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'Good Riddance': Canada's Stephen Harper Bids Adieu to Politics, Hello to Consulting


'Good Riddance': Canada's Stephen Harper Bids Adieu to Politics, Hello to Consulting

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

As expected, former Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper has announced his resignation from Parliament, saying that he's now gearing up for "for the next chapter of my life."


"Don't let the closet doors hit you on the way out of the PMO."

Is that "closet" a snide reference to suspicions or allegations about Harper's sexuality?


Alberta Tar-Sands, Harper, Harper, Harper. It has been said that if Harper had his way, all of Canada would be a Tar-Sand. May Harper Drown In Goop Oil!


"He’ll also accept lots of invitations to sit on lots of corporate boards that will pay him lots of money to act as a glorified lobbyist" - the power of the oligarchs that run the world must be destroyed and replaced with people power.


No. It's a reference to him hiding in a closet when there was a gunman loose on Parliament Hill. Just another chickenhawk.


like his buddy shrub whose policies he bootlicked.... despicable corporate tool.


He also reduced the GST by 2%.


Please tell me this is sarcastic. Couldn't tell from the text.

2% reduction in GST does not redress the balance as in "wholesale investment in fossil fuels, including Canadian tar sands; blocking international efforts to combat climate change; dismantling civil liberties through mass surveillance; unflinching support of Israel and attempts to outlaw pro-Palestinian boycott movements; supporting numerous wars overseas; and willfully ignoring the treaty rights of Canadian First Nations, among many other things.

The above is brilliant and is also pasted into my 'Quotes 2016'.


Precisely, now it's "cash in" time for what's owed him from his obsequious sellout of Canada to the oligarchy.
Most Canadians couldn't imagine anyone more slimy than Mulroney
but they did vote for the conservatives/him twice.
Can't imagine how anyone could feel happy to see him launch into the corporate world - 50 yrs. labor cleaning oil spills would be too benevolent a sentence for this creature.




O'Keefe sez: "Good riddance, Stephen Harper."

Actually, since last year's electoral loss for the Conservatives, Harper has essentially been a court eunuch while still in parliament.
Now, he can resume finding ways to cause some damage. I find this development somewhat disappointing.


The Assimilated Press sez: "The country "shifted to the center-right under Harper ... "

... If you consider the 39 per cent of voters who gave the Conservatives a majority "the country".


Ah yes, Mr. Harper, A man Canadians are more than happy to see the back of. I think when you look at his time in power he will be remembered as a weak, easily forgettable leader. Being a leader takes a toll and it is at the end do we, the people, get to see how they have be twisted by the process. In the last six months in power, you could see the vindictiveness come out and his narrow mindedness dominate public interactions. The electorate became something to be manipulated with cheesy branding and catch phrases. While perhaps semi-understandable, what was completely inexcusable, was his scapegoating/ vilification of minorities including Muslims and native americans. This is something never seen from a sitting prime minister and it was unbecoming of high office. And all for political gain at the polls. He will be forever remembered for this final election loss and it is this memory that will stay with Canadians. Ah Karma.

As to the federal conservatives, they will wander in the wilderness for 20 years, (like Ontario), nominating one hopeless "small C conservative" after another losing election and election. When and only when, the remaining harperite's are removed from their center power base, will the progressive side of the party grow and shift the party to the center right. Then they will start to win elections again.


Honestly, when i go to the store and don't pay dollars, 2% less. I don't really think Israel, Palestine or anything else. Say what you want, but Canada has done pretty well economically in the last 20 years. I think its GDP grew faster and more than the US under the God Obama.

Plus, aren't consumption taxes regressive?


There is a very good reason why I called him the "George W. Bush of Canada". What a despicable, shameless tool of corporate and "development" interests. He once sad something to the effect that when he got through with Canada you wouldn't recognize it. That certainly turned out to be true for large parts of Alberta. Unbelievable arrogance. So now this pig expects to rake in the cash as a "global consultant". He should be in prison. BTW, Canada just expanded its version of the Social Security system. You can be sure that an insensitive, capitalist asshole like Harper would never have approved.


I guess if turning a pristine area such as northern Alberta into Mordor ( Lord of the Rings), and trying to ram a goop oil pipeline down British Columbia's First Nation's land is fine with you, join Harper in goop oil hell.


...instead he is now heading, where the real money is,


That is a myth born of the mistaken assumption, that the Conservatives are good money managers. Unfortunately people cling to that, as they do to religion, against all common sense.
Canada's economy has performed worse and registered a lower GDP growth under Harper than under any other Prime Minister since WWII
See here: http://rabble.ca/columnists/2015/07/worst-canadas-economy-under-harper-government
And here: https://www.pressprogress.ca/6_charts_show_stephen_harper_has_the_worst_economic_record_of_any_prime_minister_since_world_war_ii
And here: http://www.unifor.org/sites/default/files/documents/document/909-harper_economic_critique_eng_0.pdf

Maybe we can learn from that and realize, as many economists have said, that socialism as Bernie has proposed is good for the economy (though not for the 1%, which is holding the reigns of our Nation).


Interesting. How do the same 2006-2015 period in other countries compare to the periods before that? Let's exclude China and India.


See the posts below for your answer on Harper the great economic manager. And the post about the tar sands looking like Mordor is spot on. The scary thing about the tar sands is that the plan was to tear up the northern 20% of Alberta--ugly. Check out those links--terrific. Thanks to the poster.