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Google Tracking User Data Even When 'Location History' Is Off: AP


Google Tracking User Data Even When 'Location History' Is Off: AP

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Android and iPhone users may be under the impression that Google is not tracking their location data if they've turned off "Location History" on their devices.

After all, the Google support page says, "With Location History off, the places you go are no longer stored."

But a new Associated Press investigation showed how that is not really the case. Some Google apps still automatically collect users' location markers—information it can use to benefit its advertising revenue. To wit:


On the upside, once patterns are identified you will be able to ask Google where it was you intended to go and your dementia shall be defeated–unless, of course, your patterns are identified as “suspicious”…


iPhones make excellent skipping stones on a lake or river. I went 50 years without them and live quite comfortably without them.


HI Barton. would that lake be Walden? : )
I’m asking because your answer sounded a lot like Thoreau’s " Most people are happy compared to the number of things they can afford to leave alone."


This trick brought to you by ALPHABET. Can you spell Alphabet?.


You mean Big Tech cannot be trusted? Wow, that’s news.


When I go to an airport or a busy shopping center, I see many people busily texting or finding apps or GPSing or FBing. Few are paying attention to anything else. Few are talking. It’s an addiction. They all seem anxious or stressed out. Now go find a hiking trail or a state park or even a city park. The people who left their cells behind are laughing, talking, smiling, enjoying themselves. Now I’m not a complete Luddite. I have a home computer and I spend too much time on it in my opinion, but I don’t need to be constantly connected by taking my cell phone everywhere I go.