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Google Fine Shows EU 'Way Ahead' of US on Reining in Massive Corporations


Google Fine Shows EU 'Way Ahead' of US on Reining in Massive Corporations

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In a move commentators characterized as a "promising" step in the direction of regulating and reining in large and powerful tech firms, the European Commission on Tuesday slapped Google with a $2.7 billion fine for violating antitrust rules and "abus[ing] its market dominance."


“We the People” must go much farther, to rein in the power of corporations over our politics, economics, communities, lives, and Earth.

We must END the rule of “limited-liability, investor-owned, corporate persons.”

Taxation and regulation prove endlessly insufficient. The corporate zombies always return to work-around any limitation we impose on them. They must be stopped completely, and replaced with a more democratic economic building-block.


[quote=“CommonDreams, post:1, topic:42795”]“The E.U. regulators’ ‘consumer-friendly action . . . should be applauded,’ he wrote, adding that the move could have ‘far-reaching consequences’. ‘The wonder is that U.S. regulators, who once upon a time had
an honourable record of acting against powerful monopolists, have been so supine with the technology giants,’ Pratley concluded.
”[/quote] What on earth is Pratley wondering about?   Regulators in the U.S. are controlled by “our” Congress, and “our” Congress has been owned lock, stock & barrel by the Multi-NaZional Korporations for several generations . . . 

Where Is Trust-Bustin’ Teddy Roosevelt now that we REALLY need him??


The Sherman Anti-Trust Act was passed in 1890 under the presidency of Benjamin Harrison and TR picked up where BH left off. Bully Pulpit and all!


[quote=“Seatower, post:4, topic:42795”]"The Sherman Anti-Trust Act was passed in 1890 . . . "[/quote] And apparently overturned around 1980.  I wonder who did THAT??


If competition is inherent in capitalism, competing businesses can only be allowed to compete as long as the public benefit from their existence exceeds the benefits accrued by the companies involved, or any individuals or collection of individuals within the companies.

In simpler terms, citizens must require corporations to serve the interests of citizens over corporate interests, or lose their right to exist.


Google Fine Shows EU ‘Way Ahead’ of US on Reining in Massive Corporations

Europeans are way ahead of US in reigning in corporate politicians


There are other search engines out there. Use them. When talking about searching the web use the term search instead of a giant corporate name. Having a brand become a replacement for the word like Scotch Tape instead of cellophane tape leads to precisely what has happened. Their motto was something like “Do no Evil”. Right!!! I use Duck Duck Go


I’ve been using https://duckduckgo.com/ for a while, and I like it, especially the part where they don’t track me. I still say I “googled” something when I actually used Duck Duck Go, which bothers me. People know what I mean when I say google though, and I haven’t figured out a way to say I “Duck Duck Go-ed” something (Duck Duck Went?). I’ll try just saying “searched”.

Now where’s my Kleenex so I can Windex my screen. :slight_smile:


Your Kleenex and Windex are probably with your wife and daughter’s Kotex and Tampons.