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Good Ole Ted Cruz, the Anal Probe


Good Ole Ted Cruz, the Anal Probe

Ted Cruz, the hateful, messianic, lying guy so creepy he embarrasses his hometown of Calgary, Alberta - a town with a ten-day festival devoted to cowboy hats - boasts in his campaign slogan he's "Consistent, Conservative, Trusted." Now we can add, "an anal probe," thanks to a Google search of the "Trus" in his "TrusTed" logo. Hat tip to Daily Kos. Gawd, we (heart) the GOP.


No, we do not need to "imagine" it we are living it!


a radical like Cruz cant win, thats why the right has Hillary.


Taliban Ted


Put another way:

The Republican motto: "There's been a lot of progress in this country over the
last 75 years, and we've been against all of it."

(I wish I could take credit for this, but alas, the honor goes to Anon)


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Hat's off, Abby.
Great graphics, too.


Teddy is not a radical; he is an extreme far right fundamentalist Christian.

A radical is an analyst that goes to the root of the problem in order to explain social phenomena; non-radicals explain social causation by focusing on the social effect -not the root cause.

A right wing religious person believes that social problems arise because of the lack of their type of religious belief.

That is far as one can get from the root material causes of social problems


Exactly. I'll remember your good concise definition of "radical". Thoreau's famous aphorism comes to mind - "there are hundreds hacking at the branches of evil for the one who is striking the root."

"Radical" does NOT mean "extremist" - we on the anti-globocapitlist left in the pre-GWOT times all used to call ourselves "radicals" all the time until the word was expropriated to mean "extremist" in the mid 00's.

But unfortunately, just like this peculiarly USAn theft of the color red from us by the reactionary (correct word) right-wing, we seem to be fighting a losing battle against the proper use of the word "radical" too. In both cases, it is for some very convenient political-psychological reasons that serve the powerful and status-quo.

And none of this is nit-picky stuff. To borrow from what they say about diplomacy, rhetoric is war by (usually) non-violent means and who commands the rhetoric owns the battlefield.


I Wouldn't mind trus-ing him with a big wide one.....as if his a-hole ain't big enough, maybe Santorum could make a deposit there.