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Google Screenwise: An Unwise Trade of All Your Privacy for Cash


Google Screenwise: An Unwise Trade of All Your Privacy for Cash

Sydney Li

Imagine this: an enormous tech company is tracking what you do on your phone, even when you’re not using any of its services, down to the specific images that you see. It’s also tracking all of your network traffic, because you’re installing one of its specially-designed routers. And even though some of that traffic is encrypted, it can still know what websites you visit, due to how DNS resolution works.



The closing paragraph:
“Facebook’s and Google’s extensive “research” into user behavior, in exchange for a few gift cards, is more evidence of the dire need for new carefully-tailored rules to protect user privacy, and an end to the era of companies dictating users’ legal rights.”

Bullshit! What this is more evidence of, is the dire need to END THE LOOTING, PROFITEERING, COLONIZING BUSINESS MODEL THAT SPAWNS THIS EVIL.

ABOLISH the limited-liability, investor-owned corporation. Completely transform the economy to work for the ecology and society, not for colonizing corporate profiteers. Take utilities like Google and Facebook into democratically controlled public ownership, and THEN adapt the ETF-draft “carefully tailored rules” for privacy to this new model of democratic ownership.

As long as we allow profit-maximization, and as long as we allow “privatization” and colonization of information and everything else, these soulless zombie corporations WILL forever seek to own us and everything about us for their benefit.

The economic model itself must be scrapped. And soon! The cold grip of these colonizing corporations over every aspect of life and existence is not only destroying our privacy and individuality, it is literally dismantling the ecology, and leading humanity and the Earth over the precipice of mass extinction.




HI awebwalk-----and does the 4th Amendment exist at all----except that apparently the 4th is onesided and only works for the corporate ones. : (



Hopefully this will give impetus to some of the open source mobile projects that have been bouncing around for a few years. https://itsfoss.com/open-source-alternatives-android/ Not a great fan of Canonical or Ubuntu but would give it a shot if I could load it on all my mobile devices. Maybe IBM’s purchase of Red Hat could lead to something. I’m not counting on the corporate owned politicians to do squat to protect us. Until then, it looks like the only protection is a VPN from a non-5-eye or 14-eye country.

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i’m reading “The Apocalypse of Settler Colonialism” by historian Gerald Horne. At one point he refers to an aspect of the developing republicanism that would lead among other things to the founding of the USA, and he notes that even in the 17th Century there are records of colonists noting that, among the liberties supposedly to be guaranteed and enjoyed in their “enlightened” time, they received civil rights (such as freedom of worship), but not economic rights (such as access to land). Built into the DNA of the political-economic system we inhabit / inherit. “Liberty” was conceived and won – albeit in the name of “The People” – by the looting class of its day. (And of course such liberties, of either class, were understood to be reserved for the emerging “whites”.)



Aside from those who wave some magic wand as they blog or comment and somehow expect ‘something’ to be done by people simply by saying that it should happen like changing the system etc…

It would do much more and help all of us in the real world if those with access to a printer would print out a few copies of this article and hand them out to friends and coworkers around the office.

I think most of us would find that most people - the vast majority of people in fact, have no idea about such invasions as always on microphones and that someone else can read their screen and presumably steal passwords, see banking transactions and so forth.

If you want to change the system then DO SOMETHING about it but don’t just complain and tell the converted that something should be done.



HI webwalk: oh I think you are right about that, because when the people rose up against the Whiskey tax—there were Washington and the awful Hamilton, ready to squash them!

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