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Google Sued for 'Systematically' Segregating Women Into Lower-Paying Jobs


Google Sued for 'Systematically' Segregating Women Into Lower-Paying Jobs

Jake Johnson, staff writer

A class-action lawsuit filed Thursday on behalf of all women who have been employed by Google over the last four years alleges that the tech giant is violating labor laws by systematically "segregating" women into lower-paying jobs.


Just like Bank of America before them decades ago and they lost the lawsuit and made to pay hundreds of million$$$ in restitution as well as reinstating hundreds of women along with paying them back pay for the time they were illegally let go or demoted/not promoted. Gender bias still exists in all its ugliness and the GOP perpetuates the myth that women are the weaker sex who belong in the home having babies and pleasing/waiting on their men/husbands while greeting them at the door attired in scanty panties and bras underneath a see-through gown when their men come home from an oh-so-hard day at work…ala Phyllis Schafly (deceased). And the dinner better damn well be ready and the kids in bed. Same sxxt, different day.