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Google Accused of Pushing Think Tank to Squash Critic of Corporate Power


Google Accused of Pushing Think Tank to Squash Critic of Corporate Power

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In what critics are calling a "deeply troubling" indication of the power massive corporations have over ostensibly independent policy shops, New America—an influential Washington-based think tank—reportedly decided to oust a prominent anti-monopoly voice after he praised the European Union's June decision to fine Google for "


**Boycott-Google **


Duh! monopolies are drowning out competition. Small business’s have been the cornerstone of innovation and change and employment and they can not compete when the gobbling up of competition kills competition.

Teachout is right, we need anti trust action, breaking up corporate media, banksters, Amazon, Google, Walmart.

Why do we want to put mainstreet Amerika out of business. Don’t think cause you are not in rust belt that it won’t happen to the rest or regular Americans.


How? Boycott what? search engines? I guess I am on google right now. So just stop searching or having your emails et all on google. Internet explorer any better? Firefox?
Bill gates Microsoft?

Comcast and Century Link only choice


Also, we need elected officials working for the interest of we the people because this capitalist economy does not work for everyone. It squashes we the people.


What a think tank Supporting corporations… wow who would of thought.


He who pays the piper calls the tunes… Thus it has always been. Why is anyone surprised at this?


No! Not Google. Yet another too big to fail corporation.


I use the search engine STARTPAGE which is supposed to be confidential and doesn’t track your activity. There are other options - look around. Like everything else with most americans and, I suppose people in general, they just use whatever seems easy and convenient - like Amazon, Walmart, Uber, etc, etc. One day they are going to wake up and realize that this “easy and convenient” approach has a price - a big price.


In direct relation to the worldwide Monopoly Power, Fronted Associations, Ideological Collaborations, and Political Collusion of Google, a “New America” and “First Draft Coalition[s]”:

Is it something else, like Politics (past and present)? Is it because of a ceasing of Advertising ($pending money) through AdWords for promotion? Is it connected to the First Draft Coalition? Or, is it all (Holy Trinity, Politics, and Censorship) working together?

Google sponsors the First Draft Coalition, which was created to counter alleged “fake news” and consists of mainstream news outlets, including the Times and The Washington Post, as well as establishment-approved Web sites, such as Bellingcat, which has a close association with the anti-Russia and pro-NATO Atlantic Council. This creation of a modern-day Ministry of Truth occurred under the cover of a mainstream-driven hysteria about “fake news” and “Russian propaganda.”


We just can’t get enough convenience. It’s more important than almost anything else.


Stop using Google.

Use Bing, Yahoo, Ask.com, Aol.com, Baidu, etc.

Get it?


StartPage: The World’s Most Private Search Engine

StartMail: Privacy is a Basic Human Right


The strongest chains are the ones people out on themselves


Where is Trust-Bustin’ Teddy now that the entire world REALLY needs him??


Snark snark. Remember Poe’s law and that one of its corallaries is that sarcasm is often misinterpreted on the internet.


Google search has already been exposed as biased by banning certain sites from being among the first 50 or 100 listings. As we know, it is common that by number 50 many searches produce mostly irrelevant results unless the topic is popular and not specific.

Android totally sucks. Where does all that memory go, why do crashes sometimes occur several times per minute when using the internet?

I have no experience with a Google product I trust.


Yep, it sure was.


That’s why they have stores selling nothing but.


I saw a bumpersticker that read: “Convenience breeds apathy.”