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Goodbye, American Neoliberalism. A New Era Is Here


Goodbye, American Neoliberalism. A New Era Is Here

Cornel West

The neoliberal era in the United States ended with a neofascist bang. The political triumph of Donald Trump shattered the establishments in the Democratic and Republican parties – both wedded to the rule of Big Money and to the reign of meretricious politicians.


Thank you, Dr. West, for being a voice of sanity and truth.


Whenever I read Cornel West or hear him speak, I am reminded of courage, and its power to inspire others. He had the courage to stand with Bernie and for economic and social justice in America, and then fight eloquently for the rights of Palestinians before the Democratic Party platform committee. After Clinton received the nomination, he again had the courage of his convictions to say that Clinton and the Democratic Party establishment did not represent the people's interests, but, rather, the banks, corporations, and wealthy elites, and thereafter endorsed and campaigned with Jill Stein.

He reminds us that justice never prevails, except without unity, determination and struggle. We need such a reminder today.


Goodbye and good riddance - if only that were true! Except that those who "engineered" (by their catering/coddling of the 1%) the Clinton loss will/are still trying to cling to power thru their lap-dog zombies - the craven machine Dems.
The Clinton-Obama wing catered to big-money, corporate/banker abuses/greed and the war machine - never, as Dr West points out, prosecuting or in any way limiting (or even trying to limit) the destructive corrupting influence & power of the 1%, including its environmental rapists, or protect the average guy and gal in America. Their way was to make "deals" with money uber alles and greed-driven corporate domination - never a real voice or actions for the 99%.

The people and world community has that wing of DINO Dem sell-outs to thank for the election of Trump and his racist warmongers for the next 4 years of nightmare.


I love Mr. West, but he may take issue with me in this respect:

I think it is time to form Left Wing Armed Militas. THERE. I said it.

I think we are facing threats that make it NECESSARY for progressives to get weapons, learn to use them effectively, and make it known that IF the right goes to far, they will do so at their own risk.

Jesus said, an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. But we also know that lions always look for the weaklings in the herd. In a quote from Walter Mathau in "Fail Safe" (a great movie by the way): "How Long Would the Nazis have kept it up if every Jew thew came for met them with a gun in his hand".

Let me be clear: I am not talking about starting a civil war. But I am saying that you better prepare for a civil war and let the Dark forces in America know that if they step over a line, they will be at risk.


If after four years of DT's bankrupting the nation we manage to, with a resounding popular vote, elect a president and legislative body with the guts and foresight to criminalize private campaign contributions it will all be worth it. That is if we still hold elections by then. DT is right about one thing our system is broken and our political parties share the blame.Once We The People regain the vote we can fix what ever DT and the 1% smash.


By this last post of mine, I probably justput myself on the Terrorist Watch List.


I, too, am an admirer of Dr. West, but it's way too early to write a death certificate for neoliberalism. It's alive and well and comfortably residing at the core of both major parties. The fact that the Democrats chose the ever Wall Street and big bank friendly Chuck Shumer as their Senate Majority Leader bears this out. As for the Republicans, it won't take long for those workers who voted for Trump to realize they've been had and then they'll be yearning for an establishment Republican to replace him. The fight against neoliberalism is just beginning. We have a long way to go before we can say good-bye.


With an eye toward a disastrous future in this country and memories of past elections perhaps we should spend time now discussing the disposal and replacement of those less-than-trustworthy electronic voting machines,with paper ballots and deputized citizen poll watchers in every voting site from start to finish.


Thank for that Mr. West. Your words and understanding are inspiring and thoughtful.
I must admit the thought of the end of Neoliberalism is refreshing but at such a high price? Complacency and lack of participation in the government is part of the problem. If we want it we're going to have to take it back.


If not right away, someone might get back to it.


Exactly. That's why I voted for Jill Stein. We have to build up as they unravel. I don't think anything but a huge blood letting of Dems from both houses and replaced with progressives would do it. Not likely. And capitalism has to go. It is designed to create this result.


He is a treasure isn't he?


The majority of US poor are white. The majority of homeless/desperately poor are white. People of color don't know that they exist, and white people pretend they don't.

Much of the neoliberal economic agenda was implemented by Bill Clinton in the 1990s, and liberals responded with a 20-year long pep rally for the middle class, the better-off alone. In the 1980s and 1990s, the proverbial masses were divided and pitted against each other by class, and the past decade was focused on pitting us against each other by race.


I would suggest considering a more inclusive agenda. While we've maintained the call to "Stand in Solidarity" to protect the advantages of the middle class, the overall life expectancy of the US poor has already fallen to age 60-62.


We the People have only been more deeply divided by class and race. The middle class just seem weirdly oblivious to this.


Excellent artcile Mr West.


promising presidency. Just remember, the next four years (or more) come to us as a personal gift from her. I hope that she never forgets what her short term of entitlement cost the rest of the nation.


Arnold Toynbee makes a good read these days. There is nothing new. The disintegration continues and only the most entertaining emperor gets the nod. A crisis is rarely met intelligently, especially by pampered aristocrats. The Neoliberals create a functioning, kinder and gentler empire and then pave the way for true fascists who really know where they want to stick it. Class matters. In that fact, there is hope. It is not complicated. Most Americans are serfs and can feel it. Without the nobleman's letter of recommendation, we starve. The nobleman may be a liberal or a racist/fascist - it doesn't really matter to a serf. Serfs must beg. Very sad and nothing new.


Not only Palestinians and Yemenites, but also Haitiajns, victims of U.S. iherference fore over 200 years, now to continue Haiti's abysmally low wages to hold down sweet shop wages elsewhere in the hemisphere, and the people of Hondurasa, wise democratic freedm was stolen with Hillary's critical assistance.