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Goodbye, Erica Garner


Goodbye, Erica Garner

Matt Taibbi

In a life full of tragedy, she died too soon.


Powerful stuff, from a gifted writer about a gifted subject gone too soon.


She had classic eclampsia. Google it. If we had a publicly funded, comprehensive and universal healthcare system, like every other industrial nation, she would still be with us.


She was intelligent beyond her years – our two-party system is a complete, and utter failure!



Illegal, criminal, undeclared wars are committed in our names, all unprosecuted. These will continue so long as citizens do not demand justice from the courts; ours and international. These extrajudicial killings of citizens in our streets by rogue, ruffian cops which so often go unprosecuted, and when they are produce no convictions, have to be stopped immediately. Police officers are there to protect all of society and sometimes at a danger to themselves; but, outright murder in our streets by these rogue cops cannot be tolerated. There are consequences to all this unpunished violence. Erica and Eric are but two obvious ones here being discussed. All over the world in unseen places the same is occurring to children, women, men, families, grandparents, pets. Violence breeds violent society and all this violence has unintended, but to be expected, consequences.


A brave woman. What happened to her father is indefensible .


Funny thing that, about folks like Erica seeing through and learning in most cases considerably more than, say, a pampered and/or privileged ‘somebody’.

The thing is, thats what the “middle class” must learn. Swimming in the “middle class” soup of propaganda and rhetoric; pressures and carrots and sticks, its amazing how much of reality slides right over the skin, in one ear and out the other and narry a noggin starts nagging their boughtandpaidfor “representatives”.

The most valuable among us have been, are and will be those frequently the least noticed. Hell, thousands of years ago (2,017 by one official count), somebody got whopped upside the head by reality and the lightbulb went on… “…the least amongst us…”

Thanks Matt Taibbi - I was hoping you’d be signing in on Erica’s passing and legacy.


What A terrible shame- This little lady was hardly given A chance- And once again, the good die young…
Thanks Matt for what you said here…


Thanks for that comment. My very first thought was that if we had better health care in this country, daughter and dad would have been being monitored and treated…and both would be alive today…at least if no thug cop were in dad’s path to snuff out his life. Both died by murder.


Matt, an awesome tribute, from the heart.

Trump and cabal all added together don’t make a pimple on your backside.