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'Good!' Says Sanders as Lobbyists Lash Out at Proposal to End Corporate Influence on US Politics

I’ve been so excited about this – expecting any minute to see a report
that Trump has resigned.
But not sure I’d like that as gives Pence an automatic where Pence is
supporting the same Zelensky scheme that Trump pushed.
Pence is also impeachable and should not succeed.
Nancy Pelosi would be our new president … temporarily.

Btw, re Pence – and my prior mention of ending tax exempt status of religions –
Bernie Sanders also made it a big point to understand the dangers of this “religious
freedom” garbage we’re getting from Trump/GOP/right wing.
He did very well – loved it!

Also wondering about the new Whistleblowers – anxious to hear –
but this will take pressure off Pelosi to hold an early vote in House - would
be better not to – get thru New Year and into 2020.

They have to continue on to get his tax returns – obviously that will be the
end of him.

Why is there no challenge to the Supreme Court on “proof” that corporations
are people? Where’s their proof – and why is none offered?

It’s a right wing SC scam to depower the public for the benefit of Elites.

How did the concept of “lobbyist” even begin?

Haven’t read these yet –

History of lobbying in the United States - Wikipedia
The history of lobbying in the United States is a chronicle of the rise of paid advocacy generally by special interests seeking favor in lawmaking bodies such as the United States Congress. While lobbying has usually been understood as activity by paid professionals to try to influence key legislators and executives, it has been around since the early days of the Republic, and affects every level of government from local municipal authorities to the federal government in Washington. In the ninet

And …

How did lobbying Congress start? How did it take over? What …
5. A History of Lobbying. In the early days, tariff legislation had the greatest impact on society as a whole and stimulated the greatest amount of lobbying. It is interesting to note, in light of the press’ traditional suspicion of lobbyists, that some of Washington’s first newspaper correspondents were, in certain respects, tariff lobbyists.

Only actual citizens should be able to influence our representatives –

And a reminder again – we are now at the point where each representative of Congress
represents approximately 840,000 American citizens! In UK it’s 1 = 75,000 or a bit more?
As told by Rep. Emmanuel Cummings/August 2018 at a House Hearing

That’s not representation – it’s fraud.

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