non-BDS laws on the books. So that number alone should be extreme cause for alarm from all Americans. It’s un-constitutional. I’m afraid the Zionists will continue to dominate US politics for many years. Trump’s son in law Kushner is the neocon in the White House, or as I call him; co-vice President Kushner. He’s done far more than Pence ever could with his dominionist, Xtian bullshit. Adleson also has Trump’s ear. The root cause of General Soleimani’s execution along with the “Epstein Files”. From Epstein’s Lolita Express sex trafficking, blackmail operation.


I am not optimistic that AIPAC will lose its power in the near future. The fact that 38 states have passed legislation to protect Israel that probably would be unconstitutional if the same legislation was passed to protect the USA shows not only the strength of AIPAC but the cowardice and corruption of most legislators. Read Norman Finkelstein’s “Gaza: An Inquest into Its Martyrdom” to see how vicious and venal the State of Israel is and how craven its US supporters are.


The real question that should be asked by all of us who care about peace in the world, if only to urgently address Human Caused Climate Change, is, "why is the US taxpayer being forced to send any money to Israel! See following quote from article:

"Should the Israeli government continue down this path (of annexation), we will work to ensure non-recognition of annexed territories as well as pursue legislation that conditions the $3.8 billion in US military funding to Israel to ensure US taxpayers are not supporting annexation in any way,” the letter read, in part."

Instead many of Israel’s leaders, starting with Netanyahu, should be arrested for war crimes and brought to “The Hague” for trial before the International Criminal Court.


Hi Olhippy:
I am wondering what happened to all o the item stored under the Obama admin. Did some decided that the items were not useful----and perhaps, selling unneeded items considering that the last pandemic was in 1918f . Following the trail of what became of the things during the Trump Admin
Wasn’t Jared in charge of that? Is it possible that Jared gave or sold it to Israel? No one has yet explained how ventilators and PPE items could just vanish and the Trump Admin would be the place to look for possible theft. When was the last time that medical items were ordered and when was the last order?If someone or some groups decided to make some money off of a sale of items, what department would handle that?

Good. AIPAC and the Israeli government dishonor the memories of the victims, living and passed, of the Holocaust.


Time to let Israel swim on its own. Way past time.

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Hi OIhippy:
YOU would think that somewereh in America that at Least a few elected ones would see this support for anti- BDS states as a free speech issue.

You need an encyclopedia to explain what Zionism is and why it originated as a result of world-wide persecution of Jews. You embrace conspiracy theories that Jews run the world and you call the Talmud (there is more than one, by the way) Satanic when Jews don’t believe in Satan. You are nothing but an ignorant racist.

We’ve been giving money to Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan and a very long list of Muslim countries for many years. How come you don’t object to that?

To all you racists who object to Israel getting foreign aid, here is a list of the top ten countries we send money to:

  1. Afghanistan ($4.89 billion)
  2. Iraq ($3.36 billion)
  3. Israel ($3.18 billion)
  4. Jordan ($1.38 billion)
  5. Ethiopia ($943 million)
  6. South Sudan ($922 million)
  7. Kenya ($899 million)
  8. Pakistan ($892 million)
  9. Nigeria ($644 million)
  10. Uganda ($608 million).

When I see you objecting to the other 9 on the list, I’ll believe that you aren’t all Jew haters. By the way, Jordan has official apartheid laws against Jews. When will you BDS them?

Hi sharonsj:
We have not been giving money to those other nations you mention for 72 straight years. : ) In fact, we in America have been bIowing up nations in the ME almost as long as Israel has been kiIIing Palestinians—and a few Americans too.
Again—if Israel ----- with a that monetary heIp can’t stand on its own 2 feet by now—then it’s time to cut the money cord and for goodness sakes, send money to Puerto Rico who stiII hasn’t been repaired after that hurricane…( Puerto Ricans are citizens )
I am not sure where you get your money quotes, but as for Iraq and Afghanistan, maybe the money you are quoting is actually military graft.

And too, Israel doesn’t need foreign aid if you would Look at the number of items they manufacture and seII. And finalIy —because I disagree with sending $ to Israel , a nation ,which does not need it as others do—incIuding out of work and out of Luck Americans.
I hope that you wiII grow up someday and realize that supporting BDS does not make me or others who post here into racists. It merely makes us abIe to see through the veiI of your hypocrisy.