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'Google the Geneva Conventions,' Kshama Sawant Tells Seattle Mayor After Police Use Tear Gas on Protesters Despite Ban

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/08/google-geneva-conventions-kshama-sawant-tells-seattle-mayor-after-police-use-tear


Fire all of their fascist asses. Let them go get a job flipping burgers where they belong. Hell better yet, throw all of them in jail for terrorism.


Armed goons serving authoritarian governments prevent citizens from exercising their universal human rights to freedom of movement, speech and assembly. This is an empirical observation. It is a factual statement.

It is also a strong empirical justification for the people’s right to bear arms. The fact that armed goons are supporting an authoritarian government lends support to the argument that a free people must be free to possess weapons as powerful as those possessed by the goons.

The people cannot rightfully disarm until the police disarm. Those, like myself, who advocate for peace, for a society without handguns, without assault rifles, must first demand that the police be disarmed. Violence begets violence. A psychology of violence begets a psychology of violence. The process of fostering violence begins at the top, and the process of ending violence must also begin at the top.


Amazing how the police are intent on proving everything the demonstrators are saying is spectacularly true-they must be really so stupid to be unable to realize they are acting like thugs. It is like a compulsion. Me cop you get gassed or beat, limited to a simplistic thought process-or lack of thought.

As to the white guy with a gun, what are the odds he wouldn’t have been riddled if he was a dark color; with a few by standers getting hit too? Disgustigus.

If you are from Seattle call the mayor’s office and demand she fire the police chief, and then resign herself. That would be honorable, for a change.

Another thing, from personal experience, when the police lay down a barrage of gas that heavy it is hard to disperse as you can’t see or breath too well. It must be just punitive, maybe sadistic; it just causes panic and frantic attempts to escape which result in injuries from falls.


I don’t get much into Seattle politics but I truly admire Kshama Sawant for consistently standing for what is right. I’m sure she has beliefs I might disagree with about local affairs but when stories out of the Northwest become national she is the voice I look to hear.


Maybe it’s time to ask the "Boys in Blue, " which color they prefer---- the Blackshirts of Mussolini or the Brown shirts of Hitler.


Funny thing that, Seattle used to be the end all for liberal happiness. I first moved there almost thirty years ago before moving to an island up here. today it is a MESS with bridges threatening collapse, constant road work (CONSTANT) and a new respect for all things pandering to big corporations. Rents are out the window high, small cities of homeless everywhere. Downtown has lost its charm, rarely go in at all anymore. SAD thing. Along comes this new dim mayor who is obviously part of the problem with our bad cop situation.


Think it was written by Kris Kristofferson
“Law is for the protection of the people “
Keeps popping up in my mind. And that was written in early 70’s I think.
Listen to it.

We condemn China when they tear gas protesters in Hong Kong, but it’s OK for our own citizens apparently, never mind we supply the tear gas in both cases.


Sounds like the Seattle City Council needs to place a conference call to the Camden, N.J. City Council, and learn how it’s done.

My bet is the driver that drove into the protestors, is some how connected to the police. He’s too calm after exiting the car, and weaving in and out of the crowd with what appears to be some type assault type pistol.


Or else the mayor can search “Geneva Convention” via DuckDuckGo if she doesn’t want Google to know.

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Nah, they woulda roughed him up more, just to allay suspicion, if he were a cop. Otherwise it’s just too glaringly obvious, from the video evidence.

Speaking of glaringly obvious, they tracked down a cop-killer in Ben Lomond, and the FBI says his van looks just like the one which paused outside the Oakland federal courthouse to shoot two entrance-guards, one of whom was killed (a well-loved local boy named Patrick Underwood).

This shooting happened concurrently with a big demonstration a couple of blocks away – looking extremely professional and suspicious. The FBI’s suspect in Underwood’s provocative slaying turns out to be an active-duty staff sergeant at Travis Air Force Base, leader of an elite military-police unit. Just standard operating procedure in the scam what am, I suppose.

They have a fancy name for their MP unit. I think it’s the “False Flag Grenadiers” or something.


I read somewhere that his brother was police.


To understand what obtains in Seattle – especially the (ever-escalating) savagery of the SPD and Washington State Patrol – one must necessarily focus on Watergate Felon John Ehrlichman’s admission that Washington state is our Masters’ favorite rat lab for testing and refining entire methodologies of oppression.

(I know this because I was a working journalist in Seattle – one of the founders of The Seattle Sun and a stringer for UPI – during the Watergate era.)

Hence I would deeply appreciate it – as I suspect many other readers would – if someone with better electronic legal-research skills than I have would search the Watergate transcripts and ferret out a working link to this (infinitely damning) testimony.

With many thanks to whomever may pull this off…

Addendum: as I recall, this explanation was part of Ehrlichman’s answer when one of his interrogators asked him how a Seattle lawyer managed to rise so high in the Nixon Regime.


Hear, hear!!! A New Yorker by birth, I dwelt in Seattle c. 1972-1976: was treated to the most viciously racist, anti-Jewish hostility I’ve ever encountered anywhere including during a boyhood mostly (and involuntarily) spent in the Ku Klux Klanfederacy.

Moved to Tacoma in '78, fell in love with it and its people immediately (the Tacoma Aroma not withstanding); returned to Tacoma in '04 as I (allegedly) retired and found again the same sense of welcoming and Working Class solidarity that I had so quickly come to approve, appreciate and support in '78.

As I can attest, your description of the odiousness of Seattle today is most accurate.

And – if anything – its traffic problems are far worse (not a criticism; it’s just that living in Tacoma, I know the extent to which Seattle’s congestion has metastasized throughout the region, with the result it often takes as long as two hours – unless one gets lucky – to drive the 35 miles between the two cities).

However, all these problems are the result of the fact Confederate-founded Washington is definitively the most anti-transit state in the union – its underlying white-supremacist hatefulness confirmed by polls as the reason Seattle is about 50 years behind the nation’s other large cities in mass transit development.

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Or the denim of convicts, perhaps?..

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OK, it looks like tear gas maybe will stop. Now let’s get rid of bombs and bullets.

Gadzooks, so sorry about your racist experiences here, had heard that from other friends too. It really has completely changed, the old joke about a full four way stop with no cars moving, just drivers waving each other to go! And it used to be just like that. Too many moved in, too many pushed out. I could not be paid to live there again. But I sure miss the waterfront, Two Bells Tavern and lively neighborhoods!

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Thanks for that update to the link you passed me a few days ago.
A side note, back in my time in the military (79-85), everybody, and I mean everybody hated the MP’s. Having been in one, it’s funny (odd, not ha ha) how everyone now days wants to be seen as in some kind of “elite unit”, too many special operations video games perhaps?