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Google Joins Civil Liberties Groups To Oppose Expansion of FBI Spy Powers


Google Joins Civil Liberties Groups To Oppose Expansion of FBI Spy Powers

Jon Queally, staff writer

Internet giant Google and the American Civil Liberties Union are among the various groups who have objected to a rule change by the U.S. Department of Justice that would give the FBI and other agencies sweeping new powers to perform search and seize private data from online users across the nation and the globe.


"Google raised its objections as part of a public consultation that ended on Tuesday. " Thanks for the heads-up so we can all comment and add our voices against this egregious expansion of an already egregious surveillance governnent. We really need as many people as possible to tell them to withdraw this proposed rule and - wait- ended last Tuesday? Oh well, never mind.


I’m reminded of the legacy of corporations ‘buying out’ inventors since the industrial revolution - many of which over the centuries have been stuck in drawers to maintain ‘market share’. Also of Netanyahu advertising himself as a ‘babysitter’. And the tales of the late Roman Empire ‘vomitorium’. Not to forget the ‘precedent’ of catastrophic scale of EXXON Valdize gluttony pouncing on waste laid by an ostensibly drunken sailor. The ‘logic’ apparently being that the mountainous scale of biome, conceptual, procedural, hostage taking having reached such proportions that the ‘system’ is blinded to everything that is avalanching down that mountain.
I gather that the expanded powers is to establish immunity/impunity from the addicted dependency on the illegalities already fomented and the real meaning of informed consent of the governed.


Considering how much personal information Google saves and how much online tracking they do of people’s private internet usage, I suppose Google is trying to do something to save face. Kinda too late if anyone were to ask me.


Google is part of the problem, why should they be trusted?


Fourth Amendment? What Fourth Amendment?