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GOP All Good With Nazis


GOP All Good With Nazis

In case you've stopped noticing today's GOP leans so far right they're damn near toppling off the planet, this from Tennessee: A GOP-controlled House committee just shot down even discussing a resolution to condemn the violence of white nationalists and neo-Nazis, now proliferating so fast the state hosts at least 37 hate groups. After the vote, the bill's Democratic sponsor said he was “in utter disbelief," admittedly a common occurrence hereabouts.


I wonder what would happen to white nationalist violence with universal basic income?


Zimet sez: “When asked, the police noted that all those involved listed their occupations as ‘white nationalist.’”

Hmm … wonder what this occupation’s starting wage and benefits package looks like? The co-workers, admittedly, leave something to be desired.


Note to self: Avoid Tennessee!


Chomsky nailed it when he said: " the Republican party is the most dangerous organization in the world!"


To get an idea of southern culture a very good book is Devil In The Grove by Gilbert King. It is the story of the legal lynchings revolving around the Groveland Boys Case and the part Thurgood Marshall played as one very astute and dedicated lawyer to bring segregation and the violence and injustice against black people to an end. The story takes place in the state of Florida or the south of the South. Not many people realize that Florida was one of the worst souther states for black people having the highest lynching rates of blacks than any other state. This story is the depressing fact that such ignorant people made by ignorant ideas propagate themselves too.

What Marshall fought for through the U.S. legal system to bring segregation to an end continues to reinvent itself as in the mass incarceration. These southerners also have northern, western and eastern brethren too. They don’t give up but, more importantly so a new nation and a new people can take form and emerge, neither should any person of good will.


One reason I chose to be a socialist.