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'Good!' Says Sanders as Lobbyists Lash Out at Proposal to End Corporate Influence on US Politics

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/10/08/good-says-sanders-lobbyists-lash-out-proposal-end-corporate-influence-us-politics


“Bernie Sanders, the real deal”.


I don’t know why the democrats just don’t move their 2020 convention to Chicago. That way they can have a real re enactment of 1968. You know, the last time there was a populist uprising in Democratic Party. That of course ended with the hippies and the kids and the rest of the anti-war movement being denied entry and summarily beaten in the streets by mayor Daley’s thugs and cheered on by big Labor.
The democrats appear to be getting ready to rub shit all over themselves again.
Get ready to hear these frightening words in January of 2021, “I, Michael Pence, do solely swear…”


Liz thought it up first and Bernie is trying to out do her? I previously commented on Liz’s suggestion: ‘Liz will convince corrupt politicians and their corrupt lobbyist pals to give up
their lucrative corruption. Good luck on that.’

If Liz were to be democrat nominee, that idea would disappear faster then Obama’s Medicare Option.
She’ll be kissing lobbyist’s a** for general election moola.

As the Independent Wing of the Democrat Party, we have many enemies…led by the DNC. Keeping Bernie funded is our main task.


Did anyone mention to the lobbyists who are whining about how they’re going to pay for lavish party conventions and inaugurals without corporate sponsorship that there’s this new small donor funding model that’s all the rage?

And Bernie wants to play a “one-upmanship” game with Warren? He’s won every round of that game since it started – because to Bernie it’s not a game.


Here’s a video of Bernie and Jane out for a walk yesterday. Besides the obvious statement it makes about his health - I like the fact that the first thing our of his mouth is to say to the reporter and camera person “I hope you are getting time-and-a-half for working in the rain.” I sure hope he becomes President - but even if he doesn’t, the country is a better place for having such a high profile normal person with a healthy disdain for the power of wealth.


Of course the “lobbyists” of whichever party “lash-out” at Bernie; they will lose their freakin jobs, and rightly so! Lobbyists are political and social parasites; street-walkers serving wealth and exploitation, profits and special interests above all else, not society or republic in general. They use their connections to gain access and influence to elected representatives - to manipulate and deliver campaign-contribution bribes - influence to adopt policy beneficial to a few, when ordinary citizens cannot gain such access or influence, and is in effect a corruption that should not be tolerated. Making a mockery of one person, one vote that actually costs society generally and the most vulnerable their voices!.

Lobbyists themselves, wealth equated to "free speech, corporations viewed as “people” that can and do evade criminal and corrupt responsibility for their destructive actions should not be allowed to corrupt representative government, ostensibly Of, BY, and For, the People!.
Enough! Bernie shows the way forward for the 99%, but the DINO DP private “club” is so entrenched in corrupt politics and special interest bribery they cannot, or will not, see a sustainable future or serve the 99% - they are mired in corrupt influences…
The joke is that when the 99% gain advantage and security and a living wage and health care, society in general is uplifted and made more secure for all!


The Powers That Be always piss themselves when when someone comes along who can unravel their tightly woven bullshit narrative and speak truth to Power. Bernie, AOC, and the gathering winds are the kryptonite that may just bust the “trust” that ain’t so just.



“On the image side, the sycophants, aka, Democrats always have to “balance” their populist rhetoric with quieter outreach to the parasitical community.”

Sounds like Warren is their new Biden.


Warren is the new Biden. TPTB know that Biden can’t win, and I guess they’ve had about enough of Trump. No one else has garnered enough attention from the People for them to promote - as it becomes more and more clear that we will NOT have a corporate stooge like most of the rest of the candidates. They also know that Warren will placate them - right after the nomination. She said so. Bernie is the only best choice we have.


We just can’t stop lobbying!!! Think of the job loses!!!

Bernie needs to ensure a far transition for all. Perhaps, lobbyists could be hired on as construction workers to repair our crumbling infrastructure or as aid workers in previously functioning nation states like Syria, Iraq and Venezuela. Any other creative ideas out there?


There needs to be a demonstration at least as massive and disruptive as the one in Chicago in 1968. It’s obvious the party is going to maintain its fealty to Big Business and the Military Industrial Complex and that it will do everything in its power to keep Bernie from securing the nomination, If he is cheated out of it again and then he simply falls in line…again…like he did in '16 and behaves like a good little Democrat, endorsing whoever the milquetoast establishment nominee might be, I will be so pissed I could spit nails. And I will lose all respect for Bernie.

The Democratic Party is never going to change from within. I know the thinking is that a third party doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of penetrating the thick wall around the duopoly that has been set in place to keep outside parties from gaining any traction, but it is going to take an outside force with enough size and clout to make them sit up and take notice. There is one person who could lead a third party to victory and that is Bernie. If he joined with the Greens or even started his own party, he has millions of supporters who would stick with him and probably provide all the numbers and traction necessary to make that party viable.

Repeat…the Democratic Party is never going to change. There are simply too many who support the status quo and will defend it with every ounce of their being. Except for the handful of new progressives who have penetrated their ranks, they are all “capitalists to their bones.”


The idea that these corrupt assholes think it makes logical sense to whine to a major outlet is telling. They have to know that Americans across the ideological spectrum hate corruption. Them whining like they are in public is a signal, and I fully expect most corrupt Democrats in charge of that undemocratic and corrupt party to respond accordingly like the good little puppets they are.

I will say, I already oppose capitalism, but even if I didn’t, these pricks do capitalism no favors. Not only is it inequitable, undemocratic and the key driver in the environmental crisis, but they have such an intense sense of entitlement and hatred of democracy that it makes you want to confront them all the more. The parasites wouldn’t last long without their hosts.


A little corruption is okay to some democratic operatives and lobbyists in favor of corporate money in politics. But to me and millions of working class Americans it’s like a little fly in my glass of water.


Unless you are the DNC!


No doubt about it! Expecting the corrupt, Democratic, Party to change is like expecting the Mafia to change!


Fear of “capital flight” because the lobbyists wont’ get what they want?
Who cares? They can’t take the resources of the land with them. Bye!


Well, Sanders has been super consistent in his beliefs for 40 + yrs and the DNC has been consistent (horrible) for longer than that.


Mr. Verdery is one funny spokesman. Being a capitalist doesn’t mean you’re not against political and economic corruption, sir. It just means you’re not a crooked, no good s.o.b., that’s all. It means you can spell and give a reasonable definition for the word " ethical ". What a clumsy tell, Verdery.
Stand in line and vote ( figuratively in Oregon ) after putting your $500 bucks ( maximum ) where your mouth is, Verdery.
Did someone say they smelled chickenshxt on K Street?


Empty the prisons of non-violent offenders, and fill it with all the Corporate Prostitutes.