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Goodall Speaks Out As Grizzly Under Threat of Becoming Trophy on a Wall


Goodall Speaks Out As Grizzly Under Threat of Becoming Trophy on a Wall

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Renowned scientist and animal conservationist Dr. Jane Goodall is speaking out against the government's efforts to drop the grizzly bear from the Endangered Species List, a move which would allow the vulnerable and revered animal to become but a trophy "mounted on a wall."


I grew up dreaming of becoming forest ranger. When I went to college my parents pushed me to go into business for monetary purposes. I've always felt that I missed my calling. Now though, when I see what our Department of the Interior has become, I think I made the right decision. How hard it must be for conservationists working for the Department to be controlled by political hacks who care nothing about conservation.


It should be obvious that there is a serious and near complete disconnect from city-dwellers and Mother Earth. The Obama administration is a prime example of environmental and animal/habitat-protection ignorance and obvious unconcern, even contempt. Mr Obama has arguably been THE worst environmental Prez in recent memory with a record of catering to environmental/animal rapists and oil/gas industry exploitation rather than protecting wilderness and critical habitat and water resources both fresh and marine! Obama has more than human blood on his hands, he has the blood of millions of wild animals - an ignorant man with ZERO concern or understanding of The Wild and its creatures! I have little but contempt for the man and his policies!

The proposed grizzly de-listing joins the wolf de-listing and their subsequent decimation/slaughter, and the BLM extermination of wild horses to protect "welfare ranchers running private cattle on public lands by the millions. All large predators and numerous other species are exterminated by government, using the odious "wildlife Services" death-squads of the USDA - the "Killer Department".

http://www.predatordefense.org/USDA.htm - read about The USDA's War on Wildlife!



I'd like a trophy hunters head hanging above my fireplace.


INSECTS and Humans: Welcome to our not-so-distant future when the only animal life forms on this planet will be Humans and Insects. All of the other mammals, amphibians, reptiles, birds and fish will be gone.
A world predicted by Soylant Green. What's on the menu today insects or these mystery chips?


What you say is more than true. The land managing agencies, BLM, UFWS, USFS, NPS, etc. have become mere slaves to the upper echelons of government which dances on the strings of oligarchs. Our wildlife and the public lands on which it depends for survival has become just another resource from which to extract wealth for the oligarchs. Most field biologists for the agencies would probably agree with this article privately; but to do so publicly could end or degrade their careers. I am not defending their behavior, just speaking on behalf of my observations after 17 years as a seasonal ranger for the BLM. So far as Obama goes, he has been a self-serving fraud and coward from the beginning preaching hope while short changing all of us who beleved his snake oil sales pitch and allowed ourselves to be made fools. His term cannot end soon enough.


I hadn't realized that not wanting endangered animals to be shot for trophies was a hallmark and key identifier for eugenicists and Nazis. Thanks for putting us straight on this as some may have previously thought that militarism, totalitarian control, racial hatred/supremacy and genocide were key indicia.


More evidence Obama is so stupid he is making his own legacy more retrograde than GWB's!


Humans should quit destroying animals' habitats & endangering them. So many deer & other wild animals live close to humans because their habitats have been destroyed. If we left grizzlies & other wild animals alone, they would not become endangered.


Indeed, we should organise urban safaris. We could have banker skin rugs, wall mounted generals heads, stuffed politicians.:smiley:


At this point I'd say that ALL species should now be on the endangered list, humans included.


Principles such as the separation of branches of government and the precautionary principle to assure integrity of deliberation and action have been undermined by Citizens United as the pinnacle of a failed concept.

What I find most concerning is that the aggregation of power to hegemonic proportion is achieved by a system of predatory "capital". That is, the ill-gotten gains are by impoverishment at all possible stages and means - including science. The ONLY result of such process is precisely what its madate demands: IMPOVERISHMENT AT EVERY LEVEL. Ergo, the parasitic consumes the host. Corollary to this is that any capacity for discernment by such a system is also subject to the same dynamic. Over time the impoverishment of extractive ideology inevitably works with increasingly exclusionary and impoverished information, sources, data, vision and capacity to do anything but shore up its guaranteed-to-fail race to the bottom.


Bingo! There is no way for those of us from the Earth to understand those from the city--and vice versa--until their city crumbles back to earth.


We can hope respect for The Wild and wild creatures becomes a reality. education and responsible stewardship have been replaced by concern for money almost exclusively - profits and "growth" as the end-all and be-all of life. Those ignorant and blind to the reality that the Web of Life includes humans are (very) soon to realize the difference.


Here again is a good solution to the problems of predators and people:

Tranquilize the predator and fit a training collar with a receiver on it that gives it a shock of gradual intensity as it nears people, domestic animals and property that carry transmitters. Soon the predators will learn to avoid these and will no longer require training collars.

Such collar technology has been widely available and is used to train hunting dogs. It could be applied to predators worldwide enabling us to coexist with dangerous wildlife.

To please hunters and hunting outfitters, they can be trained in the use of tranquilizer dart guns and given free year round "dart hunting" seasons. Like "catch and release" fishing,"dart and release" hunting would benefit people and "big game" animals. Tranquilized animals could be photographed, videoed, cured of parasites and disease, vaccinated, data taken and released unharmed.

Then the dart hunters can go get a nice, tender, juicy steak without the hassles and costs of butchering a wild animal, eating its tough, gamy meat, or paying for a mounting to hang on the wall to scare kids and gather dust to the wife's chagrin.


Since Sally Jewell previously worked in the oil business and as a banker.... what actually led to her appointment here....the fox guarding the hen house.