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Google CEO Has Serious Questions to Answer on China Censored Search

Google CEO Has Serious Questions to Answer on China Censored Search

William Nee

Google CEO Sundar Pichai will appear before Congress later today to defend his company against allegations of political bias. Google is accused of rigging search engine results against US conservatives, so Pichai can expect the grilling to focus on Google’s domestic operations. But given some of Google’s current activities further afield, lawmakers in Washington would be wise to broaden the scope of their inquiry.

Nee sez: “The House Judiciary Committee may want to ask why Google has reversed its 2010 decision to pull out of China.”

I think I can help out there …


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Well, better now than never, at least congress and the public have drawn the line in the sand with censorship, even if they get a free pass on all of the data mining they’ve done so far.

X"…data mining"

Meanwhile, Snowden is still a fugitive, and the way the mass media and Congress ignore the perpetual bombings and murders in the Middle East hasn’t changed. Try googling Putin or North Korea and all the fake news will turn up. Censorship? What’s censorship when search engines like Google have always been part of the disinformation machinery? Surprised the Chinese would allow Google to get in; guess for them too it’s all about dollars.