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Google Becomes Evil

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/09/22/google-becomes-evil

Meddling, methodical de facto censorship, disturbing.

Not what you’d expect from a company that holds a great deal of information about you.

Will you continue to be used?


Tom: damn it man name the beast, since it’s the same one that is responsible for the ecological/climate catastrophe coming soon to a town near you; namely CAPITALISM, in the form you recognize locally, whether Imperialism, crony, corrupt or neoliberal.


In paragraph 1, “it’s early efforts” ought to be *its; and “it’s own equally” ought to be *its.

You ought not to want the credibility of your content to come into question because of this kind of carelessness but, unfortunately, it does. Otherwise, it’s nicely done.

Big surprise, that.

The problem isn’t just CAPITALISM, which is composed of Conspiracies to make money (usually by any means possible).  The problem is ORGANIZATIONS of ALL sorts, including charities, clubs, fraternities, non-profits, etc., and – by far the worst of all – churches (based as they are upon fraud and force).  ALL organizations eventually become corrupt as the turds within them rise to the top, and the bigger the org­anization the more odious the turds.   Just look at the DamnocRatic & RePoopLickin’ parties, for exam­ple, or the major sects and cults within ALL of the major religions.


I just switched to Bing.

Agree totally with all but an ironic quote at the end, elevating Jobs. I’ve been watching this closely for some time. This has gotten worse and worse. Everything is being controlled by the machines. Even the terms of search are being “corrected” and there doesn’t seem to be an option to control the search the way it used to be.
Back the the Jobs quote. “Bicycles for the mind.” It is just that Jobs was for anything but openness. The big irony about the Bib Blue ad at the time of the first Mac release was that Jobs was closing down the physical architecture of Apple machines after getting rid of open buss slots that the Apple II and family had which allowed third-parties to make cards to fit in the slots (something which fueled other PCs along with software for practical things like businesses). The software also was kept close to the vest for developers. And Apple charged $2500 for a pretty minimal 128 kb machine. I remember first salivating and then looking at the price. Later, I got my change to work on them.
Then there is the Jobs’ fog. In the 80’s I had already installed a number of networks using ethernet cards and had always heard this huge, massive, almost worshipful praise for the Apple network and database. Then I had a side gig at an outfit which had Macs on the Apple network. They were the slowest, clunkiest things I had ever gotten stuck using and the database was a cheap, simple card file program, not worthy of the name database, especially as I was already long years into working with relational databases on PCs. Apparently most of that praise was from people who had never looked outside the system and just bought into Jobs’ sales-fog.
The hardware is good, but nothing all that better. I’ve run Photoshop since 1992 when it was first ported to IBM-compatible hardware. Mac use doesn’t make you an artist but that nonsense was also sold from the start.
I could go on, such as the closed-system of Apple streaming and Apple networks (phones).
Other than that reference, which I found very ironic in terms of the tenor of the article. Jobs was a well known control freak and abusive to employees when he wanted and anything but a philanthropist (which can have its own ironies).

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sigh—it does seem as if Google is really evil, in deciding how and what we could see or read about. I think that there are many in and out of government who want to control others so much, that they forgot that by losing freedom of choice, that even they will be denied choice in the end.
Like 1984, the novel, it is amazing how quickly something seeming to be For The People, is now collecting more power, but leaving such little energy behind, so that a question grows--------how is a democratic republic supposed tp survive? Maybe the real name isn’t Google, at all----as it seems to want to eat ALL of everything all up. Maybe a better name for Google would be Gobble. : (


I got the same non results and misdirection with Bing and others as I do on Google.

Give Duck Duck Go a try.


Agreed. Humans are an imperfect species to be sure and sadly, I’ve come to learn that even in our adulthood, we require a good ‘spanking’ to keep in line and not hurt each other. Humans are a self-serving species and without good guidance THROUGHOUT a lifetime, we will fail to work together.

You are so right about the corruption in EVERY organization. We were just driving yesterday and after passing a church, I made the comment that churches are probably the biggest ‘scam’ going. Non-Profits are next because they are the biggest pretenders.


In my view, a significant aspect here is, like SO many corporations, Google is not regulated. As a result, they are allowed to grow (metastasize seems more appropriate here) so large as to become a societal menace, and thus a profound imposition on the commonweal. All because they can.