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Goodnight American Dream: The Middle Class Is Now a Minority


Goodnight American Dream: The Middle Class Is Now a Minority

Peter Van Buren

The middle class, which for 40 years has represented a majority of the country in practice, and formed the foundational belief in what has been known as the “American Dream,” is now just half the United States, according to a new report.


The wealthy seem to have forgotten that the middle class protects them form having their throats cut by the poor.


I would recommend reading “Rise of the Robots” by Martin Ford. It made me understand that there is a world for the 1% in the making, where there is no need for a middle class that buys products and no need for a working class to produce them. All they need is a limited number of people, intelligent software, automated production. The moment the 1% own enough land and other assets they can forget about the other 7 billion people on the planet. (us!).


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Indentured servitude 2.0.

We seem to have a tendency as a species to give away the mental and emotional store to the Joseph Goebbels of the world. And there’s always been a new and updated version of his model.

Not to mention the current and frightful lemmings race to see if enough of us wake up before the whole lot of us, along with the rest of the living world, goes over the cliff.


While this article has some truth in it (the specialty of the State Department is the art of mixing some truths into the version of reality they intend to sell), it reminds me of a Catholic Priest railing against celibacy.

How can a card-carrying member of the State Department, now or prior, lecture readers on the Fear Factor when it was that very State department that built that fiber into the American tapestry?

“Our entire culture is fear-based, from our religion to our media to Wall Street. It drives everything, and fear is the most powerful tool that rulers can use to manipulate people. It is this constant state of fear that really makes us exceptional compared to every other advanced nation.”

By offering that fear is a powerful tool of manipulation, Mr. Van Buren glides over the surface of phenomena without having to go any deeper.


Pay no attention to those Nazi storm troopers. Belief is optional, right?

Nothing like a narrative that PRETENDS that vast forms of torture (how about against anyone that the church spies decreed as insufficiently devout in their practices of church-state rules, rituals, and allowable practices including speech) never existed. That human beings just so happened to come by the lemmings status that you describe.

I take issue with these glib superficial narratives that leave out causative factors while glossing over phenomena.


Okay there is something wrong with me because that made me laugh out loud (well chuckle anyway). I never heard it said quite like that, so it took me by surprise and …okay I’m smiling again… lol


Rather hard to forget about the people that will eat the alligators in the moat if you don’t maintain a vigilant posture. The rabble has an unfortunate way of bringing attention to its welfare.


OH goodie, another article decrying the treatment of the middle class. You can bet you golden parachute that the working poor and the under employed are feeling the pinch as a vice connected to their private parts. I read today that the unemployment rate is down to 5% and wondered what fortunate nation had a leadership that would manage to create such a bountiful system. It damn sure ain’t the rat bastards running the show in the good ol USofA!


Uber Voting can fix this.


Oh those poor middle-classes, now they will have to live like all those peasants who couldn’t afford a pot to piss in that they looked down on for the last 30 generations and helped keep in their miserable place by supporting the establishment that was ruled at the top by a bunch of uber-wealthy parasites. My heart bleeds for them.


As the great George Carlin told us - “The reason that they call it the “American Dream” is that you have to be asleep to believe it.” The middle class has been systematically attacked for decades and it is mostly part of a plan. The oligarchy simply came to the conclusion that they didn’t really need the American middle class anymore in a world of “globalization”. Also, the “safety net” and the “infrastructure” that support our society are a threat to corporate profits and market control. Following the steps outlined by the infamous Powell Memo of 1971 and others there has been a concerted effort to defund and deregulate our world and to propagandize what we are experiencing, This has accelerated since Ronald Reagan. Remember his statement that the scariest words in the English language were “I’m from the government and I’m here to help you.” It worked, too. One sign at a Tea party rally - “Keep your government hands off my Medicare!” is all too typical of how we vote and work against our own best interests. Kansas is an excellent example. Meanwhile, the oligarchs sit back and smile.


The author’s contention that the “1%'s donations control elections” is only half of the story when you consider that all of 1%'s major networks constantly compare GOP candidates to Hillary Clinton while ignoring the existence let alone the candidacy of Sanders,


The reason for the decline of the middle class is in part the unfettered way the big financial institutions are permitted to exploit the system
Watch Elizabeth Warren on banking regulations:

Ain’t she a jewel? I love her!
While you are at it, you might as well watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2F6YkBa_Tig , where she embarrasses Bank regulators with her superior knowledge
And: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XYtSMLgaW6U, where she demolished Janet Yellen, Chair of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System,


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We will Grow the Middle Class… by re-defining what it means to be Middle Class…if you make $20-$40K annually, you are now in the Middle Class- HRC serving the elites. The minimum wage is the new normal.


Knowing the causative factors for experience is a big order. No matter from which way you approach it.