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'Good Riddance': Progressives Welcome Ajit Pai's Departure From FCC as Great News

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/30/good-riddance-progressives-welcome-ajit-pais-departure-fcc-great-news


Happy to see Pai exit. But frankly, i’ll be shocked if Biden restores net neutrality. That’s not how the “ratchet to the right” duopoly works.


Would like to slit his neck and take a Trump down his throat.


One thing that we can be sure of: this guy has a monster pay day waiting for him.


the abrasives have been applied, vigorously, the giant ad mug he raised toasting the trump girl’s sleaze by the Con way…

Ultimately I have had to shed emotional acids spewed by this gang of thugs. The only redeeming factor - in my eyes - is the swift kick in the keester from which I am still recovering.

One priceless lesson for me has been to recognize that conservation of energy is not just a concept for physics. Wisdom counsels that the task is focus and conservation of energy as the priorities must be generated from the ground up. We must respect all of those whom the system has, from the start, propagandized as 'the externalized/ the marginalized, the ‘less-than’ for the sake of public sacrifice of entire peoples and biomes, creatures and planetary systems so that their lifeblood could hide the tragically flawed dependency on insanity.

That is not hyperbole.


Hope you’re stabilizing and conserving your energy OG. Love having your presence here!


He can’t (restore net neutrality) as its covered by GATS and its ratchet.

They like to pretend otherwise, but as far as Ive read, these things are one way streets unless specific procedures to withdraw services formally are underwent. (In the case of GATS, its Art XXI)

There is also a telecommunications agreement.


A Shit Pie should be in prison.


Nothing to cheer about until we find out who Biden will replace him with. Most likely, the replacement will be someone at least as bad.


How would restoring net neutrality interfere with trade in services between countries? Who would be able to bring a case at the WTO?

Looks like there are three current disputes against the USA under GATS, none of which seem actually related to policies regarding trade in services. One is over sanctions against Venezuela, one by India over non-immigrant visas that you have referenced many times, and one over restrictions on cross-border gambling. There was also something about Cuba sanctions but that has lapsed.

i still don’t get how net neutrality could be disputed under GATS, please explain.

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With the caveat that I don’t know this subject well at all, just based on what I do know, GATS and BATS are the two applicable agreements. As I understand it the main issues revolve around whether corporations can charge or simply offer preferential traffic handling or even censorship of traffic at will. The state the US seemed to prefer in the (semi distant now) past with BATS was that WTO Member States should be treated equally.

But now doesn’t seem clear but in the context of this ‘global grab’ I often talk about, which is very obviously oriented towards a substantial push towards censorship and profit maximalization.
Net neutrality, given the defacto status as a common carrier, an essential communications medium, seems more important to me almost than anything else, even countries and corporations and their agendas, some of which are trying to not only end democracy, except for equality of money.

They want a right to censor everything and anything. Note that all countries are created equal, nomatter how despotic or murderous or good they are, under these deals, also if one gets a back door, they all are supposed to get one. Similarly, all corporations are supposed to get equal rights, as long as they follow the above.

This is literally an Orwellian nightmare and of course they all are trying to play act to hide the true nature of this situation, at least this is what I think must be the situation. Based on what is public.

Countries of course want absolute power, and to look like they dont care, but at the end of the day they do.,

The US is so obsessed by its corporate global grab agenda, of which GATS, and the supposed next generation trade deals which are really bad, (and likely to be revived, either under the same names or new ones)
Of course, because it wouldnt do for the people not to think they live under a benevolent democracy (!!!) they especially want to be able to make inconvenient facts vanish, to end any kind of freedom that they cant censor, especially that.

It seems to me to be very important to them.

This situation by making it impossible for real democracy to work to correct the excesses of the powerful as intended guarantees bad government.

Setting up sham opponents and having them win maybe alternate terms is not democracy.

Everything now is not what it seems. We’re in the midst of a coup, and it has basically nothing to do with Trump. Maybe he was a bit actor who took off on his own.

Bythe way, WTO law is almost all nonexistent yet, its being made with these test cases, so I would not be surprised if a lot of them were set up as backroom agreements by the various parties, so in other words, a scam, a sham. Ellen Gould describes what I mean in her Youtube video for talking stick (radio?).

let me put it this way, what we have now is not democracy but at least it is supposed to be, and likely has been at points in time. But the multilateral system has control over the economic rules and it seems they are gearing up to do the really big things, like I would put money on next year our losing that case - maybe we already lost it. How to explain to a whole country that they suddenly lost the most economically valuable thing about being an American, the right to work here without competing with 7 billion other candidates for the same job? They wont. We’ll have to figure it out ourselves, of course.

The so called “multilateral trading system” was set up to create rules, but rules that favor the most powerful countries and corporations in the world - especially the corporations, consolidate their theft by adverse possession of the planet (Note I am just a dummy and this is all just speculation.)

Once in a while they might yield to the demands of the poor countries by giving them access to the jobs of first the well paid workers in several sectors and then expanding that to more and more sectors. Of course we cant involve the government because that would diminish the value of the investors property. They would demand compensation.

This system was and is designed and fully intends to totally nullify anything remotely resembling democracy by design, in any area where money is involved. Of course its succeeding.

That makes so much of what people think here a tragic situation because they have been so totally deceived by what is really a huge scam. How could we be so gullible as to fall for it?

There is a pretty good article about what multilateral system means, its by Keohane and Nye…

"Between Centralization and Fragmentation: The Club Model of Multilateral Cooperation and Problems of Democratic Legitimacy."


Hope that helps!

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Meanwhile, Comcast is beginning to throttle websites and charge extra for access that should be as free and as fast as the social media monopolies.


@zed, have you tried to access your website policyspace.xyz lately? It just gives a “

502 Bad Gateway

” error for me anymore. What’s up with that?

Read Jane Kelsey’s analysis of TISA and net neutrality, for a start. But really, anybody who thinks can see where this is going.

The world will be incredibloy complex, and likely cashless, but the number of actual jobs is falling.

This means lots of people will be largely penniless and so will be excluded from society because they will never be out of debt and very bad credit risks. This is the main goal of cashless cities, autonomous vehicles, etc. now that we no longer need armies of worker bees, the world will change a lot.

It will be fabulous for those with money, though, a world of incredible luxury where anything is available for the right price.

We and our trade deals are basically replacing democracy and voters with a new kind of law that is international and between countries and corporations only.

People have no standing.

TISA is meant to extend GATS - its a so called “next generation” trade deal that includes everything by default, The US wants to have access to the worlds markets without any need to employ local firms or workers or obey different countries privacy rules. We want our big companies to gain a legal right to do business which could mean a cut of an unbelievable amount of transactions, in a privatized world. Every unit of travel down a toll road, every pre-meterd or realtime sip of privatized water, every item you buy, if your health insurance includes any conditions, its possible that virtually everything you do might be recorded and used to calculate your rates on virtually everyting, what air you breath, for example, might have bearing oin your health and therefore your insurance rate.

The current situation is likely to give the industry some time to figure out how they will maximize the profitmaking potential of all this data.

To prevent fraud Micropayments will also carry metadata like location information down to a very small distance, (outdoors, just centimeters) Accurate enough to interpolate heartbeat. .

This will give our corporations an unbelievable, competitively untouchable advantage to dominate and control the entire human race in every single activity of life.

They dont need people any more - except to mind the machines, and for that they want people without the baggage that Americans have. Guest workers whose presence here depends on their jobs.

So, imagine what kind of rules that system needs. Thats what the net must carry, lots and lots of survaillance data because every device in a home will phone home with this or that piece of info, every part will be programmable to fail when it needs servicing.

This is all so people dont free ride by trying to spend less. Also to create good, highly controllable jobs. If all good, non outsourced jobs require a security clearance, and the alternative is hell jobs that pay almost nothing which most Americans cant get because of their rights and expectations, it means most Americans will have to go overseas to work or give up all the rights that come with noit having a security clearance. They will become members of the Deep State, also on a very short leash.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they had to wear a transponder that would blow their head off if they revealed any secrets.

After all, they would have violated the law!

Of course. The Overton window only opens to the right. On issues of importance to the Owners of the world, each successive “president” is just as far OR FARTHER to the right than the one before. MORE wars. MORE privatizations, MORE giveaways of the commons to corporations. MORE degradation of culture. MORE greed. MORE fracking. MORE pipelines. MORE toxins in our food, our air, our water. MORE cancer and MORE cancer industry, splaying people out in body and soul, stripping them of EVERYTHING. MORE accumulation by the Owners, through dispossession of the people, dispossession & devastation of Mother Earth.


Squirrel-flavored road Pai.

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for those of you waiting for Biden to reverse some of the horrible policies of the Trump administration–do not hold your breath–my guess is that almost everyone of those policies will be made permanent under the Biden Administration–just like when he and Obama made the Bush era tax cuts permanent while aiding in over 5 million people losing their homes for the profits of the banks


A quote from the article:
"Ajit Pai will leave his post as FCC chairman on Jan. 20.

Pai’s Inauguration Day departure could set up the Biden administration with a 2-1 Democratic majority at the FCC if the Senate fails to confirm another Trump nominee during the lame-duck period."

Is this really possible, that another Trump nominee could get in before Biden takes office, and, if so, are we stuck with them, or can Biden do something about it?

Heck of a job, Scotty.

And control is the name of the game.