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'Good,' Says Warren, After Trump Bank Regulator Calls Her Tough Questions on Wells Fargo 'Insulting'


'Good,' Says Warren, After Trump Bank Regulator Calls Her Tough Questions on Wells Fargo 'Insulting'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Sen. Elizabeth Warren made clear Wednesday that she has no sympathy for one of the Trump administration's top bank regulators after he called a tough line of questioning on Wells Fargo "insulting."

"The OCC never uttered a peep about their executives who were leading this. The OCC blew it once by letting Tim Sloan take over. This time, you need to show your work and make your supervision public."
—Sen. Elizabeth Warren


How does one insult a criminal banking empire … even their former employees say ‘you don’t want to bank there’.


I truly enjoy having the Senator on my side. I have been a supporter of Bernie’s since before the cows left the barn but that is slowly changing.

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Go Lizzie, go! A big fan here! You bring an ability to both be a wonk on financial details and elucidate the perspective of the common people into play simultaneously. You are a national treasure.


I really want to see Warren in Bernie’s administration!


Way to go Warren. Call it like you see it. Clear as a bell.


At the same time she will be a tremendous loss in the Senate. Unless she is replace by an AOC or Bernie type.

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I still think they would be a great team
Whoever takes the lead

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Undecided who’s more corrupt, Trump and Family or Fargo and the Banking Cabal.


Thank you Elizabeth. You’ve been fighting for us for a very long time.


Having trouble finding words to describe how I hate Wells Fargo. Mrs. Guild (who died 3 years ago tomorrow) and I paid off our mortgage in 2007, but I won’t be able to get a deed due to a home equity line of credit—which won’t expire until 2023—WF forced upon us as part of a refinance in 2003.

Adding insult to injury: we refinanced through Chase (better than WF, but not by much) who promptly sold the note.

We all live in Potterville now. Bedford Falls was bulldozed to put up another WalMart. Can’t we please have public banking?


“Good” response Liz. I normally value kindness, but the Trump administration and the entire GOP have shown they deserve nothing but our contempt.




Different denizens, same swamp.


I belong to a credit union, one of the best moves I’ve ever done. Do you have a way to join a credit union? Mine takes no profit for their services They only require that a small balance be kept in the account at all times. Mine’s only $5.00. Some are usually a hundred bucks which you will save on free checking and other free services. The best case for socialism I can think of.


During the last depression, when Hoover was president, there were parts of many U.S. cities called : HOOVERVILLES because of the abject poverty of the people living there and one wonders if Trump gets his way, how long before we will see TRUMPVILLES!


I’d bet there are many CURRENT employees that would tell you that too …privately.

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We can always count on Sen. Warren to grandstand against the banks… and then back the Hillary Clintons of the world when it really matters – after letting Bernie dangle when her support could have made a difference.

(And then reverse herself after admitting what everyone knew – that the 2016 primary was rigged – and go right back to touting the party line.)

We can also count on Warren to consistently bow before the world-plundering, regime change-implementing mavens of U.S. foreign policy, especially the neocons… and remain silent as Julian Assange is persecuted for the crime of journalism… and backtrack on Medicare for All (as she’s already done) before the negotiations even begin.

In short, she’s the latest Obama.

“I like the words she’s saying!”

(Well, no shit, you infants. That’s what duplicitous politicians do: Say the right words. It worked for Trump. But if anyone thinks that this Republican in progressive’s clothing is going to really fight for our agenda after a lifetime of doing the opposite, they ought to have their heads examined.)

In short, the comments on this thread and energy I see coalescing behind one of the weakest candidates the left could possibly field against Trump in 2020 – who spent her entire life culturally appropriating and benefiting off a tiny sliver of Native American blood – are 100% depressing.

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You can rest assured that my personal banking has been done through a credit union for quite a while now. We used to bank at the same physical location for nearly 20 years, but the name kept changing with each merger and acquisition. We switched to the credit union when the previous behemoth was bought out by (you guessed it!) Well Fargo, whose vile reputation was already well known to us. There’s no way I would knowingly do business with them.


Don’t give up on Sanders quite yet. BOTH Sanders and Warren would make good Presidents. My pick is still Sanders, but I would not have the least problem of supporting Warren if she were the nominee.