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'Good News,' Says Sanders, as McConnell Signals No Lame-Duck Vote on TPP


'Good News,' Says Sanders, as McConnell Signals No Lame-Duck Vote on TPP

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Thursday that the U.S. Senate will not vote on the 12-nation, corporate-friendly Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) this year, buoying progressive hopes that the trade deal will never come to fruition.


When even the Evil Turtle understands that the TPP will be a political loser for its supporters, one can only wonder at the Democrats still accepting their party's complete sellout to corporate interests, and nominating the epitome of exchanging government in the People's interests for personal gain.


What? Saved by the Repugnants? This just illustrates the sorry state of the Dems and Hillary that they are not actively doing anything to stop it. The right wing ideologue Senate Majority Leader McConnell has apparently put the TPP on hold for this year while Hillary and the Dems go along with President Obama by being silent on stopping it.

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Cognitive dissonance: Mitch McConnell doing something that Bernie Sanders praises. It's disorienting!


The backers of the deal are not worried, they're probably feeling rather confident that they've got Hillary in their pocket anyway.
Since the passage seems so precious to Barry, and knowing that the deal is nearly a lock this provides McConnell the means to offer up one last f#@k you to Obama. Also, from the Republican strategic perspective, this'll play more favorably for Trump with voters, as the hoped for perception will be that TPP was knocked down by Republicans against Obama's insistence. And, since so few folks believe Hillary's latest position statements on TPP, this places pressure on the Clinton camp.
The up shot is, this likely means TPP will be delayed from passage in December 2016 and postponed until late January or early February 2017.



This "trade deal", which the USA has already pushed to a dozen countries, has to be approved by them all. NONE should do so, as it is a boon for corporations and as usual, like NAFTA, a slap in the face for he rest of the populations of all the countries involved.


Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

Still, it stands to wonder what Hillary will actually do with the TPP. She's proven to be very right-wing on many issues, and it still is hard to believe that billionaires will not try to ram this thing through somehow. I will never trust the The New Republican Party (I can't bring myself to call them Democrats anymore). I thought this corporate coup was a sure thing when fast-track was approved. But maybe I was wrong, maybe We The People can stop this horrible thing.


Gosh, I hope Hillary can renegotiate it so it's worker friendly and won't continue increasing economic inequality.

I'm certain if she's elected it won't be long before TPP is once again the gold standard of trade agreements!


Wow. I never thought I would be sending Mitch McConnell an email praising his leadership on an issue. Now if only my two senators from WA would stop shilling for the TPP.....


Call my cynical, but I my guess is that the repugs are doing this in order to bring Shillary's lying, flip-flopping self front and center early in her term. I am sure one of the reasons Obama wanted to push the vote during the lame-duck session was to protect her from having to do it. Good news all the way around!


I'm not sure Turtle did this because of Bernie. He backs Trump who wants to renegotiate it, thus the "it may pass later".


I agree. It's good strategy to set her up, we know she'll tinker with it and pass it. But they win two ways by not allowing Obama another piece of his legacy.


When McConnell says something I agree with, I have this urge to look over my shoulder to see what kind of nasty thing is going to hit me from behind.


Great news! "opposed by the entire grassroots base of the Democratic Party" It's also opposed by many in the base of the Republican party - part of the reason why Trump's anti-establishment message got him this far.




Never, but sometimes the right thing may happen for the wrong reason.


The Left gave Obama a free ride for the first two years of his presidency.
And got nothing for their trouble.
The Left will not repeat that mistake with Hillary.


I see the logic of this and feel your passion but I do think there's a wee problem, in that the congress's term, for which they were voted in, ends in January and not November. I'm not sure what the democratic solution is.


You really gotta love the way good news is received by the commenters here on Common Dreams!


My hunch is that McConnell wants to hold out for something that screws the common people even worse than we are being screwed now. In any case, every moment of delay CAN be used to further strengthen our forces. Whether those moments will actually be used for that purpose is anyone's guess.