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GOP Advancing "Extreme Bills," Handing Reins to Corporations at Public's Expense


GOP Advancing "Extreme Bills," Handing Reins to Corporations at Public's Expense

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Launching what one group called "a coming massive attack on federal protections," the U.S. House on Wednesday night passed the GOP-backed Midnight Rule Relief Act—making it easier for Congress to overturn Obama-era regulations—and appeared poised to follow that vote with passage on Thursday of another bill aimed at dismantling key health and safety laws.


Trump is terrible. But this is Paul Ryan's work. Remember that. This is the work of the boy fascist.


Resistance is Fertile! Join the revolution against the establishment, whether it be Republican or Democrat. Send a strong message to the Oligarchs by changing your party affiliation from the Duopoly to a party that puts People, Planet, and Peace before Profit. Get past the 'US Against Them' mentality that the Oligarchy wants you to buy into so as to keep us divided. 2017 is the year of our awakening.


"2017 is the year of our awakening."

Let it be so.


On the way to the Fourth Reich.


Perhaps in 2020 the Green Party can hit 1 and 1/2 % in the battle for President! Look, let's make sure we all understand how horrible republicans are and fight THEM with maximum effort.


This reminds me of what happened to the USSR a few years back.
All of the public property and resources was transferred to private individuals at fire sale prices.
As Karl Marx did not say:
"From each according to his Vulnerability. To each according to his Greed."


Reform the Democratic Party Establishment and let me know how that works for you. You may want to start with George Soros and all of the other Puppeteers pulling the strings of the Democrats and see if they are willing to relinquish control of their puppets. It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to give up all of his puppets.


Some years back rich people were just rich or at least most of them were. They did not care to control others nor did they balk at paying taxes. Trump has not released his tax returns probably because he does not pay.




Paul Ryan and the Republican Congress are doing this ONLY because on January 20, they will have a president who will sign (rather than veto) everything they send to his desk.

I warned all you "never Hillary" types here about this too!


You do know that this "George Soros" stuff is a meme of right-wing extremist conspiracy kooks, don't you?


Of course Ryan can only doing this because Trump will be President. That is obvious. But he no only can, he wants to. And it is a huge mistake to put all the focus on Trump while the repub dominated Congress runs amuck.

I thought you were the big Jill Stein backer.


Yeah and I hope his family is the first to die at the hands of his ilk.