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Goodbye ‘Divide and Conquer’: With Walker Gone, Wisconsin Begins a New Era


Goodbye ‘Divide and Conquer’: With Walker Gone, Wisconsin Begins a New Era

Ruth Conniff

The Capitol in Madison was packed with ebullient people—education activists in I-heart-my-public-school T-shirts, immigrant-rights activists lobbying to restore driver’s licenses to non-citizens, and many, many smiling Democrats—as Wisconsin’s new governor, Tony Evers, took the oath of office on January 7.


Obama and Tammy Baldwin really? Two DLC Democrats as symbols of unity? The Progressive actually was progressive once. Is it now just another mouthpiece for a DIM Party led by the Navy/Chuckie Kabuki Show?

Evers made some great statements here, but this is the reality that he’s facing: After Walker/Kochs gutting of the WS government, massive new taxation is required just to get back to pre-Walker levels, not to mention all of the antidemocratic shit the right did. Does he have the guts to put massive progressive tax increases front-and-center, as well as well thought out borrowing for infrastructure and the greening of the WI economy?

It takes more than Tweets to run a state government in imperial/austerity Amerika INK.


Is Doug La Follette related to the historical Wisconsin La Follette?


Correct auto correct edit: Nancy/Chuckie Kabuki Show.


Has anyone ever seen the card game (three card molly)?. Watch my hands and tell me where the ACE is.